baba meye choti two children one is my father’s and the other is my husband’s


baba meye choti two children one is my father’s and the other is my husband’s

My name is Labani, 18 years old, studying in class ten. I am the eldest daughter of my parents. I have a younger brother, Or

Age 15 years. We are a small family of four. Father works in a private firm. I am 18 years old

But at this age my youth is bursting. I am 5 feet 3 inches tall, breast size 30”, pale complexion

Fair, waist-length black silky hair. When I look at myself in the mirror, I am amazed

I think I’m so beautiful.

threesome choti today we will feed you our cucumber juice

Ever since I learned to understand sex, I have been watching porn films, reading porn books. Various pictures of cheating in the book

Put aside, when I sit down to read, I open the book and see those pictures. But so far I have not dared to have sex with anyone.

One day I discovered that when I am not at home, my father comes to my room and watches porn, reads dirty books.

After a few days, I realized that my father was looking at me with a lustful look. I thought it was a good book

My father probably wants to fuck me after reading it, because the chatty book only has stories of mother and son, brother and sister, father and daughter.

there is

One day, my grandmother was sick, so mother went to visit her with her younger brother. At night, me and father eat together

sat down

While eating, father said, “Lavani, you will sleep with me today.”

My body trembled with an unknown shiver, today perhaps father wants to do something with me. i’m the head

I nodded and agreed. At night, me and father sleep in one bed.

I was sleeping, suddenly I woke up. I felt my father’s hand move on my chest

doing Dad is pressing two of my soft big breasts over kameez. One time on the father’s salwar

He put his hand on my pussy. I got up and removed my father’s hand from the vagina.

Dad what are you doing?

Why are you not feeling well Labani?”

I am your daughter.”

You’re a woman and I’m a man, that’s the main identity, besides, there’s a story of father-daughter sex in your chatty book, we’re the ones

I’ll do it.”

Dad, those are just stories.”

Today I will not listen to you, today I will leave you alone. The way your body shakes

If you are growing, your body will not be healthy.”

Dad sat on top of me. I tried a lot to stop my father, but I couldn’t. Father is mine one by one

Salwar kameez bra panty removed all. Dad started kissing my neck, neck, eyes and face like crazy.

My soft pink lips began to suck. My father took my two milks in both hands as he wished

Started pressing, sometimes started sucking milk drops. Meanwhile, I’m confused, I don’t know what to do

Baba left the milk and started licking from my feet to my head. Daddy licked my body for a while, my hairless smoothness

A few kisses on the pussy. I am very excited. I did not stop my father, I did whatever he was doing

having fun Dad started sucking my pussy, sometimes putting his tongue inside the pussy and sucking. in the vagina

No girl can survive the touch of a man’s tongue. I couldn’t contain myself either.

I pressed my father’s head tightly against the vagina and squeezed the juice of the vagina while moaning. Dad licks all the juices of the pussy

play Dad got up and gave me his dirty dhon and asked me to suck it. I am obliged to take the daughter’s father’s words in my mouth

I started sucking. Baba moaned as he rubbed Dhon’s body with his tongue a few times.

Don’t suck the lavni like that, the stuff will come out.”

Dad now put me on the bed and sat between my legs. I want to touch Gude Mundi

I closed my eyes and stiffened my body in an unknown sensation.

Lavani Sona keep the pussy soft”

Baba spread my legs on both sides and put the cock in the mouth and gave a loud slap. Chopped rice

Half of it went into my little pussy. I winced in pain.

Oh dad, it feels great, take yours out.”

Baba took out dhon from the pussy and started rubbing dhon on the mouth of the cunt.

The first time all girls get hurt, the first time you will have a little pain, from then on there will be only pleasure.”

After 2/3 minutes, Baba again set Gude Dhon and hit a Ramthap. Uphill the whole Dhon is my Achoda

Entered the tight pussy. I started writhing in great pain.

“O father, go, I am dead, the vagina has burst, who is there, save me, my dear father, take out the wash.”

I started shouting. I can feel my ass getting wet with the warm blood of the pussy. Dad gave me a little push

started to fuck After a few minutes the pain subsided. Now I am slowly feeling the fun of fucking. Dad’s like this

I don’t like turtle speed. I screamed.

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Oh father, why are you moving so slowly? Knock hard.”

Dad lay on top of me and started sucking my milk. I am crazy about fucking happiness

done I would have fucked my father long ago if I knew it was so fun to fuck. Me and dad both uhh ahh,

Umm what fun what comfort am I shouting. After 6/7 minutes, the inside of the vagina became tingly, I understood

My extreme pulak is about to happen. I held my father tightly. My pussy swelled up

Eyes rolled.

I bite down on the cunt and release the juices. After 2 more minutes of sex, father’s penis also swelled

got up I filled the pussy and prepared to receive the goods. But no daddy my pussy is deprived of the taste of goods

did Dad spanked 5/6 times and took the cock out of my pussy and squealed in my mouth.


I said in a pleading tone, “Father, why don’t you fix the work, why don’t you take the goods out?”

You have no protection at this point, if you get stomach upset, I threw it out today. When you have your period

I will bring birth control pills, put on a condom and have sex until menstruation.” paribarik chuda chudi

I got out of bed a few minutes later and found the sheets soaked in Gud’s blood. After half an hour father again

Got busy with me.

“The more I fuck you today, the sooner the pain in the butt will get better,” Dad said as I forbade him.

I trusted Baba’s words and surrendered myself to Baba again. Dad fucked me 5 times throughout the night

He made a complete mess and left. I have no energy left to move. Somehow wash the puss from the bathroom

I came and slept on the bed. The rest of the night I slept like crazy, I woke up in the morning with pain in my butt

I can’t get out of bed.

Dad gave me pain tablets. After taking the tablets the pain gradually subsided. I got up and went to bed

I changed the blood-stained sheets. The sheets should be washed before mother comes. I washed the sheet and took a shower and then put it on my wet body

I stood in front of the mirror.

In one night, father pressed milk and hung it. The vagina is still swollen. I think, from now on, it will be the father

My city, my fucking playmate. As soon as I remembered another thing, my mind was filled with peace, finally mine

The dream has come true. I wanted father to be the first man in my life. So it happened, my father is my pussy

The curtain is torn.

Few girls are lucky enough to have their first fuck in their father’s bed. My and father’s lovemaking continues regularly

remains I can’t count the number of times my father and I had sex until mother came back. I am talking about those seven days

I will not forget in life. The next day, my father dressed me up like his own wife and married me in the temple wearing shakha siddur

in the morning Father took leave for seven days. Our married life began under the open sky on the roof at night.

When mother came back we were having some difficulty. But my parents used to sneak into my house every night. the rest

We used to spend the night cuddling. Mother knew everything. Dad said it. Mother did not agree. Because my mother means her father

I had sex with my grandfather. My brother is the product of my father’s affair with my grandfather. If my stomach is tight, father

And did not agree.

I got married a few years later. My husband left me at night when he came to Dashabodhan

bondhur bon chodar golpo friend’s magi sister name is her shadow

Went to my house. That night dad pulled me and fucked me. I took my father’s goods. On the father’s side

My stomach tightened. I have two children now. The first is my father’s, and the second is my son-in-law’s.

Meanwhile, my brother, Joan’s son, who is just 18 years old, has started fucking my 50-year-old mother regularly. my mother

Now equally beautiful, still youthful in body. Looks like not more than 35 years old. That mother is my brother

Chude Chude gave belly. baba meye choti two children one is my father’s and the other is my husband’s

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