5 Traits Of A Great Fuck Buddy


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Have you ever wished you could find a cool guy for some no-strings-attached sex?fuck buddiesSomeone who you could call late at night for some mutually satisfying nookie…

…without having to worry about them getting attached or any other weird stuff?

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Well, look no further. This Bad Girls Bible guide to finding a great fuck buddy will teach you how to quickly find a great fuck buddy without having to deal with any drama all while having powerful orgasms.

You just need to find a guy with these 5 traits:

He’s Discrete

The quickest way of describing this trait is that you need to find a guy who can:

Shut The Fuck Up

When you find someone who you have great sex with, the last thing you want them doing is marching around, telling their friends of your arrangement. Or worse, telling your friends.

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So you need to find a guy who is discrete and not a big mouth.

Every guy will tell you that he’s not a big mouth if you ask him directly, so you need to be quite stealthy when testing to see if your potential fuck buddy can truly be discrete.

See if he is quick to tell you details of other girls he has been with. Does he tell you about them without you even asking?

Does he boast a lot?

If your potential fuck buddy is a big boaster and is quick to tell you about the other girls he has been with, without you even asking, then it’s highly likely that he will be just as happy to talk about you.

Do you really want to have a fuck buddy who is going to spread the word around about you & him, even if he is good in bed?

He Doesn’t Get Attached Or ‘Want Something More’

how to be a fuck buddy

Okay, so maybe you’ve found a guy who is discrete and has learned how to make his girl orgasm.

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The next thing you need to look out for is a guy who doesn’t get attached.

If your fuck buddy easily gets attached, then you’ll find that your naughty, hot & steamy encounters with ‘Mr. Fuck Buddy’ get replaced with a guy who wants something more than just hot sex.

Not that there is anything wrong with this in the slightest. But it kills the fuck buddy vibe and can lead to some awkward conversations.

Signs of a guy who is getting attached are:

These are the most obvious signs that he is getting attached to you and wants more than just the sex.

Just to reiterate, you might actually want this if you are looking for a relationship. But if you just want a fuck buddy with no attachments, then you need to look out for these warning signs.

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He Can Accommodate

This isn’t absolutely necessary, but it’s really helpful. Finding a fuck buddy that can accommodate means that you don’t always have to use your place or a hotel for sex.

It also means that if you live with roommates, they’ll know less about him.

He’s Respectful

This goes a long way.

Maybe you’ve found someone to hook up with for some mutual sexual pleasure.


Now, I’m not your dad, but you gotta make sure that he treats you with respect. Otherwise, you are not going to feel great about the arrangement.

Being a Bad Girl is about making safe & fun choices. Guys who treat you with disrespect aren’t worth the hassle and negative feelings.

He’s Honest

fuck buddy rules

Being honest ties into being respectful. Someone who’s honest will tell you whether or not they are already in a relationship.

They won’t jerk you around and pretend to like you just so they can have sex or anal sex with you.

Just like with guys who are disrespectful, dishonest guys are not worth the hassle.

Having all 5 of these traits is not absolutely necessary when searching for a great fuck buddy. But do keep them in mind if you want to avoid any hassle after you start seeing each other.

Once You Find Him…Then What?

Once you find your fuck buddy, you are probably going to want to experiment and try out some new sex techniques, new sex positions and learn how to give a good blow job. Of course, he should also learn how to go down on you and eat your pussy and make you squirt. If you are interested in trying out new things in bed with him, then you’re in the right place.

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