Bandhobi choda chotikahini varsity girlfriend episode 5 – Bangla Choti Golpo


Bandhobi choda chotikahini bangla choti golpo I knelt on the floor like that video. Sir stood up and put his wet cock in my mouth. I was also sucking hard. Sir said “Stroke the cock with one hand, and take the head of the cock in your mouth and shake it with jib.” I did so. “Yes Mahua, like this. Am going to cum baby. I Will Unload Own Your Fucking Face. Ahhhhhh…” Sir took the cock out of my mouth, looked at my face, and kept pulling the cock with his hand. A pile of hot material kept coming out from the mouth of the cock and my face, cheeks, forehead, breasts, throat were all wet. I licked the material stuck on my lips. Bandhobi choda chotikahini click here to read previous episode What a strange different smell, a little bad at first, but later it felt good. Sir, the penis is still growing slowly, and the material is being squeezed out of the penis little by little. I removed sir’s hand and started sucking the cock in my mouth. After putting a few drops of the material in my mouth, I sucked it up. Just like the girl in that porn video… Masud: You are the best Mahua. Mahua: Thank you sir. Forgive me if there is anything wrong. Masud: What are you saying? I have never met anyone like you in my sex life. You are the best one. Mahua: I don’t have to see whose student I am. Hee hee hee…I went to the washroom and freshened up. Sir made coffee for us. We both sat on the balcony and watched the full moon in the sky and drank coffee. I talked in bed for a long time. Then Sir and I fell asleep together. Woke up in the morning with the sound of words. But not only sir. I can hear a female voice. I opened my eyes and saw that there was no sir in the bed or in the room. The sound of words coming from the drawing room. I noticed a little better. Yay!! The girl is none other than my best friend Sumi. But why so early? I slowly got up and went to the door of the room and listened. bd chotimasud: You try to understand a little. Everything that happened went according to plan. But I didn’t let Mahua go because it was too late. If there is any danger on the road. ma chele chodachudiSumi: He was with you all night. I could not spend even one night with you despite thousands of requests. And this Mahua on the first day…Masud: Speak slowly, Mahua will wake up. Bandhobi choda chotikahinisumi: What will happen when you wake up? Am I afraid of him or not? Masud: Not because of fear, and it will become a scandal if he hears them. Sumi: I know what will happen. He will understand that you are a pervert! And these things were your plan. Masud: It was a plan, but you also wanted it. You even sent your close friend to my house to get me. Look Sumi, I can’t say so much here. And you were not supposed to come at this time. Bandhobi choda chotikahini Sumi: When Mahua didn’t go to the hall at night, I thought something was happening. And now there will be a new plan, my plan. Thrisam.Masud: Are you crazy Sumi? Not possible now. Mahua will have to give some more time. He is new to this. Mahua is a good girl, not a beach like you!! Sumi: I taught her everything as per your plan after seeing the beach. Then have sex with you. full night Now it’s threesome. Wow! Bandhobi choda chotikahinimasud: Well. speak slowly Do you think Mahua will be able to do trisum now? Sumi: She can. I know him well. We have to do it in such a way that she doesn’t understand our plan. Masud: Then you come exactly after 15 minutes, I wake up Mahua and ask her to freshen up. Sumi: Ok right. I immediately went to bed and slept. A sky fell on my head. I was wrong to believe. big mistake Then Sumi’s boyfriend Masood sir. Many things are coming together now. He pushed me. He will have to pay for it. I think I’ll get up, get dressed, and go straight out. I thought again, then you will understand that I know everything. To be honest, whatever Sumi or Sir did to me, nothing made me worse. It gave me a lot of happiness. I have never been so happy. I don’t see if any new happiness can be found in the new plan…Masud: Mahua? Mahua?? Get up… Mahua: Good morning teacher. Masud: Good morning. Not allowed to call me sir or teacher? Mahua: Yes, but only during sex. We are not having sex now. Isn’t it? Masud: Oh well. yes right Bandhobi choda chotikahinimhua: Sir, you are my first husband. That floated me in the ocean of happiness. I don’t know how much I could do for you. you did very well Remember? You are the best? Mahua: Thank you sir. Umma. (kissed the sir’s cheek) Masud: Ok, get up now. be fresh Have to break fast. Sir gave me a t-shirt and trousers and told me to read them. I read them. Very loose, but comfortable. When I get fresh I get the sound of the calling bell. Sumi entered as Sir went and opened the door. Sumi: Kire Mahua? are you ok Why didn’t you come back last night? Mahua: I’m fine. I got a little sick at night. Masud: Yes, Mahua got a little sick. (By saying this, Sir went to the kitchen to make breakfast.) I went to Sumi’s side and sat on the sofa. Bandhobi choda chotikahinisumi: What friend? how was it Done? Mahua: Yes friend. That was it. First experience of life. Sumi: How many times did you do it then? Mahua: I did it 2 times at night. Sumi: You didn’t do it in the morning? Morning sex is the best! Mahua: I wanted to do it, where else did you give it to me? You left Eli. Sumi: Ummah. I think I made a mistake when I came. Mahua: No mistake. If you didn’t come, I could have done it one more time. Sumi: Then let’s do it one more time. Bandhobi choda chotikahinimhua: What do you say? speak slowly Sir will listen. And how about while you are there??Sumi: Thrissum. Hihi. Mahua: Threesome? Do you sir? What do you think? Sumi: I have tricks to convince sir. Tell me first whether you agree or not. Mahua: If no problem, fine, I’m in. Sumee: Ok. He tells me all the plans in shortcut. Meanwhile sir’s breakfast is ready. He called us to the dining table. 3 of us sat down to have breakfast. Sumi: So sir, there was no problem in Mahua’s stay at night? Masud: No, no, there was no problem. Bandhobi choda chotikahinisumi: Yes, you can understand by looking at Mahua. You look very nice in your t-shirt, trousers. An expression of satisfaction on the face. Also you took care of her a lot, she was sick. Mahua? Do you have pain? Mahua: No. Now no… Yeh… No I mean… What hurts? Sumi: What hurts again? Neka… Am I a kid who doesn’t understand that? Everyone’s first time hurts a little. Slowly it gets better.Masud: What the fuck are you talking about Sumi? Sumi: Yes! Exactly! I’m talking about fake. Now Sumi moved from the chair and crawled under the table and went in front of sir’s feet. I am looking at it. I think to myself “She is really a magi.” Sumi pulled sir’s trouser and pulled it down. As the dining table was made of transparent glass, everything was clear. Looking at Sir, I saw that he pushed himself a little with the pressure of his feet and moved back one and a half hands with the chair. Sir’s trouser was stuck below Sumi’s knee, so sir’s trouser was completely opened from her legs. Sumi crawled in front of him. Sir’s growth was still soft. I wanted to suck sir’s cock in my mouth. But I think Sumee will do the job. Bandhobi choda chotikahini Sumi touched sir’s cock with 1 finger and said “I need this badly sir, my pussy is getting wet for your dick.” Sumi took sir’s cock in her hand and started shaking. Bichi is waving with another hand. I see everything with a little more eyes. Sumi took it in her mouth and started sucking as Sir’s cock got a little hard. And slowly squeezes with his hands. Within 1 minute sir’s cock became hard like yesterday night. Sumi stood up and took off all the bras of the dress bra. Sitting again, sir’s 7″ penis was pushed into the mouth. Seeing their condition, my pussy is getting wet and throbbing. I couldn’t bear it anymore. I want too, but shame stops me time and again. I forgot all shame about sexual desire. I stood up. I took off my trousers and t-shirt. Sir is looking at me. I knelt next to Sumi saying “I want your dick too”. Sumi took out Sir’s cock from her mouth and started kissing me, and Sir’s cock started pulling with one hand. What did I respond to? Now Sumi held my head in front of Sir’s cock and said “Taste it baby.” I also took it in my mouth and started sucking it. Sumi started pushing the back of my head, and Sir’s cock went inside my throat and started thrusting. bd choti 2 minutes like this I gave the first deepthroat. It hurt, but Sir’s face said it was his favorite. Then Sir took both of us by hand and took us to the bed room. Sumi got up on the bed and took doggy position, and sir set his cock in Sumi’s pussy and inserted it in one thrust. Sir pulled Sumi’s hair with one hand and started patting Sumi’s bare ass with the other hand and continued to give big pats. Sumi motioned me to lie down under Sumi on the bed. I did so. Sumi started licking my pussy. Bandhobi choda chotikahinisir banging Sumi in doggy style and Sumi sucking my pussy. I witnessed a wonderful moment. This is the threesome. I got up and pressed Sumi’s breasts. There was only the sound of “ahhhh ahhh uhhhh uhhhh” and thumps in the room. Sir, for about 10 minutes Sumi K chude as desired. At one point, Sumi lay down on the bed. I understood that Sumi had an orgasm. Sir asked me to lie on the bed. I lay down and crossed my legs. Sir licked my pussy and kept rubbing it with his cock. I couldn’t bear it anymore. I broke all the fear and shame saying “Don’t play, just fuck me. Please fuck me.” Sir immediately pushed his cock into my pussy. “Uffff Mahua. You are so tight. I like your tight pussy.“ Sumi gets up and lies next to me and presses my breasts. Sir giving me Ram Thap. I pulled Sumi’s head and kissed her. Uffffff this moment is not to be forgotten. Sumi started touching my clitoris with one hand and pressing my breast with other hand. In this way, I could not bear Sir’s Ram Thap and Sumi’s torture for a long time. Minutes 5 Sir’s ram thap saying “Am coming, yes am coming…” I poured all my juice on sir’s cock. Sumi went to take out the penis with a few taps and stuffed it in her mouth. I’m still obsessed. Sumi lay down on the bed. Now Sir turned around and lay on top of Sumi and started in 69 position. Bandhobi choda chotikahini I saw this last night in a porn video. After some time Sir got up and inserted 3 fingers in Sumi’s pussy and started finger fucking. Sumi happily started making “ahhhh wooff” noises. I started giving blow job by taking sir’s cock in my mouth. Sumi inserted her finger in my pussy and started fucking. I am floating in that happiness again… After going like this for a long time, sir said “I am about to come, honey. Come here, show me your face. Be ready for my load” I and Sumi sat facing Sir’s head. Sir shook it a few times with his hand and poured the material. Both our faces and chests are filled with sir’s goods. Both of them sucked sir’s cock and took out all the goods. All three are lying on the bed panting. bon er pasa choda this time Sumi climbed on top of me. He put his pussy with my pussy and started shaking. My tit began to press, I also began to press his tit. By doing this for about 5 minutes, we both drew water together. I lie down thinking (How many days am I going through happiness? Too much happiness is not good. I didn’t want so much happiness. But if I didn’t get this happiness, there would have been many imperfections in life.) I held Sumi and kissed her and said “You are my Best best and best friend. I love you.” Sumi kissed my forehead and said “I love you two friends.” Bandhobi choda chotikahini we all had a lot of fun together and got ready with a hot shower and I and Sumi left for the hall. Thinking on the road, (Maybe I won’t get such a day again.) When we came to the hall, we both took a long nap and got up at noon. Peon uncle called me and said my father called on his mobile. I talk to my father on mobile. Sumi was listening next to everything. Father: how are you mother? Bandhobi choda chotikahinimhua: I am fine father. How are you? Dad: I’m fine. But your mother is a little sick. Mahua: What happened to you, father? Father: If you can, take the night bus home today. I am keeping. Mahua: Hello? Hello??The call from the other side is cut off. I go to make a call, I see Peon uncle has no money on his mobile. I was very scared. If something happens to you, I will not survive. I told Sumi in detail. Sumi and I went and bought the bus tickets. 11:15pm bus. I entered the hall and got ready. It was only 7 o’clock in the evening. Sumi came and said, “Don’t be upset. Aunty is fine. Maybe Uncle did this because he wanted to see you. You go with the bag tag. Go to sir’s house. It takes only 5 minutes from Sir’s house to the bus counter. If you spend some time there, you will feel better. And sir doesn’t know that you will leave. I went to Sir’s house with Sumi with the bag. Sir heard everything. scared me Sir made tea and brought it. We are having tea and talking. bd Chotisumi: You are leaving today, but when will you return? Mahua: I don’t know. But very soon. Bandhobi choda chotikahinimasud: Do you have money? I give some money. It may be on the way. Sir forced me to give 2000 taka. আমি নিতে না চাইলেও সুমির জড়াজড়ি তে নিলাম। তখন রাত ৮ টার মত। এখনো ৩ ঘন্টা বাকি বাস ছাড়ার।সুমিঃ এত টাইম কি করবো আমরা?মহুয়াঃ ৩ ঘন্টা বাকি এখনো।মাসুদঃ চলো আমরা ছাদে যাই। এই ছাদের উপরে আরেকটা ছোট্ট ছাদ আছে। বসার ব্যবস্থাও আছে।সুমিঃ হ্যা। ভাল হয়।মাসুদঃ আমি তাহলে ফ্রিজ থেকে কল্ড ড্রিংকস নিয়ে নেই।চলবে ………… পরের পর্ব পড়তে আমাদের ওয়েবসাইট এ চোখ রাখুন

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