bangla choti mami mama’s new wife 40 size milk


bangla choti mami mama’s new wife 40 size milk

I am Zubair, this is a true story about my aunt, my jinbe, it may be shorter than other stories, my uncle got married in January 2022.

I was introduced to Mami because our house is next to my house, so I used to come every day

When my uncle called me, we would come and chat and we became good friends with my aunt. Anyway, my uncle and aunt are newly married, so they are busy having sex.

One morning I came, then I looked for them and in a room they were having sex and I entered the room and saw that uncle was on top of mummy and mummy was dancing with 40 size milk.

I got shy and left after that they were all normal but I didn’t say anything then mommy went to make tea after a while

I went to the kitchen and saw my aunt wearing her pajama, after which she saw me and said, “Dad, come and sit.”

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I was going to talk when my uncle came and said, uncle, I and your nanu will go to Rajshahi for a week.

You have to stay at our house for 1 week to bring some tree saplings I said ok. And from this day my mum’s magipona started, it was very happy.

After that, I had breakfast, my mother took a bath, she washed all the clothes but did not wash the bra panty. I went to the toilet and saw bra panty. bangla choti mami mama’s new wife 40 size milk

At first I didn’t do anything but after toileting my money got salty then I brought panty and put it on my nose, I was so hot and I was crazy about mommy’s pussy.

I wanted to bring it along. But I didn’t bring it thinking what Mami would think, after that I left it as it was and took Mami’s bra in my hand and kissed it and went out to Gran Shu.

Then aunt came in front of me, aunt smiled and went to another room, I also came home.

When I was sleeping at night, these things started floating in my eyes, suddenly a voice came from a number and I heard a person here saying Ummmm Maggi, do you have my milk?

Ummmmmm ahhhhhh I am coming ummmmmm and the lady says I am keeping this milk for my son in law eat it

You ahhhhhh ummmmmmmmm isssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssing, I got hot after hearing this, after watching Chuda Chudi video I fell asleep.

Thus the day came for uncle and grandmother to go to Rajshahi.

Mamma and Nani left in the afternoon and told me to look after Mami.

He got up on the bed and put his foot under the blanket and put his foot on my leg and said, Dad, your feet are very hot, I jokingly said that I am very hot.

Mami came next to me and touched my body and said really you are very hot. She was touching different parts of my body and touching my legs. I was just thinking.

I don’t think that he can lift my lungi up but he is lifting it and put his hand on my chest, I am totally surprised.

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He slowly shakes hands and says how does father feel, I say it feels good, then he says how it felt to hear the voice that day.

I said who gave it you are saying hmmm I gave it your uncle doesn’t caress me during sex I watched videos of sex before marriage

How much I used to fantasize about my husband, but he put a large amount of money on his forehead and started having sex.

After that I deliberately left the bra panties and you also gave them to me then she said what are you doing then I thought now is the chance bangla choti mami mama’s new wife 40 size milk

If I don’t do something then I will lose my mind. I held my mom and started kissing her and I put her on the bed. I climbed on top of her and started kissing her.

I squeezed mommy’s milk and licked mommy, I saw mommy not wearing bra panty, I said what are you doing then mommy said why are you keeping mommy sitting?

I started kissing again, after that I started sucking mommy’s milk, mommy is also very hot, I slowly started kissing mommy’s navel, then mommy pressed my head.

I sucked the navel and slowly put it in the pussy ahhh after a long time I tasted the juice ummmmmmm ahhhhhh then I was in mommy’s mouth.

I put a finger and took it out and put it in her pussy then mommy is hot.

I put my mouth on Mami’s Bhoda and started sucking Mami just started to jerk I started pressing one of Mami’s nipples and with one hand I started to fuck and suck Bhoda.

I realized mommy’s goo was on my hand after that mommy took out the material and I licked mommy’s nectar and ate it.

Ummmmmmm so much fun after that mommy nudges lol I’m sucking my dick.And mommy says ahhhhhhhhhhhh oops oopfp go in slowly ummmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhh so loud squealing

There was no problem as there were no houses nearby. I fucked to my heart’s content after about 5 minutes my stuff came out and I threw it inside.

After 2 minutes I started cuda mommy just started jerking and ahhhhhhhhh oopf ummmmmm, mommy molteche abbu cudo

Dad said so much comfort ahhhhhhhhh so he let go of the material. I poured the material in my pussy for another 2-3 minutes and I was lying on my aunt’s chest. Then my aunt put her hand on my head and said, “Daddy, you fucked me so much.” Dad gave me a kiss.

I am lying down with milk in my mouth and my dhon came out in mummy’s bed, mummy said what time it is, took the mobile phone and saw that uncle called after 9 o’clock.

Then uncle picked up the call and put his hand on my head and said here we are father and daughter watching TV. Mama said good you eat bangla choti mami uncle’s new wife’s 40 size milk.

Go to bed then mummy says ok and mummy says where is Zubair mummy says he went to toilet say something then mummy says I love you mummy says I love you Jan.

Mami is also saying that it will decrease in one week, Cuda is addicted, then Mami said, if you feel more intoxicated, take some doka, then Mami said these things and cut the call and told me that your uncle doesn’t know that

His niece fucked his wife for so long and I said who gives happiness then mommy said you are giving more happiness because your uncle doesn’t make me hot and starts fucking me and when I am in the mood his material comes out.

Mami started saying these things and said that she got it. I went with her to the toilet. She sat on the toilet. When Mami started crying, I was surprised and what came to my mind.

I put my hand in front of Bhoda and brought it to my mouth and he was gnawing on it. The smell of gur is driving me crazy. I took my hand forward and began to gnaw on my hand.

I started to wash my hands and once my mother’s haga was over I washed my hands and then I washed my mother after we had our meal and I said to my mother

Where to sleep mummy said the place where your uncle sleeps I understood that we will have sex at night after that we went to Rome and I am sleeping mummy came after finishing everything

came lay beside me gave a milk in my mouth I started sucking like a small child ummmmm fun slowly our hands are moving and I am taking one milk and pressing another.

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Mami is also pressing my milk and I am hot by doing this. Mami herself is stretched and then she is stretching me and then Mami puts me in 69 position.

Sucking my money, I’m sucking mommy’s pussy and I put my fingers in mommy’s pussy, mommy says that I like to eat from khanki’s pola putki, so I said mommy.

I like to eat goo mami said I will feed you goo for 1 week then I took out my fingers and played with goo then mommy sat on my dick and started jumping.

I said Mami, how did you learn how to fuck Mami? My sister and I used to watch videos of sex before marriage. I was surprised when I heard that Mami said bangla choti mami. 40 size milk of Mamma’s new wife.

back pain i say come down mommy tell doggy doggy I say hey doggy mommy you know this too mommy says you son of a bitch what would I do if you were my son in law then I keep fucking doggy and mommy

Ahhhhhhhhhh ufff ummmmmmmmm isssssssssss ahhhhhhhhhhhh ufff ummmmmmm fak ahhhhhhhhhh chudo abu chudo Jan started saying these things.

I’m fucking. Once the goods came out of my mother and me. I gave mommy inside and mommy wet the bed I lay on top of mommy

After a while, I sit next to Mami Mami and we are talking. I said to Mami, how is uncle fucking? Mami says your uncle’s penis is small and his stomach is big, he can’t fuck well, and he throws away the material.

I said to Mami, I also put the goods inside you, Mami said, Mamu Bhagna will make me the mother of the child, laughing, after that we had good sex for 1 week.

After that, uncle also left, and after that, he did not have sex with aunty anymore. After my uncle went abroad, I took my aunt to the doctor, I later went to the doctor’s chamber, after a while, the doctor called me, I went and sat, and the doctor said that your wife is pregnant.

I looked at mummy and said mashallah, then mummy said to the doctor, how many more days can we do this?

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Normal you can do it for 1 month, if you want to do it later, then you have to do Dariye. After that, I told mummy to lie down on the bed.

Seeing that it is full of juice, the doctor says that it is wet for you, then the doctor says, ma’am, now is the time to play, then the doctor cleans it with a tissue.

Well, everything is fine, you know and if there is any problem, tell me. After that, I came out and asked my aunt, what are you talking about?

My son-in-law is calling you now, let’s go to a hotel tonight and go home tomorrow morning.

I had a relationship with Mami for a long time, I live outside the country, we still talk and we have a daughter, this is a real story, I could not write the whole story, tell me how you feel about the story. bangla choti mami mama’s new wife 40 size milk

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