2024 chodar golpo uncle niece romantic chatty story


2024 chodar golpo uncle niece romantic chatty story

My name is Dishani, at home everyone calls me Disha. I am the only daughter of my parents, I am 18 now, I had a boyfriend for a year before that I was not that attractive.

All because of the boyfriend. The boyfriend is one year older than me and does not work. In this one year, the rate at which Dolla Dolly has taken my milk and ass has swelled up.

Sometimes in the park or sometimes after the tuition leave in the evening in an unknown street, he used to take me alone and put his face on my face.

Because of this, when I walk on the streets, most of the boys laugh and look at my milk. Sometimes he feels hesitant but feels good.

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And the boys follow me around a lot. But I’m still a virgin. I used to talk a lot about sex with my friends, I used to read the stories of the chatty books they brought and I was surprised to read the stories of mother son, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, and many other sex stories, but I never did it until now.

I didn’t even dare to fill my vagina with fingers, one of my friends used to fill my vagina with fingers or a thick stick and used to tell us these stories.

I didn’t have the courage to have sex, but my boyfriend’s penis is very fun when he eats it back and forth from the top of the shirt. But I will never forget what happened that day, I will tell you about it later.

Today I will tell the story of eating the first bull punch in my life, that too of my uncle. My mother and I went home as dida’s arm was broken. My maternal grandparents and an uncle live in my uncle’s house. My uncle is two years older than me. There is a lot of age difference between my mother and uncle. There has never been such a day before.

It was a winter day but it was not very cold, mild winter so thin sheets would pass this winter. The first day was spent walking around with grandpa, now uncle went home on the second day because we came in the evening, uncle didn’t sit down to read.

Dida and mother started talking and I and uncle went to the next room to play, grandfather was not there and went outside. Ever since I was a child, my uncle and I used to play bride and groom. We liked it very much, so this time, uncle said, let’s play bride and groom?!

I also said yes to play because that’s what we always play. But this time uncle had a different plan in mind, I didn’t even think. The game started as usual. 2024 chodar golpo uncle niece romantic chatty story

I am cooking. Uncle became my groom and went to office. I got busy cooking. Elo came from office in the evening and after talking for a while we had dinner just like a married couple.

Then plan to go to bed. I just wore a frock with pants underneath. And then my milk was not ready so I didn’t wear any tape or inner and uncle wore a pair of shorts and a half shirt and an underpants inside the half pants.

I put my head on a pillow and uncle put my head on it and took a thin sheet over it like husband and wife sleep.

I was sleeping facing that way, my back was towards my uncle. After a while, uncle came towards me and then slowly hugged his hand with his immortal waist.

I didn’t say anything, within a few moments of hugging, I started to feel a kick behind me, I realized that it was the kick of uncle’s bull on my ass.

I felt a lot of shame and comfort then, so I didn’t say anything to my uncle out of shame and comfort.

Mama said I will do as the bride and groom do, I said how? Mama said you don’t have to worry I do what I say I said ok.

After that, I saw uncle lifting my frock and slowly pulling down my pants, and uncle took off his pants and began to poke his cock behind me.

I could guess that it was a medium-sized baby monkey. The door was open so he didn’t lift the sheet what he was doing inside the sheet.

And the thrust of that first male cock felt so good and I started thrusting with all my heart but could not enter the gap of the hips. It seemed then.

If I had known then that the penis had to be filled in the hole in that pussy, then maybe that day I and my pussy would have tasted the first monkey.

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But as neither of them knew anything better, uncle started poking the pond with his cock and sometimes he came to the side of the pussy with his hand and felt very comfortable. This is how uncle opened my little pond with his cock. 2024 chodar golpo uncle niece romantic chatty story

After that mother called us to eat and we went to eat. After that, every time I played the bride and groom game, my uncle used to poke my guts under the blanket and I got a different comfort every day.

In the previous story, I was talking about how I grew up with my uncle’s cock. Now I will tell you how my boyfriend hit my virgin pussy and vagina.

My boyfriend’s name is Rocky. Pretty fair looking, quit studying and now works. One day after that, there was tuition in the afternoon, before that I talked to my boyfriend, I will meet after the holiday. Whenever there is a plan to meet, I tell at home that I will come for a tour with my friends.

He trusts me a lot at home, so even if he comes late sometimes, he doesn’t fuss. 7:30 is a holiday. I took out the phone and saw that Rocky had sent a message, he was waiting at the intersection of the new road.

I was riding a bicycle with my friends, I took a turn at the junction of the new road. Friends don’t have to say anything, they know everything.

A little further, I see Rocky standing with a bicycle. Speeded up with my bike. Now two people are going to tell a story together.

You said you will be late at home.

yes i said When did you come from the store?

I left in the afternoon

he is ok Where are you taking today?

Let’s know exactly.

I often take it to some new place, I don’t know how to find it in so many places. Who knows who has brought it before.

A few more steps forward and say – Listen, whatever you go ahead or enter that dark alley, I am coming, after that

OK, come on

I now went ahead and entered the dark alley with the bicycle, entered and stood. After about 3-4 minutes Rocky came in and said

Aay chal come with me 2024 chodar golpo uncle niece romantic chatty story

We took the bike and left it a little further. After that he pulled my hand. I couldn’t understand where he was going.

After that, my back came to a wall, I understood that this is the beginning, as soon as the back is stopped, he started kissing me, putting his face, I am also kissing. Now he started pressing his hand over my milk.

I also started to relax after being spanked by a very big and firm hand. Kissing and squeezing milk. After some time, his cock started thrusting through the other side of my churidar, it was getting hard.

After that, his hand slipped under the bed, I didn’t say anything and he did this all the time and let me do it, washed and squeezed milk over my bra and the other hand rubbed my hips again and again. I was also umh umhh in comfort. He said after a while

Open the bra, I will suck a little with my mouth

Don’t make it difficult to do what you do from above.

Now he turned me around and pushed me against the wall. They took me on top of him, now his dick was hitting my hips and pressing my big breasts with both hands from behind.

And he is kissing the neck from behind and beating him with the bara. I also got very excited, now his right hand went inside my pant and started rubbing

Umm Umm, what are you doing, not here

Shut up, don’t let me fuck you.

Love is not less

Now the finger started to finger inside the panty, oh what can not be interpreted as comfort. In this way, fingers full, Tap Tapi is going on, in the meantime Rocky took out his bara and handed it to my left hand. I was giving his cock, he said

Chushe De, 2024 chodar golpo uncle niece romantic chatty story

No, I won’t suck

please don’t give

I thought to myself how many more days I have to suck one day, I said ok but not too much. Now I knelt down with the churidar’s short pants pulled down, and he filled my face in the dark and on his own.

Chosh Magi said with. When I inserted such a thick bara, my whole mouth took up space. I also started sucking it, hot bara is a different test.

I also got very hot inside. My left hand automatically went to the opening of the pussy, fingering one side and sucking.

I stood up, Rocky took off my pant and started filling my pussy with his fingers. I enjoyed it so much that my senses told me to fill my fingers

Do you want to eat more?

Without getting any answer from me, he took the rod with his finger in the hole of the vagina, then took out his finger and lightly inserted his rod in the hole, I felt a slight pain, this time after a little more insertion, I got up.

Wow, I can’t seem to

First time, be patient

I silently endured, this time he was slowly putting in and out, I also started to come and get comfortable, Rocky increased the speed of the thap, flashed me a little lower for his own benefit, and fucked.

Ummm ummm ahhh ummm, oh ya ya, this is the first time someone is fucking me, what a relief. Only my pant was pulled down like a leaky adjuster, I was wearing a churidar on top, and he was lightly fucking and pressing the churidar with both hands.

What happiness heaven is happiness. After a while he took out the cock from the vagina and threw the material aside. To say it was a very quick fuck.

My butt burning did not go away. Now I also took off the pants there. Both of us went ahead with the bicycle.

He wanted to fuck me more, I told him no, shame. Now the story: I came to the house while I was doing it. Said while leaving

Next time will be more intense, ready 2024 chodar golpo uncle niece romantic chatty story

I also went home, but still wanted to have sex. just in

Mom – it’s so late

I said no, I will go with my friends

Mom- ok, freshen up

I entered the bathroom, removed churidar, panty, bra. After that I took a good look at my long body, I see it every day, but I never felt the same feeling as today.

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Now I took my hand to the vagina, took a good look at it, and started filling my finger with it, this is the first time I am filling my finger.

Got all the fluids in hand, increased the speed, ohh what happiness feels more increased the speed, I increased more, thumbs down haha

After filling it for some time, I saw a pile of juice coming out of the vagina, and then the burning of the vagina subsided. After cleaning everything, I put on the nightie and came out. Mom said out

Mama called me, tomorrow I will take you to my (maternal) aunt’s house (my little sister’s house) and said, you will go.

Yes, I will go, I have not gone anywhere with my uncle. (I was very happy in my heart)

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