#50 Cuckolding 101: How To Explore It & Why It Can Be Good For Your Relationship With Venus Cuckoldress


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Cuckolding is a controversial sexual practice that is totally misunderstood but it can actually be a really great addition to the right kind of relationship! 

Today on the podcast we are joined by cuckolding expert, Venus Cuckoldress to debunk cuckolding myths, hear about the realities of it, and get some tips for incorporating it into our own relationships. In this episode, you will hear all about how Venus was introduced to cuckolding, starting her cuckolding blog and podcast, the reality of cuckolding in a healthy relationship, how cucking can bring you closer to your partner, why it is a male-driven fantasy, and so much more!

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Venus then shares some advice and steps for anyone wanting to try cuckolding before explaining the challenges of finding a bull (third partner) and safety recommendations. We even discuss cuckqueaning, hotwifing, fantasies that don’t involve sexual intercourse, whether or not size matters, sexual denial, and the ‘vanilla’ sex life of a cuckolding couple. Finally, Venus tells us why cuckolding is a bad idea if you think it will “fix” your relationship. This episode is filled with some amazing insights into the wonders of cuckolding so be sure to tune in now!

Key Points From This Episode

  • How Venus discovered cuckolding.
  • Why she started a blog and podcast about cuckolding.
  • What cuckolding is in reality for people in healthy relationships.
  • Her first experience of ‘cucking’ her partner and how it deepened their connection.
  • Why cuckolding is not cheating and why men may enjoy being cuckolded by their partner.
  • What compersion is and how it ties into cuckolding.
  • Venus shares advice for any couples wanting to try cuckolding and the steps to starting.
  • The challenges of finding a third partner (a bull) for a cuckolding relationship.
  • Venus gives us some safety recommendations when trying out cuckolding.
  • Why creating too many rules that become hard to follow is problematic.
  • Cuckolding versus cuckqueaning and what hotwifing is.
  • How to fulfill your partner’s cuckolding fantasies without actually sleeping with another man.
  • The impact of making a comment about size during a cuckolding experience.
  • Venus tells us what her size preference is when it comes to sex.
  • Sexual denial in cuckolding and how most cuckold couples have a robust sex life together.
  • Why cuckolding is a recipe for disaster in a relationship already littered with problems.

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“[Cuckolding] is not so much about just your partner watching you or listening [to] you sleeping with somebody else because that’s what everybody thinks it is. It’s actually really a kind of special loving relationship.” [0:05:20]

“[Cuckolding] is like art, you can sculpt it exactly the way that you want, and it does not need to look like somebody else’s piece of art.” [0:11:54]

“The fun part about being the woman in a cuckolding situation is that you really do feel like you have the power and the ability to have this effect on someone that is profound.” [0:20:25]

“If there are any new couples listening out there thinking of making this list of rules, it’s okay to have them. But just keep in mind that it may not be realistic to have all of those rules. I think what’s most important is that she’s safe, and she’s comfortable, and that she’s enjoying herself. What that looks like should really be up to her.” [0:20:04]

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Venus: I’ve never had someone listen on the phone while I’m sleeping with another guy. I was nervous about it, actually. So, I went into the hotel room and I put the phone on and obviously the guy I was with knew that this was my cuck boyfriend. I just thought it was going to be a good time. I had no idea that this was going to really open up something that was truly amazing.”


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[0:01:04] SJ: Venus, thanks so much for coming on the show. I’d love if maybe you could tell listeners a little bit about yourself and how you discovered cuckolding and embrace that lifestyle.

[0:01:15] Ve: Sure. Thank you so much for having me on the show. I’m so happy to be here, and to talk about my favorite topic, cuckolding. You know what? I didn’t even know what cuckolding was. I had never heard the word, didn’t even have a clue. Even though I was in sex-positive circles, swingers, communities, and stuff like that like, but I had never heard of it. Nobody had talked about it before. It wasn’t until I matched with this guy on Tinder, and on my profile, it said, “I have no intention of being monogamous.” Because I knew I didn’t want to be monogamous, but I also didn’t really want to be in a swingers’ relationship.

I didn’t really know what I wanted, but I just put that on my profile. He must have been like, “Oh, this sounds like a good woman to maybe like cuckolding.” Because he brought it up to me, and honestly, I did not understand it. Because he was saying that, he didn’t want to have the same privilege of like sleeping with other people. I couldn’t understand them. Like, that’s weird, but why? He was just like, “I’m just so happy that you’re sleeping with other guys.” I’m like, “Yay.”

That was like how I first got introduced, and I remember he said, “I want to be your cuck boyfriend.” I was like, “I don’t even know what that is.” But like, okay. Luckily, I did not look it up online, because there’s all sorts of crazy stuff about cuckolding online that’s really not all that accurate. I learned all about it from him, and I was so fascinated. I was like, “This sounds like a relationship where you get to have your cake and eat it too. You get to go and have all of these fun sexual encounters with others. And your boyfriend just like gets so turned on by it.” I was like, “What?”

I fell in love with this kind of relationship through that experience. I started blogging about it because I was convinced that, probably, a lot of other women have not heard of it either. So, I was like, I need to let other women know that this actually exist, because for me, it felt like it fit me so well. That’s when I started blogging. I’d never written a blog or read a blog, actually. So, I was just like just writing and putting it out there. Lots of people decided to read it, and then, I did that for a few years, and then I started podcasting, and it’s been great since then. I started about four years ago, and now it’s my full-time job.

[0:03:46] SJ: Awesome. It sounds like your kind of perfect relationship is also your job.

[0:03:52] Ve: Yeah. I know, right? This is just great. I feel like the luckiest person in the world.

[0:03:57] SJ: You mentioned that there’s a lot of misinformation about cuckolding. What is it in reality in a healthy relationship?

[0:04:05] Ve: This is — it’s so crazy, because like the way I learned about cuckolding, yes, it was like kinky to talk about some fantasies and stuff like that with him. But what I did not realize the very first time that “cucked” this guy that I was dating, he listened in on the phone, and I did not know what it was going to be like. I’ve never had someone listen on the phone while I’m sleeping with another guy. I was kind of nervous about it, actually. So, I went into the hotel room and I put the phone on and obviously the guy I was with knew that this was my cuck boyfriend. I just thought it was going to be a good time. I had no idea that this was going to really open up something that was truly amazing. I felt like so connected with my partner after that, it was so unbelievably thrilling that he was listening.

Afterwards, we both felt like just a whole different next level, love, trust, and connection. I was not expecting that part. That’s what I want people to know, about this kind of relationship. It is not so much about just your partner watching you, or listening with you, sleeping with somebody else, because that’s what everybody thinks it is. It’s actually really a kind of special loving relationship.

[0:05:35] SJ: So, it’s not cheating. You might often hear, I guess, on places like Twitter that, “Oh, this guy he was cucked. His wife or partner cheated on him.” So, what you’re saying is, it’s not cheating?

[0:05:47] Ve: No, the cuckolding of today is not cheating. This is very intentional. This is something that he really enjoys. They both really enjoy it. So, it’s something that you purposely do together. It’s part of your sex life basically. Cuckolding, I think the historical meaning of the term from way, way, way back when is when she cheated on her husband and he was kind of ridiculed for it. So, he was called a cuckold. 

[0:06:17] SJ: Okay. It’s not about — in this more modern sense, it’s not about disrespecting your partner, abusing their boundaries. It’s nothing like that at all.

[0:06:29] Ve: No, it shouldn’t be. I mean, that’s not a healthy relationship.

[0:06:33] SJ: No, I don’t think so. No, I know all of that. I just wanted to ask the expert.

[0:06:38] Ve: Yes. Yes. No, no. It’s a very loving, trusting relationship. It should not be about cheating. For some guys, though, I have heard that they’re kind of like origin story about how they realized that they were turned on by this is because they were cheated on. Initially, they were really, really heartbroken, obviously. But then, oddly, they were so turned on by it and wanted to hear all the details about it. So, I’m not saying this is how it starts with every guy out there who’s interested in cuckolding fantasies. But I have heard about that before, and man, I can’t imagine how psychologically complex that whole thing must be for them. 

[0:07:15] SJ: I’m kind of the same, sort of like, what’s your belief, what like the reasons why men enjoy or might enjoy being cuckolded by their partner? 

[0:07:24] Ve: Yes. This is fascinating to me. This is why I absolutely love and adore talking to cucks and learning more about them, is because I can tell that there’s a lot of interest in cuckolding. It’s huge. My little show, like so big in the world, like, what? But I realized from Dr. Justin Lee Miller, who did write the book, Tell Me What You Want, about sexual fantasies. Through him, I realized that more than half of the guys in the US are fantasizing about cuckolding. I’m like, “Okay, so there’s something about that.”

Then, I also learned that there is a kind of biological reaction that happens within guys when they think about their partner sleeping with someone else. It is this kind of rush of testosterone, and other kinds of hormones, and stuff like that. So, there is a reaction. That’s what I’ve heard from guys where they’ve said like, there’s something about this that creates this really massive turned-on response that’s different from other things that they’ve experienced before. So, there is something about that.

[0:08:28] SJ: Isn’t that taboo? It’s just taboo.

[0:08:31] Ve: It is, it is. It is. It’s a lot about that. I mean, for some guys, is just simply about compersion. That’s just where they feel really good when their partner is experiencing joy and pleasure. For some guys, it’s just about that. But for other guys, it really is —

[0:08:49] SJ: What is compersion?

[0:08:50] Ve: Well, I don’t know if it’s a new word, but it was new for me a little while ago. That is, from what I understand where you really do get off on seeing or feeling your partner feeling pleasure. So, some swingers or people in open relationships will talk about this like level of compersion, where it makes them feel good, so they really enjoy it.

[0:09:15] SJ: If a couple is listening right now, they want to explore cuckolding, what would you recommend? Let’s just say, first of all, there’s a female listener she wants to explore. Probably, best to take maybe baby steps at first. What would you recommend her to do?

[0:09:35] Ve: Yes. So, if there’s a woman listening right now, and her partner has said to her, “I would really like to see you sleep with somebody else that the thought of that really turns me on.” For a lot of women out there, they’re kind of just like, “Wait a minute. What? Is this your sneaky backdoor way of wanting to sleep with other women?” That’s literally what a lot of women think. Or, they think like, “Maybe you don’t love me enough. That’s reason why I’m not enough for you. You need me to go and do this other thing.”

Anyway, hopefully, you’re open-minded and curious to learn about what it is that your partner really likes that discussion where you guys talk about that. That could be that pillow talk, where you’re talking together in the bedroom, and figuring out what does he respond to. Does he really like the taboo part of it? Or, does he just really liked the fact that you get to have this other experience? So, figuring that out first is key – if you are lucky enough to have one of these guys who really enjoys this kind of teasing/humiliation game – I hate that word humiliation, but it’s used a lot in cuckolding. Because to humiliate somebody has a negative connotation to it, so, I call it like teasing.

We all know what teasing is. When you sexually tease your party, we all know what a striptease is, where you’re just like flaunting it, and not quite giving it to him. I mean, this is – cuckolding is really a mental striptease. So, if you could think about it that way, then it’s an actual really fun little game to play. It is not, should not be damaging to your partner or your relationship. It should not be something where you feel like you’re harming your partner by saying things that are mean, or anything like that. It shouldn’t be like that at all, it should just be a fun game.

This is something that you really do need to not just walk slowly into and there needs to be a lot of communication around what it is that you both want out of this. But you need to make it your own. There’s this real pressure that some couples feel when they’re first kind of trying out the cuckolding thing, that they need to do it according to the regular cuckolding fantasies, or how other people are doing it. It’s really not like that. This is like art, you can sculpt it exactly the way that you want, and it does not need to look like somebody else’s piece of art.

[0:12:01] SJ: Who usually brings it up first? Is it guys or the female partner?

[0:12:05] Ve: Yeah. Yeah. This is a very much a male-driven fantasy, and that was kind of weird for me to learn in the beginning. Because I was like, “Why isn’t this driven by women?” I mean, you think like, it benefits us a lot. We have this loving, adoring partner who doesn’t want to sleep with other women gets really excited at the thought of you having these other experiences, this variation in in sexual experiences. You would think that more women would be the ones bringing this up. But I, number one, think that they don’t know about it. And number two, don’t understand it. Because unfortunately, like I said, online, there’s all sorts of weird ass shit that is really not realistic of what’s happening in the bedrooms of the average person out there when it comes to cuckolding. Yes, I feel like it is almost always the guy that’s bringing it up to the woman. Unfortunately, nearly always, they bring it up in the wrong way. So, it doesn’t always go very well.

[0:13:06] SJ: Let’s say the guy brings it up, a couple then has a chat about it. They’re kind of curious. They don’t want to make any rash decisions. What’s the next step?

[0:13:17] Ve: Oh, there’s so much fun that you can get into without actually sleeping with another dude. I would say, 90% of the fun of a cuckolding relationship happens outside of any other sexual experiences. This is where you guys get to really talk about it. I don’t mean like talk about it, but I talked about this mental striptease. That is so much fucking fun. Like, you get to maybe go out, and find his sexy new outfit, and you can make a little comment, like, “Do you think that’s for you?” or “Do you think that’s for someone else?” Like some little thing like that, that you know is going to turn on your partner so much. That is so fun to do. Or, write something on the calendar that’s like, inconspicuous, but could mean something that about you hooking up with some guy.

I mean, there’s so many fun little things that you can play with your partner. Then, of course, there’s the dirty talk about cuckolding fantasies when you’re in the bedroom, which is just awesome. Then, there’s things like flirting with other guys, like go out to a bar, make it look like your guys are separate, like sitting separately, and watch her flirt with some guy. I mean, that is hot as shit. That is very safe thing to do as far as like a couple goes. I would highly recommend all of these really fun little things that you can do without actually sleeping with somebody else. I think, unfortunately, a lot of guys who have cuckold fantasies really focus on her sleeping with another guy, and not realizing that there’s like way more fun that you can have outside of that.

[0:15:04] SJ: Let’s say, all of that goes fantastic. Both partners are really enjoying it, flirting, little comments. Then, they want to take the next step. Should they go to a lifestyle event? What would you recommend? 

[0:15:17] Ve: This is so hard. This is absolutely so hard because it’s difficult to take the first step as it is. Especially as a woman, maybe you’ve been married to your partner for 30 years, you haven’t slept with anybody else. The thought of sleeping with a stranger is a little bit terrifying. Plus, you got to think about, there’s body image issues that she may have, or confidence issues, or safety concerns, or all of these things. I mean, it’s hard enough to take that one step. But to be able to find what we call a bull, that’s the third guy that she sleeps with, to find somebody that she maybe is into, or has chemistry with, or feels safe with, or physically is attracted to, or has the whatever kind of personality that she’s into. To find that kind of feels really difficult. A lot of cuckolding couples complain that that’s really difficult to find. It’s easy to find a guy who just wants to sleep with a woman, but it’s really difficult –

[0:16:16] SJ: That’s the comment of the podcast. Yes.

[0:16:19] Ve: Right. I mean, that’s not difficult. But to find somebody who actually understands this kind of relationship dynamic, and doesn’t mind being part of it, maybe enjoys being part of it, and knows what to do with say. These are all things that couples find really difficult. Plus, there’s the discretion part too. I mean, finding somebody who is in your neighborhood, or your little town, or whatever, there’s this, “Am I going to bump into other people who know us? or “Is this person going to tell people?” or whatever. There’s a real concern about privacy as well.

So, where to find this guy, I think the general go-to idea is that you just look online, adult friend finder, you put a post out there, say, “This is what I’m looking for.” And you just cross your fingers and hope that it all works out okay. Maybe you get lucky, and it works out. But a lot of the times you’re dealing with people who are fake flakes, and want to waste your time, or aren’t who they are advertising they are. So, it can be a really frustrating process.

[0:17:30] SJ: You mentioned safety. What kind of – as well as having safe sex, maybe using condoms, birth control. Is there anything else you’d recommend with regard to safety?

[0:17:41] Ve: Yes. It’s a very unique kind of lifestyle, and that like, sometimes there are power dynamics going on within all three people in this certain situation. What I mean by that is, sometimes the bull is seen as somebody who has more of a dominant kind of energy and somebody who’s going to kind of direct how things are going to go in this situation. Let’s say, the husband is there, and he’s watching. Sometimes, there’s this power dynamics that can make, I think, first-time couples vulnerable to somebody who’d maybe take advantage of that, or prey on that, and push boundaries, and consent where they should not.

So, I worry about that part of it within this lifestyle. But yes, I worry about women like myself, who don’t necessarily have a partner there with them. I’ve had some really scary situations, unfortunately. So, safety is like top of my concerns. Health and safety, of course. Like you said, condoms and things like that. But physical safety is really a big concern for me.

[0:18:50] SJ: You mentioned communication quite a lot already. Is there any sort of discussion, ground rules, boundaries that you’d recommend couples draw, talk about, try, and keep to —

[0:19:02] Ve: This is hard because I will tell you, that like a new couple, they tend to try to make a lot of rules around the very first time, like rules, like it can’t include, — I don’t know. Can’t include PIV sex, it only can include oral, or they can’t kiss on the mouth, or it can only be a certain length of time, or something like that. In my experience and the experience of a lot of other couples who are new at this, those rules are really difficult to follow in the heat of the moment. Like I’m not going to lie. I’m not fucking thinking about that when I’m all hot and bothered, and like —

[0:19:38] SJ: Give me that checklist.

[0:19:40] Ve: Yes. I’m like, “Hold on, let me see what I’m allowed to do.” So, the kissing on the mouth thing, that’s the first rule that gets broken for a lot of people. But that can be really devastating, obviously, especially for the husband when he’s feeling very comfortable around these rules, and then, all of a sudden, they’re broken. It’s like, “Oh, man.”

If there’s any new couples listening out there thinking of making this list of rules, it’s okay to have them. But just keep in mind that it may not be realistic to have all of those rules. I think what’s most important is that she’s safe, and she’s comfortable, and that she’s enjoying herself. What that looks like should really be up to her.

[0:20:24] SJ: Awesome. What about reversing the dynamic with cuckqueaning? Is there anything different or if anything you could speak to on cuckqueaning?

[0:20:35] Ve: Yes. This is fascinating. It was years until I figured out that there was the reverse, that there was cuckqueaning. I don’t know. Over the years, I think I’ve only met two, maybe three women who identified as a cuckquean. For those who are listening, that is the woman is in the husband’s position. It’s the woman who is watching her partner have sex with somebody else. She’s kind of warming in her seat or being teased about it, or whatever. 

This is definitely not as common. Women are not fantasizing about this as often as men do. So, I don’t really know a lot about it. I just know that there is such a thing, they do exist. I don’t really – I really don’t think that there’s very many or maybe there’s just not a lot of spaces for online to be able to connect and stuff like that. I don’t know. 

[0:21:26] SJ: It’s just interesting how one thing, I guess, one side blasphemes than other side, or the opposite doesn’t. For female listeners that maybe cuckolding seems like a step too far for them for their relationship, but they’re still interested in maybe this kind of teasing. Maybe it goes as far as humiliation with this kind of teasing. Do you have any scenarios that they could use, everything from just regular flirting, to trying to do something for foreplay, or even during sex, that you’d recommend, or that you think could work to amp things up?

[0:22:08] Ve: Yes. It’s all about creativity. And hey, if anyone needs some tips, I’m here. Ladies, I got you. Because it’s been a fun journey over the years to learn about all of these things. But what it comes down to is what your partner really reacts to. That’s the fun part about being the woman in a cuckolding situation is that, like, you really do feel like you have the power and the ability to have this effect on someone that is profound. It’s just like, “Wow, I was able to make this guy literally melt just by this one word that I said. This is amazing.” Maybe in vanilla sex world, there are things that you could say that would do the same thing. But I feel like this is really something else. Anyways, I was blabbing on there.

[0:22:57] SJ: No. No. Sorry. No, you weren’t at all. It’s gold. 

[0:23:00] Ve: But there’s so many fun things that you can do. But I will say that I should start off with saying that there’s this thing called hotwifing, that is like cuckolding light. It’s cuckolding minus the teasing, minus the humiliation, minus the power dynamics, more amped up on the compersion level. That’s where this term came from, hotwifing, and it’s really popular in the swingers’ world. Because, funny enough, a lot of couples who get into the swinging thing doesn’t take them long to realize that the husband’s like, “I don’t actually really like sleeping with the other ladies, as much as I like watching you sleep with a guy.”

This is where a lot of this starts out, but they don’t want to sign up for what they think is cuckolding based on what they see online, and just that word, humiliation tied to degradation. And so, they’re like, “Nah, we don’t need any of that, so we’re just going to do hotwifing,” which is basically cuckolding, but different terminology. There’s a lot of fun that you can have within that. 

In hotwifing, it’s more acceptable for the husband to kind of join in on it, then maybe make it a like a threesome, or something like that. But with cuckolding, it’s not like that, the husband is not really going to be joining in in that way. It doesn’t mean he’s not involved, because he’s always involved in some way. That’s the fun part. It would be so boring if he wasn’t involved in some way. For me, anyway. 

[0:24:24] SJ: I guess, maybe just past experiences, maybe. I’m kind of putting you on the spot here, so sorry about that. Maybe there’s a time in the past that you remember, that you were kind of shocked at how effective something was, it kind of caught you by surprise.

[0:24:39] Ve: Oh God. There’s this sound that guys make that’s so involuntary. That when you really hit that button, it goes like this. The look on his face, and he’s just like – it’s so involuntary. You know you got him so good where he’s so, so turned on by what you just did or said that you’re just like, “Wow, that sound.” I’ve seen it with other couples too, on a video, where she’ll do something, or say something. Then, all of a sudden, he just – his knees get weak like, he just can’t. He can’t hold on to it, whatever consents of control he had in that moment. I love that, recently.

Comment about size, and I can’t remember exactly what it was. This is the fun part because some guys do really – my first cuck boyfriend wanting me to find bulls who were bigger in size, like dick size than him, and he was really big. I was like, “This sounds like a difficult challenge, but sure, I’ll take it on.” So, for some guys who are interested in cuckolding fantasies, it’s about that, it’s about like, “I want her. I want to know that she’s with a guy who can give her a different kind of experience, one that I can’t give her.” 

When you make a comment, a little comment about size to any guy who that turns him on, the impact is really incredible. You don’t need to say it in a mean way, but just an honest way. That’s the difference. 

[0:26:14] SJ: It’s so crazy, because I did a sort of casual survey, and study for the website. If you go to badgirlsbible.come/does-size-matter, it’s so wild. It’s the most commented on post, because guys are so angry because it turns out that too big is just as bad as too small, maybe it’s even worse. But size does matter to a degree. Oh my God, like guys get so turned up and nuts about it. It’s crazy.

[0:26:44] Ve: Absolutely. They’re very obsessed about dick size, way more than us women are even thinking about it.

[0:26:50] SJ: For you, would you say size matters?

[0:26:52] Ve: Yes, for me, yes. I’m what they call a size queen. I just – I think I’m built for bigger guys, I just am. Or maybe, just like my pleasure spots are in places where you’d have to be a bigger guy to get there. I don’t know. But I’ve always been that way, where that I really enjoy that feeling. But for me, like a lot of women, when a guy is kind of too big, there’s this overwhelming kind of sensation that is uncomfortable. But for me, that overwhelming sensation is not uncomfortable, it’s actually pleasurable. So, I know I’m not typical like that, but that’s just what I really enjoy.

[0:27:30] SJ: That’s kind of what this survey found, but it’s just strange. Some of the comments are just so depressing, and it’s just very interesting. I think it’s like, so many things, height, all these different things. Do you have a shaved head, full-head hair, or whatever. It’s like different people have different preferences, and in a way, all those things matter. But ultimately, it depends.

[0:27:55] Ve: I think that’s what heightens the taboo part of cuckolding when size is involved because it is another thing that that’s not supposed to be important, but then you find out it actually is important to her. That’s good. For some guys, that can be like they are angry about that. But for some guys who fantasize about cuckolding, they’re just like, “Oh, that’s hot.”

[0:28:18] SJ: That’s the thing. It’s this anger, like it’s a bit sad.

[0:28:20] Ve: Yes, it is. It is. Is sexual denial or orgasm denial also part of most cuckolding relationships?

[0:28:30] Ve: That’s such a good question. I’m so glad you asked that because there’s this idea that guys who are cuckolds, they never sleep with their wife or partner. I don’t know where this came from because it’s not typical. In most couples, from what I know of couples out there who are practicing cuckolding or hotwifing, they have a very robust sex life together. I mean, really, a great sex life together. This is just like adding to the next level hotness of it. He’s very much involved in all of this. Yes, she has other partners, but I mean, he is loving it, and they are loving it together.

I think maybe it’s the typical cuckolding porn scripts that make it look like, you’re a cuck, so you never deserve to have sex with your partner or something like that. And yes, there are cuckolding couples out there who do really love going down that road of sexual denial as part of this fun, little kinky relationship that they have. Some, it’s full sexual denial. I would not say that that’s typical at all, at all. I think that most couples are just doing the regular in the bedroom between the sheets, sexercise, aerobics together. In fact, it’s just even more hot to be whispering something about this in his ear when you are having sex together, because that’s another reaction.

[0:29:58] SJ: Do you think that’s a good, I guess, technique, maybe to turn on your partner as a way to dirty talk is to just maybe tell a story about a past experience?

[0:30:09] Ve: Cucks across the board really do enjoy hearing about you talk about your previous experiences. Which is so opposite from what you would normally see out there. Body count is like a big thing, and women are like, “Oh, no, I’ve only slept with three guys.” Meaning 40. But we’re not allowed right – 

[0:30:28] SJ: It’s official. It’s official. Three equals 40. 

[0:30:31] Ve: But we’re not allowed, right, and you wouldn’t talk to your partner about any kind of sexual stuff you did before. Because, number one, that might make them feel insecure. Number two, you might look slutty, or they’ll think you’re slutty, or whatever. None of that fucking matters in a cuckolding relationship. In fact, he’s thrilled to hear about these experiences that you had.

[0:30:51] SJ: Awesome. For some couples, they may be interested in trying cuckolding. Have you ever noticed any relationship types or situations that you wouldn’t recommend cuckolding for?

[0:31:03] Ve: Yeah. I mean, if you are having problems in your relationship as it is, don’t do this. That’s a recipe for disaster.

[0:31:14] SJ: I mean, it’s pretty obvious. Yes, there’s other things to be worked on.

[0:31:16] Ve: It seems obvious. But I mean, let’s face it, this is a hot fantasy for a lot of guys out there and they want it no matter what. They’re willing to overlook the fact that they have problems in their relationship. You really are really going to fuck things up if you’re going to dive into this with your partner and not have that solid foundation together. 

[0:31:36] SJ: Venus, thanks so much for joining us on the show. If people want to find out more about you, if they want to get in touch with you, how can they do that? 

[0:31:43] Ve: Yes. My podcast is called The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast. I also have a matchmaking service that is for singles who are looking for a partner who also wants a cuckolding relationship. This is really a one-of-a-kind kind of service, and it’s called Venus Connections.

[0:32:08] SJ: Awesome. Thanks so much.

[0:32:10] Ve: You’re welcome. Thank you so much for having me.


[0:32:10] SJ: One last thing before you go. If you want to hear more podcasts just like this one, open your podcast app, search for Bad Girls Bible, and hit the subscribe button.


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