bangla choti I stepped into the trap of profit and got fucked


bangla choti I stepped into the trap of profit and got fucked

bangla choti uk

I will go to the village house during the last Eid holiday, so before going, I thought that if I go to the beauty parlor, everyone at home will say that I have become more beautiful after coming to the city. So what is said is what is done.

I told one of my girlfriend Runu take me to a good beauty parlour. Today I will tell you a story of darkness in my life.

Six months ago today, I came from the village to the city to study well and grow up.

I looked very beautiful but many things were unknown.

Girlfriend Runu says why do you have to go to parlor again, be satisfied with what upper walla gave you. He also said that the state of parlors in the country is not good. If I go to the parlor with you, if something happens to you, you will hate me for the rest of my life.

I said – I know you can’t see my beauty, I don’t know if you take it or not!

I licked and licked the rolled material of the old habra

Then I got ready and went to a famous parlor to see all the girls starting from 60-70 years old. Bengali adultery story

As soon as I go, the girl at the counter came to me and said, “What do you want to do?” I said everything pedicure, manicure, facial, whatever needs to be done,

The girl said we have a lot of fear here your schedule is late at night.

Did you know there is a 60 percent discount for beauties like you? I said no why no one told me this earlier, then I would have come once every month.

Then the girl said now it is 5 o’clock if you want you can sit and take rest in our guest room for these three hours.

I am very happy to hear the girl like the moon in my hands. It was around 7.40 as I sat in the guest room chatting and reading chatty stories.

Then the Chakma girl came and said that the owner of our parlor has come with some of his friends Bandab.

Want to know more about our parlor experience from you?

I said – I haven’t done anything yet how can I tell you about the parlor experience.

The girl said – Maybe if you talk to Ruby Madam, the owner of the parlour

You can do whatever you want for free for life. Brother and sister chatty

I said ok I want to talk about the Parlor experience.

Then the girl took me to the next room where Ruby Madam and her friends are. Looking into the room, I saw a thin tall man with a camera, an old man in black and ruby ​​madam on a chair.

Seeing me, the old man said to the owner of the parlor that Ruby is such a beautiful girl, why don’t you bring a girl from a bad hotel today? Ruby madam told me what is your name?

I said – Munni.

Ruby madam again said – you are very beautiful will you be our parlor model.

I said I can’t take this decision without my parents’ permission, and my family doesn’t approve of modeling. The old man heard me and said to the Chakma girl

Take him and give him a pedicure, manicure, facial, whatever he needs for free, he doesn’t need to model.

Then the girl took me to the parlor room, stripped me of my bra and panty, laid me on a small bed, sprayed cucumber slices between my eyes and started massaging me.

Suddenly, the touch of a strong hand removes the piece of cucumber from my eyes, as a result of which I cannot see the girl or anyone else.

Then, he began to press gently on my right breast. I said why are you being rude to this girl?

I didn’t get any reply. Just pressing and pressing one breast after another in anger as I removed the cucumber pieces from my eyes I saw the old man pressing me and the camera man videoing.

I screamed to no avail as such sounds always came from the parlour.

The old man said if you don’t like it, I will do it together and the camera man will do it too. I said please please please. The old man got more and more excited after hearing who was talking to me and took off my bra and buried his face between my breasts.

He licked the whole breast with his tongue, pressed one milk nipple with two fingers and started sucking another milk.

Then he took one hand behind me and started pulling it up and down my golden face

At times he began to rub the clitoris with his fingers.

My mouth started to gurgle and moaned with excitement. Finally the old man lifted my legs up and put his mouth on my gold and started sucking. Juicy pussy fucking story

When the tip of the tongue licks the golden clit,

If you get married, mother and sister will not let you fuck episode 7

As I squirmed in extreme excitement, I lifted my head once and pressed her head to mine and lay down again.

After licking my vagina for a long time, he fit his huge cock into my vagina and pushed it deep into my vagina with a crazy hard thrust.

He pushed his chest on my chest and began to twist my breasts with both hands.

Normani patted my legs for a while and grabbed my legs with her hands

He raised my gold and started hitting it like a sacrificial blow.

Aaah sounds came out of my mouth at every beat. After ten minutes of pounding pounding pounding my dick came out.

He suddenly got up with a scream and shook his cock inside my gold and released his sperm and lay on my chest for a while.

Then she said suck my cock and make it hot, I will fuck you again before going home. I say I can’t. The old man said – If you can’t do it, you can’t do it, but I will continue with the video that you have made so far.

I said – if I suck, then please give me the video. The old man said – ok, if you can suck it well, then I will give you the video. I believed and started sucking the old man’s cock.

After long sucking, his cock was hard as iron.

Like a cut rod measuring five inches thick and six inches long. Then he put my waist on the bed and laid down with my feet on the floor and fit his cock into my vagina.

In one thrust, the entire cock was inserted deep into my gold and began to suck my milk without stopping.

I felt like he was sucking my milk with an iron rod embedded in my gold.

After sucking the milk for some time, she started sucking. Alas, alas, what a trap! As my sonata lay on the bed of the parlor she was thrusting into me with the tip of her cock at every stroke. Randy Magi Chuda Chatty Gud Story

Pushing in and out and in and out, my golden cocks were stroking his cock and with every stroke I was moaning and exclaiming in delight. bangla chodar chotie forced sex story

After about fifty or sixty thaps, my body came out with a thump. Still he’s pushing,

His goods should not be out. After a lot of thrusting he moaned and licked his cock into my gold for the second time.

Then I said please give me my video now I will burn it.

The old man said Shali you should stay for a while and come when our members want otherwise I will make a lot of money by promoting it on CD in the country and abroad.

I said please don’t ruin this for me, I have people in the media who will spoil everything for you. The old man said – We created the media, what we say will be true, and what you say will be false.

Then he threw a bundle of 50,000 rupees in my face and said to take it and come when I say. After that, I left the money and came home crying, and started to hate the dishonest traders.

I am telling everyone, please tell your wife, sister, daughter-in-law or girlfriend to know about the parlor or else you will have to suffer like me.

A little girl her name is Sunny Guder Color Pink

There are many famous parlor owners like Ruby Madam, who put two pieces of cucumber in the eyes of their wives, sisters, brothers-in-law or girlfriends and sell them for 500-50000 rupees after spraying them.

Ura is taking all the money you earn by showing videos.

Be satisfied with the beauty that the above has given you, remember that it is not beautiful on the outside, but beautiful on the inside bangla choti

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