amar prothom chodar golpo romantic niece first kiss


amar prothom chodar golpo romantic niece first kiss

the rain My elder cousin is the daughter of the son of Mezzo. This time in class twelfth age is 18. Mashallah looks very beautiful.

I also have a good relationship with him. After getting into a relationship with my friend, the relationship deepened Their house is two minutes away from our house.

Their house is next to where we hang out. Although I always talked to Rain, I had no bad idea towards him Uncle-nephew relationship is always like that

Since the girl is in the eleventh grade, she understands that the girl is a good adult. And I am just in honors 3rd year.

So far, no luck in hooking up However, I spent a lot of fasting with my cousins. I will tell that story in another story.

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Rain milk is not too big Not used yet I saw her milk for the first time that night. Never forgotten before.

Then it will not be less than 33. enough for me As beautiful as she looks, her lips are more beautiful than her. Just like an orange peel.

I was passing in front of their house. See him standing on the street. He called me when he saw me.

Listen uncle

what’s up

very good uncle What’s your news?

Here I am.

Uncle, I had a little talk with you.

I always talk to you. What’s new again?

A little secret.

Tell me then. amar prothom chodar golpo romantic niece first kiss

Can’t say here. Come back a little.

The rain took me behind their house. then say,

Can uncle stay in our room at night? I am very afraid.

What will I do? And where is everyone else?

Everyone went to Nanu’s house. I could not tell about the bad body. Please don’t.

You tell a girl.

No, uncle, I need you.

After these words of rain, I quickly looked at his face. This is like any other rain. Can’t recognize this rain. His eyes say something else.

It will be worse if I am. Have you thought about what will happen if you find out?

nothing will happen I will lock from outside already in the afternoon. Then I will enter the house through the back door and sit.

Everyone will think I’m not home. And give a call when you come at night I have a phone. I will then open the back door and no one will know.

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I am amazed at the intelligence of the rain. But I don’t understand why the rain will stay with me. A strange feeling works in my mind.

How excited I am suddenly. Looking at the face of the rain, I can no longer say no. I said yes. The smile on the girl’s face moved me now.

Today, seeing her smile makes a different kind of love. The first time I came home, I thought nonsense about the rain. Dhon Kheche goods out twice Then I fell asleep If something happens at night, there will be no time to sleep.

I left the house at 8 pm. I told my mother that I was going to a friend’s house. I will not come today. Call Rain and ask him to open the door.

Just as I was about to hit the road, it suddenly started raining. I like it again. This rain together with other rains will be quite fun. The road will be empty. No one will understand anything.

I was stunned to see the rain No rain. It’s like wearing wings. A thin sleeveless white frock fell. Very cute baby.

Today there is no veil on the chest, there are two flowers. Some parts of the body are visible. I keep looking at him I fainted from the rain

What uncle is looking like that why? amar prothom chodar golpo romantic niece first kiss

Can I look at the outfit you gave? Will the rain come to your bf or not?

No, I made this outfit for you today. Tell me how it was? Liked?

Rain your behavior is how I feel since morning. But I can’t be right.

What did I do again? Rain said with a smile on his face.

Did you do anything? Are you asking me? Look, I’ll do the opposite?

Oh mom, am I telling you something? What do you want?

What do you want?

Hmmm whatever you want. He sat in the room before that. I am bringing tea.

After I went to the room, I saw that the room was tidy. When I was about to lie down with a pillow, my eyes fell on a packet under the pillow.

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Hmm, a condom. Does that mean the rain has brought everything to me today? Today will be the first sex of two people?

I can’t think of anything else. Put the condom in your pocket and leave the pillow as before. I will have the opportunity to fuck for the first time today?

Why do I need the rain? Did you see in me that even after becoming an uncle, he wants to fuck with me?

I can’t think The face of the rain floated before me. I feel excited every time it rains Today I will make the rain alone in this rain.

I will have sex for the first time with a virgin girl. I can’t think of anything else. My dhon swelled up.

It’s raining outside. Best time for romantic moments Maybe more than that is written on my forehead today. Unknowingly, my hand goes to my sink. Blooming.

I’ve had it many times but never hard like this. Today it is much bigger and fatter. I am busy thinking about my dream queen rain in the rain. Various thoughts were running through my mind.

Just then rain brings tea and biscuits I quickly removed my hand from Dhon. But by that time it was half past.

He is pretending not to see the rain. But there is a smile on his face. I thought I should go and put the dish in her mouth Rain pushes tea towards me.

Rain sitting in front of me. My cousin’s daughter is also my friend’s girlfriend. While having tea, we kept talking about various stories No one starts a story about sex The usual story continues. In between, the rain said-

What about your girlfriend uncle?

I couldn’t even make love. Ask again about GF?

And mom isn’t your gf?

No, there is no. I would have proposed to you if you were not my cousin’s daughter.

So or not? Do you like me?

Who would not like a beauty like you?

Am I beautiful? Where have you never said?

You are not only beautiful but also very sexy. Did my nephew survive?

Rain’s face started to turn red and blue with shame for being called sexy. I was also surprised by my words What did I say?

What does mother say? What would you do if not niece?

I used to do a lot of things.

Kaka say something?

say hmm amar prothom chodar golpo romantic niece first kiss

Don’t you want to love?

Uncle fucked mother’s pussy by repaying father’s loan

Hmmm. But no one loves me.

What does uncle say? You are so handsome all the girls are crazy about you You can love all you want.

No stay. I will love someone if I like them very much.

I saw a girl for you.

who is he

Stay surprised.

don’t say

Not now I will tell you later.

As he spoke, the current suddenly went off. The rain went and lit a candle. Then sit in front of me. This time there is no veil on her reading

I can see her doing both very well. Very well understood in thin clothes. I understand the rain wants to play me.

So I don’t close my eyes. I looked at it with a half eye and saw that the rain was a little disappointed. How proud the face has become. I tell the rain, the rain is making me sleepy. Where to sleep?

The rain is silent for a while. Then he said, will you go to sleep without eating? I say what to eat now. Rain says, uncle did not cook today

I thought I would feed you a special meal. But you don’t feel like eating.

Special food? give it soon very hungry

Uncle, the food must be heated. If not, how to eat? Saying this, Rain leaves with an empty cup of tea After returning, he sat facing me again

I say, where will I sleep? Rain says, uncle I can’t sleep alone. And I say directly what to say. You will listen carefully.

Well tell me I’m listening.

Rain says, you are the only thing in my mind since I saw the first sex video in class eight But what did you do asking your friend to have a relationship

I thought that if I had a relationship with him, I would get a chance to get you. Uncle I want you so much. Today I want to surrender myself to you.

Both want to become one tonight I want you to be the first man in my life I can’t imagine anyone without you.

I want you as my first sexual partner. Today I got a chance to get you. Please uncle don’t displease me I am very hopeful.

please I am telling you as a girl And did not talk about a girl? I am that girl. please accept me please

Rain came up and sat beside me. Hold my hand. Then says, uncle I love you very much I believe I love you very much.

I don’t like your friend at all. Moreover, he makes more relations. I want you so much uncle. Just like myself. No I don’t have to marry you. All you have to do is love for the rest of your life.

I was surprised to hear the rain. What simply said the words. I tell him, will not feel bad later? Rain says, I have been thinking about you for a long time. I was just waiting for the opportunity Got it today. I will be alone for three days.

These three days I want you very close So that no one can separate us. No one wears it. I have thought a lot. I don’t feel bad at all.

Rather, if you return it, I will die. Everything is happening so fast that I am in a daze.

So much should not happen so soon That too with rain Never imagined doing anything like this with anyone And he is offering himself to me for just a few hours of use.

Suddenly the rain increased. I shut my mouth from the rain I raise my hands to the rain, my queen of the night. I give it a gentle touch of love.

Both of them stood up. Then gently kiss her forehead The rain shakes And I hide my face in my chest

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I say in the ear of the rain, I will fill you with love today. I will love you very much. Chude Chude I will make you a fucking queen today. I will fuck you today just like a bride.

Rain hits my chest and says, you are very rude. Nothing sticks to your face. I also said that I will start talking rudely.

I’m not rude, and say what you can. I will kiss you very lovingly today By saying this I brought the rain in front of me Slowly I moved my lips to the lips of the rain

The rain looked deep into my eyes Both of them looked into each other’s eyes And the two started to meet their lips together. amar prothom chodar golpo romantic niece first kiss

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