Bangladeshi bhai bon chuda chudir choti golpo


Bangladeshi bhai bon chuda chudir choti golpo

My name is Niloy. I live in Dhaka and work in a firm. Happy family with me, my parents and my younger sister.

My sister’s name is Neelima. Age 18 just started college. Since she is my younger sister, I have never looked down on her. But the one day incident changed everything in our relationship.

There was no one at home. Mom went to Nanu’s house and Dad went out to hang out with friends. I was doing office work in my room.

At that time my pen ran out of ink. Basically I had to go to Neelima’s room as there was no more pen in my room.

But when I went, I was shocked by what I saw. I went and saw my dear sister watching porn on the laptop and touching her breasts.

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For a long time I started to see this hand on her breasts. I understand that her breasts have not grown much. Batabilebu size. But how ashamed to think about his sister’s mother.

I coughed and said can I come my sister saw me and fixed her dress. I say naturally what pen you will have.

My sister said yes and took out a pen from her drawer. I narrowed my eyes at him. She is wearing a loose white gingham today.

It shows her breasts. After giving me the pen, he suddenly said, “Brother, don’t look, my body is not feeling well.” I said, why what happened?

He said, I don’t know, but my chest hurts a lot. I said, so much. He said, yes brother, then he went and slept on the bed. I sat down next to him.

Then he said, brother, let me make a request. I said, “Hmm, my sister, what do you say?” He then said, will massage my chest. Bangladeshi bhai bon chuda chudir choti golpo

I was shocked. What does this girl say? I then said that you are not ashamed to speak.

He then said, “No brother, what’s the shame? My chest really hurts.” She took off her genji saying I wouldn’t have said it if mom was there.

I looked and saw that her breasts had small hairs on the sides which made them even more attractive. But looking at her sister’s breasts like this was a shame.

So I turned my eyes away. My sister saw my condition and said, brother, my chest is hurting, please massage it. don’t do that

Seeing my sister’s request, I brought mustard oil from the kitchen and started applying it. But I turned my neck and massaged the oil and only applied the oil around the breasts.

Seeing that, my sister said, Biya, massage my legs and massage them. I was forced to put my hand to massage her breasts and she got up.

Then I started pinching her breasts and pulling both her fingers. My sister started making ahhhhhh umm ahhh sound.

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I said what the hell happened to you. He said, brother, I like it very much. I screamed louder. Then I realized that I had an erection.

It is clearly understood due to the wearing of tousers. I shuddered as my sister gave it to me.

Then my sister got up and sat on my lap spreading her legs and started rubbing my dick with her cunt.

I went crazy. After feeding both her breasts I started sucking and pressing.

My sister started whimpering, ummmmm ahhhh brother ummmm ahhhhhhhhh kaye fellahhhhhhh brother ahhhh. I started sucking more madly and started biting her finger.

Ohhhhhhhhhh brother ohhhhhhh my gold baiya ahhhhhh all yours ate me today ummm ahhh.

Then I laid him down on the bed. He pulled a pajama under his gingji and took it off. Her pussy is full of balls. I looked at him and said what is the condition of your pussy.

He then shyly said, I didn’t get the cut time. Then I thrust my mouth into her balls filled pussy making ahhhhhhhhh sound and my head pressed against her pussy.

I started sucking her pussy. And oh ahhhhhh brother started to oops ahhhhhh ahhh. After exactly 5 minutes she released all the juice from her pussy.

Then I handed my 7 inch thick dick in my towzer’s hand to my sister. My sister put her mouth on my dick and started sucking and I closed my eyes obsessively. Brother you will make me your wife.

Of course, my sister, I will make you my wife and the mother of my children. Hearing this, my sister started sucking my money harder.

After some time I realized that my sperm will come out. I snatched the dhan from my sister and spread her legs apart and started setting the dhan.

My sister got scared and said, brother, it will hurt. I said first it will take a little then kub bal. Then I gave a loud thump.

Immediately half of my cock went into her tight pussy. My sister started crying. I realized that I had torn her veil but the blood had soaked my half of it.

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But I didn’t stop. I started pounding. Ahhh, what fun it is to cuddy your own son. My sister cried at first but gradually calmed down.

Ahhhh brother put your stuff in my pussy brother make me a pussy ahhhhhh brother.

I also couldn’t hold my stuff for long, after 20 minutes I averaged all my stuff and put it in my sister’s pussy.

I am hugging my sister and kissing her lips. This is how our relationship takes a new shape. And whenever parents are not home then we two siblings start our Kamkhela. This is the first time I have written Chatty. So please forgive the mistakes. thank you Bangladeshi bhai bon chuda chudir choti golpo

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