Bangladeshi brother and sister sex story


Bangladeshi brother and sister sex story

Then the age will be 16 or 17. Life was going well. I used to watch neighbor dobka dobka girls, masturbate, go back and forth with girls. Very ordinary life. A friend of mine made this ordinary life extraordinary.

Haramzada was already very badass. Despite his young age, he had no shortage of 3X or Chatty. Thanks to him, I started reading.

While reading various types of chatti, one day I found a strange type of chatti. Brother-sister, mother-son sex. After reading this, he cried out in disgust. I also abused my friend for reading this. But that day my thinking started to change. latest bangla choti 2024

I lost sight of my 7-year-old younger sister. A baby girl. But I couldn’t stop myself from thinking badly about him. The name of the younger sister is Ruba. Brother and sister chatty story

My lust for Ruba’s young body is over. I used to sit him on my lap and kiss his neck. Most of the time I was wearing a lungi. I used to take out the rice and press it on the butt.

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I used to rub the material out. Nothing, guilt or remorse, could stop this attraction. By then that special friend of mine also knew about my attraction. The result is what happened. His visits to my house increased. Bangladeshi brother and sister sex story

We often take the little sister to my room and close the door. We licked every nook and cranny of her body. Sometimes I used to suck rice. But as we grew up, our relationship ended.

In case someone tells. I used to talk to my friend about her often. I used to masturbate after seeing his picture. Another ten years passed.

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Ruba then received all the gifts of his youth. Every curve of the sister’s body increased my moans. I used to masturbate while chanting the sister’s name and looking at the picture. Brother and sister chatty story

But I did not get any satisfaction. And the desire for satisfaction changed everything one day. One day my badass friend came and asked me whether I want Ruba or not. I said if you don’t want to do these things. He said ‘Look, she is your own sister.

I can’t figure it out. Force the last resort. do I said I want to force it. But will tell you later. The friend said no, you have to arrange to say no.

I said how? He said four or five people need help. But I did not agree to proceed without a plan. Finally the friend told his plan. Hearing this, my Dhon sir stood up. After four or five days, I told sister Ruba to go to Fayez Lake? At the water park?

My sister agreed with the joy of soaking in the water. Ruba herself said don’t tell anyone, mother won’t let her go if she hears. I told him with inner happiness. You will go out in college dress the next day. latest bangla choti 2024

But I won’t go. I said the name of the specific place to stand there. i will pick up But my sister did not know where to take it.

The next day I picked up Ruba as planned. The sister will be very happy to see Fayez Lake. Never seen it before. That’s why I don’t recognize him on the street. Brother and sister chatty story

I took him to a forest in a private car. No one comes to this part due to poor transportation system. We started walking into the forest. The sister was tired and started saying how far.

I just kept on taking him with hope. Six people were already present before going to the designated place. They are all my close friends. Even if you die, don’t commit adultery.

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Ruba knew them. He saw them and greeted them. But my badass friends smiled and embraced him without answering the salutation. Ruba started to fight. Bangladeshi brother and sister sex story

Screaming and calling my name. At that time, two people took him by the hand and laid him on the ground. Another took off his pajamas. My sister started crying. And started calling my name. latest bangla choti 2024

But that calling stopped when I started to take off my pants. Without saying a word I moved her legs to both sides and placed the washcloth on her pussy and started kissing her.

Everyone started laughing at Ruba’s crying and abuse. I am not listening to these things. I put my cock in her pussy and thrust it straight in.

Sister Ruba’s eyes watered and blood oozed from her pussy. I didn’t feel any pity for it. I started shaking continuously. I was pushing on one side and pressing milk on the other side. I tore the kameez of her college dress as it was inconvenient to press the milk.

The Magi sister was wearing only a shirt inside. I started pressing the milk on the shirt and the milking was going on. Everyone was scared by the sister’s loud screams. Brother and sister chatty story

One grabbed his face. I’m not focused on anything, I’m just stuck. Fifteen to twenty minutes later, my stuff is out. After pouring all the material into sister’s rubber pussy, I started to rest.

And the remaining six now held Ruba. Someone put a cock in her pussy and started pounding, someone put a cock inside her mouth. He started to fuck my dear sister with pleasure. latest bangla choti 2024

I was busy doing movies. No one could understand that my sister had fainted while being fucked one after another.

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Sister Ruba fainted and did not find peace. My friends kept on fucking her. By the time they were all finished, my Dhon sir stood up again. Ruba was unconscious. No response.

Seeing that her pussy was in bad condition with all the semen, I laid her upside down. Then I set the rice in his pot and put it in. I started biting Ruba’s neck and back.

I started pulling her hair. My friends were also scared to see my crazy sex. One came and asked to leave. will die I said let’s go *! I kept hitting the rubber plant.

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Ruba was still silent. The sister’s body then became like a sack of flour. Use as you wish. I waited twenty five minutes more. Finally, I hit a ram and took out the material inside his pod. After the goods are out, the head is cold. latest bangla choti 2024

Now everyone started thinking about what to do with Ruba. All plans seemed risky. But the first thing Ruba needs is treatment. Otherwise it will die. Brother and sister chatty story

Meanwhile, everyone has started thinking about not reaching home. So I left to calm down everyone in the house. On the other hand, his friends took him to a doctor they knew.

He said he was raped. Now if anyone hears then the doctor kept his mouth shut by saying respect in the family etc. A known doctor gave life support. They took Ruba to the hotel as she appeared to be somewhat healthy. Of course, the hotel owner also had a thing called lust.

And I’m pretending to look for Ruba. Everyone in the house is worried. Everyone is looking. One suggested going to the police station. I was terrified. The police are actually the end of everything. latest bangla choti 2024

Caught is guaranteed. Then I asked one of my fucking partners to come home. I already taught him what to say. He came and said that he had seen Ruba with another boy boarding the train to Dhaka.

For which everyone was crying a while ago. Now everyone started abusing him. As a result, everyone began to cover up the matter. The mother told that this girl’s name should not be uttered at home.

I was happy and started saying to myself Ruba my Ruba my. But I disobeyed everyone’s instructions and started pretending to find him. I mean, I went straight to the hotel. Brother and sister chatty story

Where Sister Ruba’s new address has been fixed. We all continued to serve him for about fifteen days. I never fucked. I showed affection. Bangladeshi brother and sister sex story

When maid gave happiness

After recovering, I brought a bottle of wine. After drinking alcohol, we all started to fuck Ruba again. Ruba is not crying anymore. Just lay down hard.

As if everything you want is the end. We kept bumping until we were done. I managed to fuck Hai Hallur and sister Ruba all night long. Of course, everyone is careful this time. So that you don’t have to go to the doctor again.

Sometimes the hotel owner came and once he fucked Ruba. The hotelier knew he had been forcibly taken. Eight of us lived in one room. latest bangla choti 2024

Some on the bed and some on the floor. Ruba once fucked someone in bed. So after a while it is seen on the floor that another man is sucking him. After everyone finished, Ruba cried and said she wanted to go home.

What happened. He won’t tell anyone. I told the naked sister to sit on my lap and kiss her back, I can’t take this risk. This is your new life. accept

However, after fifteen to twenty days, we all ran out of money. What can be done now? I can’t go without Ruba.

But it is not possible to stay in a hotel without money. Then my childhood badass friend told me to let my mother sip from the glass – the money will come with ruba. Your sister, you do business. Brother and sister chatty story

Thinking of doing business with my sister, my money stopped. I entered the room without saying anything. Ruba was sleeping then. I woke him up and started pounding him straight into his vagina.

I hugged my sister and started biting her arm. Cudte Chudte I said – from today you are a magi. My personal wish. Tears were pouring from Ruba’s eyes. latest bangla choti 2024

Of course I was fooling around. Finally got the goods out and joined the discussion again. As soon as he told the hotel owner, he made arrangements.

Then the customers started coming and going. The friends went to their homes one by one. Only I stayed. Ruba Magi to fuck. At home I said I got a job. Everyone in the house is happy.

My job is to calculate money. Sister Ruba’s job is to sell bodies. At the end of the month, I would also send an amount home. Lakshmi’s sister is refreshed by taking a bath in the evening after being fucked by a customer all day.

In the evening Ruba is only mine. No customers were allowed at night. I was the only claimant to the rubber pussy at night. I used to keep him on the cunt all night. But people change naturally. Once I started suffering from regret.

I apologized to him again and again and said that it is not possible to take him home. I said I don’t even have money. If there was, she would not have had to become a prostitute. But one thing I broke him and told him that I want him.

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After spending every night together, Ruba became addicted to me. Because we used to talk and watch movies. Whenever he wanted, I would bring him anyway. And I was before. I understand that a lot has happened. Then I came to Dhaka with my sister Ruba. latest bangla choti 2024

During the day I was looking for a job and Ruba was selling bodies. At night we used to walk around town together, eat, watch movies. Then one day I got a job. Bangladeshi brother and sister sex story

I told my sister not to do prostitution anymore. From today you are my wife. Your job is to serve me. To satisfy him, I put vermilion on his forehead. Brother and sister chatty story

I put Mangalsutra on my neck. Although I don’t follow Hinduism. However, if there is vermilion on the head, there is a feeling of spouse. I work during the day and enjoy the warmth of sister Ruba’s body at night.

I realized that there is nothing more fun than fucking my sister. Currently, Ruba is the mother of a three-year-old daughter. I am the father of the child. Bangladeshi brother and sister sex story

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