97 Women Explain Why They Spit or Swallow & What You Should Do


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spit or swallowMany people find themselves faced with making the decision of whether to spit or swallow, for the very first time when giving a blow job or when going down on a new partner. We surveyed real people to help you decide what to do. You can skip straight to the section with 49 people explaining why they like to swallow or skip to section with 48 people explaining why they prefer to spit or keep reading for more tips before you make up your mind on whether to spit or swallow.

To Spit or Swallow – What Does It Mean?

The question of whether to spit or swallow refers to your man’s ejaculate after he’s come in your mouth. If you’re at that point, you might have to make a lightning-fast decision, especially if your partner isn’t able to warn you that he’s about to come.

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There is a 3rd option – However, those aren’t really the only choices you have. You don’t have to have your man come in your mouth, even if you’re giving him a blow job. You can have him finish somewhere else in or on your body. There’s also the option of having him finish in a tissue or towel or even in the bed if you don’t mind washing the linens. There’s no rule that you have to let him come in your mouth just because you’re sucking his cock.

A little preparation goes a long way – Of course, it’s easier to figure out what you’re going to do beforehand rather than waiting for the last minute. Then, you can switch to using your hand or grab a tissue if you need it. But if you want to wait until just before he comes, you’ll need to be able to tell when his orgasm is approaching or have him alert you… and some guys refuse to do that.

A good partner, however, communicates about sex. In fact, you might even find yourself discussing this with a partner before getting intimate. This gives you a chance to ask questions such as “Should I swallow?” and learn why men like it when you swallow!

Swallowing His Cum – Your Gag Reflex

Whether to spit or swallow is typically based on preference, but sometimes you may have to choose one or the other because of something you can’t change:  your gag reflex. If you know that holding cum in your mouth until you can spit is going to make you gag, you might prefer to swallow. Or you might spit because the texture of semen makes you feel sick to your stomach.

Of course, if you have no issue with your gag reflex, you may still take the following things into consideration.

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One of the biggest deciding factors between spitting after oral or swallowing cum is taste. A man’s cum is salty, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Some cum tastes stronger and some milder. The following things can affect the flavor of your man’s cum:

  • His diet
  • Whether he smokes
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Medical conditions
  • General health
  • Medicine he takes
  • How hydrated he is

Pineapple Juice – In general, cum should be milder to the taste if a man is well hydrated and healthy. However, you can try the infamous pineapple trick for swallowing during oral. If you’re worried about taste when it comes time to spit or swallow, simply have your man increase his pineapple juice intake the day of – or in general. The fruit juice should improve his taste according to anecdotal evidence.

Fruit and a healthy diet came up several times in our survey responses, so it’s worth looking at improving his nutrition if you can’t stand the taste of his cum.

Discover more tips to make swallowing his cum easy here.

Flavored lube – Alternatively, consider a flavored lube as a tip for swallowing. Lubricant usually isn’t necessary when giving head (Find out how to become a pro at giving head) because of saliva, but the additional sweetness can curb or cover up the taste and smell of his ejaculate.

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Wash it down – If you’d like, keep a glass of juice or something flavored within reach. Take a drink as you swallow or right after to wash the taste out of your mouth. Some women rely on a sucking candy or popsicle for the same purpose. You can even add the candy to your blowjob technique!

Deep Throating Trick – Several of our readers state that they don’t taste their man’s semen when swallowing because their partner’s penis is deep in their throat/mouth and the cum is already in their throat. Swallowing might be easier when deep throating, then.

Quick Quiz: Do You Give Good Blow Jobs?

If you are new here, then you may want to take the quiz below to learn how good you are at giving oral sex and satisfying your man. You may discover you that you suck (pun intended) or that you are already a blow job queen.

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For some women, it’s not about taste. The texture is the problem. Cum can be a little gooey, warm and a bit sticky in your mouth. This combination isn’t appetizing for many. You can’t change the texture, but taking a drink as you swallow or right after can make it more manageable. Interestingly, cold water will help you wash it down better than warm water.

There are two ways to deal with the taste and texture of his cum if you don’t particularly enjoy it. Swallow his cum immediately to be done with the whole thing or spit to get it out of your mouth. It often seems like the latter approach is better, but many people find this means small amounts of salty and gooey cum remains in their mouth for longer.

Prepare if you’re going to spit – If you’re going to spit, you should be prepared to do so, allowing you to minimize the amount of time his cum is in your mouth. This means having a trash can, tissue, or even just a glass nearby. It’s easier if you’re in your own home or you’re comfortable in his place. Check for a box of tissues on the nightstand or ask your partner for one so you’ll be ready.

He needs to tell you – It’s considered polite for a man to let a woman know when he’s going to orgasm so she can be prepared. Ask him to let you know. If you’re having trouble talking about this, check out our guide to sexual communication to make all those hard conversations much easier!

Texture can also be an issue after you swallow. Some of the people who took our survey mentioned that they didn’t like how it felt in their stomachs, not just their mouths.


If you’ve asked yourself “Should I swallow?” you might have realized that it’s not an either/or question. Sometimes you might not mind swallowing during oral, but sometimes you may prefer to spit. Often, it’s a question of whether there’s too much cum to swallow.

It can be hard to swallow cum without gagging when there’s a lot of it because you may need to swallow more than once and the taste usually sticks in your mouth. Our advice when your man ejaculates in large quantities:

  • Have something like fruit juice nearby to help you wash it down.
  • Don’t let him cum in your mouth.

Spit or Swallow, It’s Your Choice

should i swallow or spit

Many women look to their partners to help determine whether to spit or swallow. It can certainly be hot for him to see you swallow without gagging or batting an eyelash, just like he might like ejaculating on your skin to give you a pearl necklace. But you don’t have to do what he wants, especially if you don’t like it.

Furthermore, some immature men tend to take a woman’s tendency to spit as something of a personal insult. Of course, this is ridiculous as you may be spitting simply to avoid the risk of throwing up.

Lights off? – If you turn off the lights, he never has to know if you spit or swallow. Turning the lights down or off can also be sexy. Discover more blow job tips to drive him insane with pleasure.

At the end of the day, if you’re willing to make him come, what you do with that cum is your choice, which leads us to our next point.

Variation is your friend – You don’t always have to do the same thing. Some days you may feel like you want to swallow. Perhaps you’re more likely to swallow when you’re extra turned on or with certain partners. That’s up to you.

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And if you just feel like spitting today, that’s okay, too. You can switch it up as you see fit, and doing so may even make sex more interesting.

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Will There Be Kissing?

One thought that you might consider is whether your man will kiss you later and if it’s dependent on whether you spit or swallow. Some people won’t kiss their partners who have just gone down on them. However, it’s not only kind to kiss someone who has performed oral; it may be a sign of really good sex when your man doesn’t even care what’s been in your mouth.

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Alternatives to Spitting or Swallowing

Snowballing is something of a sexual urban legend. It’s when a woman takes her man’s cum into his mouth and holds it there until she kisses him and pushes it into his mouth with her tongue. It’s often a surprise and can be used when there’s too much cum to swallow.

If it sounds hot to surprise your man but also messy and potentially rude not to let him know what’s coming (no pun intended!), you’re right. So, talk to him about it beforehand, just like he should talk to you about your preferences for spitting or swallowing.

But this creative line of thinking does lead to some alternatives. Perhaps you could put back or finish your man off with your hand and let him cum on your face but not in your mouth. Another option is to let him come on your chest. Most men love the sight of their cum on their partner’s body.

Finally, you can consider a condom, especially a flavored one. Not only does it prevent you from having to spit or swallow, but it makes cleanup easier, too.

Is Swallowing Semen Safe?

If you’re worried about safety rather than how to swallow semen, rest assured that swallowing is fairly safe. Still, there is one major concern: STIs.

You can pass STIs such as chlamydia, herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, and HPV during oral sex [1]. Having your partner ejaculate someplace other than your mouth can also reduce the risk of STI transmission [1].  HPV, which can cause mouth, throat, and cervical cancer, can be transmitted by skin-to-skin contact even without ejaculation [2], just like herpes and syphilis [3].

Condoms also reduce the risk of STI transmission; although, they’re not foolproof when it comes to STIs that spread by skin contact [4].

Readers Tell Us Why They Spit or Swallow

do you spit or swallow

To get to the bottom of this question, we asked readers why they spit or swallow and how it makes them feel. The responses were definitely illuminating! Many more women reported swallowing during oral than those who spit. Rather than give you the percentage of women who swallow, we thought it might be helpful to explain why women swallow sometimes and how it makes them feel.

49 People Explain Why They Like Swallowing His Cum

We surveyed hundreds of folks by asking them the question, “Why do you swallow his load and how does it make you feel?” Here’s the raw and unfiltered feedback of our proud swallowers:

  1. It makes me happy when he’s happy.
  2. It’s sort of a power move as well as turns my man on even more for events later on in the night. plus it’s fun.
  3. Because it turns him on and I can’t have any kids for him so I always tell him I’m carrying them with me when I swallow.
  4. I swallow, to make him feel appreciated, and it also turns me on when he finishes and is moaning.
  5. The satisfaction I see in his eyes as I watch him, watching me! It is pure pleasure for me.
  6. Yes, because I start to feel his love entering my body. It makes us closer and I feel better about how we move forward in our lives. As one in touch with you.
  7. because I am a bad bitch.
  8. I want to give him the greatest evidence I can during our lovemaking that I respect him and his body. I feel even more connected to him. I feel united and one with him.  I feel intense happiness giving him pleasure. 
  9. It’s clean vegan cum and tastes good, makes me feel like I’m his queen by giving him so much pleasure.
  10. For his pleasure and my enjoyment of watching his pleasure. It makes me feel self-confident and grateful for him allowing me to keep his dick in my mouth until he comes.
  11. because it’s a shared experience and I’m showing him I’m 100% involved in his satisfaction as he is in mine when he goes down on me and I cum and/or squirt!
  12. Men like it. Apparently few women do it, so it catches a new partner by surprise. It feels a bit naughty. In general, I think it increases intimacy and demonstrates acceptance.
  13. To get that intimate with someone you should go all the way through and spitting also ruins the mood created unless it is done in a sensual way but I don’t think spitting is ever really an attractive or pleasing thing.
  14. I swallow his load because I am a good girl and he wants me to and it makes me feel happy because it means that I did a good job. 
  15. Like a goddess.
  16. Cause it’s the seal… it connects us both. It’s raw, intimate, turns me on and he feels manly.
  17. I swallow it because it makes me feel submissive and really controlled by him.
  18. It feels great for him and gives him more powerful orgasms; he can rest and relax and enjoy himself and I’m happy to provide that special experience for him.
  19. Cause princess never makes a mess and I always make sure my daddy’s balls are empty.
  20. I never give up the chance to have his load inside me whether it’s pussy, anal, or mouth.  This lets me know I have given him what he needs – I’ve pleasured him.
  21. its a gesture of kindness. He does the same.
  22. It’s intimate, it’s part of him. It feels erotic and makes for great sex talk later.
  23. He’s giving me a gift I worked hard to get from him. 😋 It would be disrespectful to spit it out.
  24. Accomplishment, a turn on, and to keep him turned on by myself and what I can do with my mouth.
  25. faster to get it over with than sloshing it around in my mouth and running to the sink, also I’m too lazy to get out of bed unless necessary (shower afterward).
  26. I think I feel like it is incomplete when it doesn’t include the swallow, like it didn’t end properly. It makes me feel like I have the control over him, I feel powerful in some kind of way, and it feels so sexy to have the control and the power. Also, it feels so good seeing him looking at me doing it, that makes me enjoy everything a lot more.
  27. I swallow it to be sexy for him.. it’s not so bad and I can just throw it back quickly to get it over with! One second of uncomfortable-ness for me is worth the pleasure he receives from watching me! 
  28. I swallow it because I don’t want that whole bunch of protein going to waste and it makes me feel good.
  29. I love cum. I can’t get enough of it everywhere.
  30. Only with a very special partner… and we are in love…will I find myself in this situation. I think maybe I feel closer to him when I do and in a weird way, it builds trust and a certain intimacy between us. 
  31. I love every part of him and it’s such a pleasure for me to make him cum that it makes me happy to make sure he finishes in my mouth.  It tastes amazing and swallowing allows me to keep him in my mouth longer until he fully relaxes.  Then I slowly kiss his penis until can move again.  It’s absolutely amazing and I feel closer to him when I swallow his cum.  
  32. I’m not going to work that hard to spit it out! 
  33. Like a whore and that’s so hot.
  34. I like to keep my mouth sucking as he cums and have his cum come out the sides of my mouth then I’ll slurp it back up and spit it all over his cock again, then slurp it up and swallow. It turns me on to see him getting pleasure from me.
  35. When I’m in love with Him and the way He makes me feel, then I want every bit of Him inside of me. I want to feel and smell and taste Him. His body… His skin… His Cock…  His cum. I want to be as close to Him as possible. But He is the only one who has ever made me want this. I have never wanted this before. I think that I want it all because of our connection. I just want Him. All of Him. 
  36. I did the work to get his load. That’s my prize.
  37. Swallowing is less messy! No towel for clean up on aisle 6!
  38. There is nothing better than slurping down the last drop of cum from my man’s hard cock! While the rest of his body is quivering with pleasure. It makes me so wet sometimes it makes me squirt.
  39. To confirm my acceptance of his manliness.
  40. I love need and respect my protein in ALL forms. The man is truly what HE eats and the load will be pleasingly digestible in correlation to his lifestyle and dietary choices.
  41. I feel it tastes good and there’s something about swallowing his cum and then it becomes part of me. 
  42. It’s rewarding. I’ve just been bobbing up and down, moaning, controlling a gag reflex and watching teeth placement for 45 mins to 2 hours, his cum is what gets me off. 
  43. I’ve had several partners in my life but the man I’m with now is my everything… He knows that HE is the only man that I have EVER swallowed for… And that is a very powerful feeling to be able to do that for him.
  44. I like to play with it on my tongue. It’s extremely satisfying to watch your man cum and being able to drink his soul in .
  45. Powerful. Sexy. Accomplished. Like I won the grand prize and it’s kinda like a “thank you” and “you’re welcome” in one. 
  46. sends a primal message. done a thorough job providing an extreme degree of pleasure for her man.. makes her feel powerful, proud, and so like a very good girl.  like a fuckin’ badge of honor….
  47. When I love the Man I am with, I swallow.  It makes me feel like I have a little bit of him inside me forever. 
  48. Nothing wrong with swallowing, and I feel satisfied it’s like the Oreo filling, what’s the Oreo without the cream?
  49. IMO To spit would be the equivalent of going to work, the boss personally delivering you the payment and ripping it up in his face. It’s a prize.

As you can see, those people who like to swallow their man’s load report several of the same themes:

  • Finding themselves turned on.
  • Doing it because it turns him on
  • Doing it because it pleases their partner
  • Sometimes because they like being submissive
  • Feeling empowered by it
  • Enjoying the taboo, kinky, or naughty aspect of swallowing.

Several people mentioned intimacy, connection, or love, which might explain why some people only swallow with romantic partners and not casual ones. The people who took our survey sometimes mentioned not wanting to disrespect or reject their partners in any way, so they chose to swallow. In this way, they’re able to show their acceptance, even if it’s not romantic.

Although a few people specifically said they disliked the taste of cum, it appears that more people found that the positives outweighed the negatives. This explains why some people replied that they did it even though they didn’t particularly enjoy it. There were also those who didn’t feel very strongly either way, so they responded “Why, not?”

Many people also found it more practical to swallow and get it over with quickly. Their best technique for swallowing is simply to do it quickly!

However, some people thought they would be judged if they didn’t swallow because they know that guys like it when you swallow. They really absorbed the idea that “spitters are quitters” or that they had to compete with other people by swallowing, which is less positive than some responses. Don’t think you should swallow just because some people say so.

48 People Explain Why They Prefer to Spit

do women like to swallo

Some people don’t find tips for swallowing like those above to be all that useful. They prefer to spit. Here’s why:

  1. When the load is too heavy I spit out. The feeling of choking overwhelms me so much that it makes it difficult to swallow it. The swallowing needs to happen quickly without too much thought, and the substance of the cum also helps make the decision. 
  2. The come in my mouth doesn’t bother me.  My brain simply works like this: it is not food; I do not swallow.  
  3. Because I feel like I’m swallowing babies and moreover it’s not sweet. 
  4. Because I don’t like to swallow and he likes it more when I spit so 👌
  5. Because if he has gotten cum into my mouth, to begin with, he already has bigger problems.
  6. Because they usually ask me to cuz they want to make out after.
  7. I don’t like the taste. It depends on how I’m feeling really. I have let him go in my mouth once or twice, but I love when he gets it all over my body (not my face).
  8. Because swallowing grosses me out because the sperm is thick and slimy. In the past, I have gagged it up even hours later.
  9. It’s nasty to swallow. He doesn’t do anything for me orally down in that department he’s lucky I even give him that!
  10. Hated the taste and also didn’t enjoy sex with that man for a long time. So swallowing was something absolutely disgusting to me.
  11. I’d love to swallow but I cannot get over the damn gag reflex. 
  12. Because it’s disgusting. Like snot and let’s not pretend it’s delicious.
  13. I spit because I don’t feel he is as committed as I am.
  14. The taste and possibly the texture makes me gag. I’ve recently attempted to swallow and I vomited. Major turn off to me and my husband. It’s not worth it to try to swallow so I keep a towel close by so I can spit. I do keep my mouth on him and sucking until he finishes.
  15. I just don’t like swallowing. Am scared of maybe it can cause disease.
  16. I’ve never let a man cum in my mouth because I’m afraid I’ll gag/hate it and ruin the “moment” or experience.
  17. The thought of semen going down my throat disturbs me.
  18. I really can’t stand the burning sensation it gives in my throat.
  19. I do not like the taste of cum &I also have a mental issue that makes me feel like sperm are swimming in my throat lol.
  20. The taste, smell, and consistency of semen are disgusting.
  21. I don’t think that swallowing it would be good for my body and my health.
  22. I am OCD.
  23. I usually just keep it in my mouth and use it to make things extra sloppy and wet just letting it gradually run out my mouth slowly still sucking and just let it get all on my lips and face🤷🏿‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
  24. I do not like the texture, and my man likes it when I play with it before I spit.
  25. It makes me gag smells like chlorine or bleach.
  26. I think it is unclean.
  27. I can’t choke it down…it’s too thick of a consistency. It makes me gag…I can take him all the way to the back of my throat without gagging but trying to swallow his cum makes me gag.
  28. I just can’t bring myself to swallow the cum… it feels too foreign.
  29. It gives me allergies.
  30. Cum freaks me out and gives me anxiety. And it smells and tastes gross.
  31. Because I don’t like the taste and it makes me dizzy.
  32. It’s too much of a sensory change in texture/taste.
  33. I never let him cum in my mouth. Cum in my mouth freaks me out. 
  34. He doesn’t excite me to receive him. 
  35. Too salty.
  36. I have swallowed before but the older I get the less inclined I am to swallow.
  37. Who would I swallow semen?!
  38. 🤢
  39. It’s GROSS! I don’t let him cum in my mouth. The little bit that does get in my mouth, I gag and spit.
  40. Cannot get used to the taste and even if we mask it with something else.
  41. Because he is blindfolded and I have other things to do as a Mistress.
  42. The warmth was too much, it was my first time giving oral and I tried to be sexy and let him cum in my mouth. But the temperature was too much.
  43. Feel suffocated.
  44. I’m not actually sure why. However, I am considering swallowing. 
  45. I never allow a man cum in my mouth!
  46. I sometimes let the man cum in my mouth because I know they enjoy it, but I dont enjoy swallowing so I spit. We both get what we wanted and at least he’s satisfied.
  47. It just became a habit. I don’t even think about it anymore. 
  48. His cum tastes horrible 🙁

Many of the people who replied to our survey mentioned their gag reflex as the reason they preferred to spit. While not everyone explained why/how it activated their gag reflex, respondents commonly noted that both the taste and the texture (in their throat and stomach) was the culprit.

Lots of people mentioned that it was “gross” or “disgusting” and that they didn’t want to gag or actually throw up, which would certainly ruin the moment. And for some people who took our survey, the unpleasant taste of their partner’s cum lasted far more than a moment!

However, taste, ick factor, and gag reflex weren’t the only notable responses. Some people simply had fear because they’d never done it before or they worried about choking on their man’s ejaculate.

Perhaps most importantly, plenty of people said that they simply didn’t want to swallow, which is good enough reason to say “No” and spit or look for another alternative!

If you came here looking for us to tell you that you should be spitting after oral sex or swallowing cum because there’s a “right’ and “wrong” way to do sex, you might be disappointed. Ultimately, that decision is up to you.  You can see from our survey responses how differently people feel about spitting and swallowing because we’re all different people, and no one can say you should swallow or not. Rather than focusing on whether most women swallow or spit, figure out what works for you.

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