A virgin girl became the mistress of an unknown man and Played the game of sex.


Hello to all the readers of Readxstories, hope you all are doing well. Today’s story: A virgin girl became the mistress of an unknown man and played the game of sex.

I was going to Delhi, and I met a man on the way. Read how he first got me hot, and then took me home and fucked me.

Hello friends, my name is Tania Gupta. I am 20 years old. Today I will tell you how I got fucked by a stranger I met in a bus. So this happened 2 years ago. I was coming to Delhi from my village.

My mother had come to drop me to the bus stand. Due to the crowd in the bus, mom was sitting in the front, and was sitting on the last seat in the main bus. An uncle of about 30-35 years of age was sitting next to me.

After some time, that uncle started asking me about myself, and I also started asking him about himself. He told his name as Vishal Shaikh, and said that he was actually from UP, and used to work here.

He had 2 wives and 5 children. While talking, Vishal ji placed his hand on my thighs. I felt a little strange, but I ignored our conversation. Then gradually Vishal ji’s confidence started increasing, and his hand reached my pussy, and I felt a current inside me. I immediately removed his hand and looked at Vishal ji. So Anahoni gave me a devilish smile.

I too became a little awkward, and smiled a little. After some time, Vishal ji’s hand was on my thighs again, but fortunately the bus stand stop came. Then I heaved a sigh of relief and got down. But when I looked back, Vishal ji had also landed there.

I was a little surprised, because Vishal ji’s stop was far ahead, and he had got down before his stop. Then I went to the railway station with my mother. After reaching there, I took the ticket, and my mother and I went and sat at a place. Vishal ji also sat on a bench near us, and he was continuously looking at me.

After some time the train came, I said bye to mom and boarded the main train, and Vishal ji also boarded the same compartment following me. He came and sat on the seat next to me. The train was mostly empty, and there were hardly 10-12 logs in the compartment. But all of them were on the other side of the compartment, and we both were alone on one side.

Vishal ji started caressing my thighs again. I was feeling good, but I was trying to get rid of them. Gradually he got more excited, and with the second eight he started caressing my breasts. Then he asked me about my mother.

So I told them that I was going alone. Hearing this, a different smile appeared on his face, and he started pressing my breasts harder. His other hand, which was on my thighs, was now on my pussy through my shorts.

Now I was completely under his control. Then Vishal ji asked me to change the bracelet. I asked him why, he told me he was taking me to his room. Whenever I felt like it, she pulled my top hard and tore it.

Now I was forced to change my clothes. Asked her to wear a dupatta and then as soon as we reached the next station, we both got down. From there we went to the bus stand, and then boarded a bus. Then he took me to his house.

As soon as I reached home, Vishal ji pounced on me like a hungry wolf. He started kissing me. His house was not very big, and was only 1RK. Vishal ji put a mattress below, and he pushed me. I fell straight on my back on that mattress.

Then Vishal ji removed his shirt, and he climbed on top of me. After that he started kissing me on my lips and neck. Then slowly he started removing all my clothes one by one, and within a short while I was in front of him only in bra and panty.

He started pressing my breasts over my bra, and I was sobbing. Then he stood up and made me remove his pants. As soon as I took off his pants, I was shocked to see his long, thick, cut penis.

Then he asked me to choose my penis. I had never sucked a cock before, in fact I had never even been fucked. So I was a virgin. When I refused to choose the penis, Vishal ji said angrily –

Vishal: Sister, you did not get any rest here. Suck it quietly. Yes, no one is going to listen to you.

Hearing this, even though I don’t want to, she got ready to choose the penis. For the first time in my life, someone scolded me. Even my parents never scolded me. They treated me like a princess.

And today was the first time someone scolded me. Then, hesitantly, I took the penis near my mouth, opened my mouth and touched it with my tongue. The smell of the cock made me feel like vomiting. But Vishal ji held my head and put his penis in my mouth and pressed the head hard, and put the entire penis in my mouth.

His penis had gone up to my throat, and my throat was hoarse because of the penis. From outside, the bulge of his penis was easily visible on my neck. Then he started fucking my mouth. Now I started enjoying choosing the penis.

After some 20-25 minutes, his penis came out of my mouth. My mouth and his penis were completely wet with my spit. A lot of spit had fallen down also.

After fucking my mouth, Vishal ji made me lie down on the mattress again, and he took a knife from the kitchen. I was very scared. Then they tore my bra and panty with a knife, and made me naked.

Seeing my naked body, he became more excited and started picking and biting my breasts. He started chewing my breasts as if it was a jaw massager and started biting my nipples. The marks of her teeth and picking were clearly visible on her boobs.

I was enjoying everything very much, and my pussy was getting wet. Then he went near my pussy. Even though I was a virgin, I always kept my pussy clean for the sake of hygiene. So there was not a single hair on my pussy.

Vishal ji started picking my pussy. His beard was stimulating my pussy further and after a while I ejaculated. Then Vishal ji placed his penis on my pussy and started rubbing it. Now I was ready to take his cock, because my pussy was now on fire to fuck very hard.

But he was just rubbing my pussy. I couldn’t control myself anymore, so I spread my pair and said to Vishal ji-

Me: Please fuck me. Now I can’t help myself.

Vishal ji: Okay, but on one condition.

Me: I accept any condition. Just put out the fire in my pussy.

Vishal ji: See that you don’t want to back out later.

Me: I will not refuse.

And then Vishal ji told his condition.

Vishal ji: The condition is that from today onwards you will become my mistress.

I couldn’t see anything else in front of the pussy fire, and I said yes.

Me: Yes ok, from today onwards I will be your mistress.

Vishal: Rachel, do you know what it is?

Not me.

Vishal: Rachel means from today you are mine. And I can fuck you whenever I want, whenever I want. And you have to fuck me.

Me: Meaning?

Vishal: This means that from today onwards you will stay here and will be my mistress.

As soon as he said this, Vishal ji gave a jerk and inserted some of his penis into my pussy. Due to the pussy being wet, the penis went inside a little and my seal was broken.

My pussy started bleeding, and I started feeling a lot of pain. I was only regretting this decision now. I started pleading with Vishal ji that I was in a lot of pain and that he should leave me. But now it was too late.

He didn’t listen to me and gave another blow. And then 2-3 inches more penis went inside. He then gave another push, and his entire penis was inside my pussy. I was crying in pain, but Vishal ji did not care.

He slowly started moving in and out of my pussy. Then gradually my pain reduced, and I started enjoying. Vishal ji’s speed also started increasing. He started fucking me in different positions. His cock filled with my blood was smearing my pussy.

After fucking for about 30-40 minutes, Vishal ji came to ejaculate. And he ejaculated inside me. He placed his penis in my pussy in the same manner, and he lay down on me with his penis inserted in the same manner.

I could feel his hot semen completely inside me. After some time, he gave a few more strokes and the penis came out. His penis was completely wet with my blood, water and his semen. His cum was coming out of my pussy.

He took the liquid that was coming out with a spoon and asked me to drink it. I drank it all with some hesitation. Then he lay down next to me, and asked me to choose his penis. I went under him, and started picking his penis.

While sucking his penis first became tight. Then he made me sit in doggy style, and placed his penis on my ass hole. They put some spit on the hole, and then started inserting the penis inside. I started feeling a lot of pain, but due to the fatigue of pussy fucking, I did not try to touch them.

I let him insert his penis. Then he started fucking me while slapping my ass. After some time, he took out the belt from his pants and started hitting me hard on my ass and back. I was crying a lot with pain.

For the first time in my life I was feeling so much pain. But I don’t know why along with the pain, I was also enjoying this pain. Then he tied the belt around my neck and started pulling me back. Then he kept fucking my ass.

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After fucking my ass for about an hour, she ejaculated in my ass. I just fell down and fell asleep. Then Vishal ji hit me hard with his belt and picked me up and said-

Vishal ji: So what are you doing, you bitch, you bitch. You are my mistress. From today onwards, unless I say no, you will not get any rest. And you won’t even go out of this room, understood?

I said yes, and immediately sat down. That day Vishal ji fucked me the whole day, and fucked me a lot at night. From that day onwards, I became Vishal ji’s mistress and started living in our room. I do all the household work like cleaning, cooking, washing clothes etc.

He keeps me naked the whole time. So that he can fuck me whenever he feels like it. And they put a dog’s leaf around my neck. At first I felt very bad about all this, but gradually I started liking all this very much.

Thank you!

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