banglar panu golpo uncle’s daughter’s bhoda red


banglar panu golpo uncle’s daughter’s bhoda red

I am Rumon, 23 years old. I am the only son in my family. In the family, mother, father, and only my elder sister.

Sister is married. Lives in America with two brothers. Both parents are teachers. I live in the suburbs of Chapai Nawabganj district.

As the only son of my father, education should be my religion? But my head was always cut off to practice that religion.

Just finished my B.Com second year exam.

There is still a long time left for my new year class to start, so I am alone at home, spending time on nothing, no one may know that the most boring thing in the world is spending time alone.

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Anyway, to ease the burden of my mountain-like loneliness, my cousin visited our house.

However, I said earlier that after my exam, he should come for a visit. The age difference between the two is very high and I am almost 1 year younger.

Mim usually doesn’t let me leave before a month when she comes to our house.

My loneliness was cut when he came, parents come that morning almost after evening. After my parents left, we used to chat and share funny stories.

Cousin’s figure was like five feet five inches tall, fair complexion, light long face, milk size 34, fleshy ass, curves in maja which made her sexier.

We both sat on the same bed and gossiped about various stories. I tried hard not to look at her breasts but my eyes couldn’t move from her breasts.

During the conversation, I looked at her milk every now and then, thinking again and again, I wish I could do something with Meem.

But I didn’t have the courage, Meem was not like the other five girls, Meem was not like those whose milk I pressed countless times in college.

Whenever a Mim was doing something on her knees or standing up, I would try to see her milk through the gap in her throat.

From the first day, Mim noticed these things but did not say anything.

A week after coming, Meem suddenly asked me in the middle of the story, “Well, Rumon, have you kissed anyone till today, I will tell you about it, but” we were both free. However, I never share my secrets with anyone.

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Well, frankly speaking, I could not eat any girl’s lips, but do you know if you want to eat, whether you want to eat or not.

Meem said – O Fazil, where did you become so Fazil from? I will teach you why I will teach my groom, and learn from him.

If not, close your eyes and I will teach you! After saying this, I said goodnight and went to sleep.

I had a bad habit, I couldn’t sleep if I didn’t listen to music at night. I put the ear phone to my ear and closed my eyes.

I thought in the dark who broke into my room. At first I didn’t realize that Meem was knocking in my room. I did not understand, so suddenly at night

Why did Meem enter my house? I could clearly understand how he was suffering from agitation. He sat next to me in the dark. He came to the side and called, I didn’t move.

Then he comes so close I can feel his breath on my cheek. I never imagined what happened after that.

Meem kissed me directly on the lips before I realized the situation. Why do I feel warmth in my body, still I lie on the bed without knowing, I hold her hand at one point.

Meem’s face turned red due to shame as she also stood up. I hugged and said, Hey sexy, you have come to learn something, come I will fulfill your desire to learn, break the shame. I sat next to Meem and said you are very beautiful, very sexy too.

Go away, you’re lying.

Now you understand what I want from you, Meem nodded and said yes.

you agree

you don’t understand

I understood, saying this I held Mim. And with one hand over her kameez I started pressing her milk hard.

I feel this mischievous slowly, I don’t know if someone has touched me for the first time today. i am suffering You don’t come here like Habata, eat robbers.

I have agreed to give them to you. Feel free to do whatever you want. My heart danced with joy that I was the first in his life.

Then I slowly unhooked Meem’s kameez and took off the whole kameez, she did not stop. The upper part of the body is naked at one time, I started sucking both breasts completely

Mim’s body was bent due to excitement, sex, I understood that Mim was sexually aroused. And ready to meet. I sucked a breast for a long time.

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Then I kissed a dozen on the lower abdomen, below the navel. Kissing made me crazy, Meem hugged me and said Rumon you don’t make me crazy anymore

Don’t know that I can’t stand it anymore. give me some love Don’t come to me honey. I can’t stay anymore, give me yours.

I opened her panty. Ah what a beautiful Bhoda, Bhoda’s lips are red and swollen like two apples.

Then between her legs I put my gold on Bhoda’s face and pushed her, while pushing Meem bit her lip and held it tight and did not make any sound. Light blood came out of his mouth.

I felt hot inside Bhoday, I started thrusting her slowly

Mim also started to push the lower side upwards, after a long time of cutting satan, I reached the climax of two dozen. This is how I fucked a girl for the first time. banglar panu golpo uncle’s daughter’s bhoda red

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