bd choti 69 Four girls rape a man overnight


bd choti 69 Four girls rape a man overnight

Bilu Bhai was satisfied with me and Neetu and declared us prostitutes in this class list. On Friday, I contacted Neetu Sahabuddin as promised.

Sahabuddin took us to a five-star hotel suite in the capital. Savita and Rita were already there.

Savita is Rita’s aunt’s daughter. First year student. Everyone in the college knows that there is a lot of love between the two of them.

We did not know that the two of them were involved. But I knew I would meet familiar faces. So I wasn’t too upset.

Sahabuddin said, “You four stay here, Kastma has gone to work outside. Will be back shortly.

After explaining everything, he left.

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I said to Rita, “Since when do you do this?”

Rita said, “Four months. you Bangla chatty story

I said, “Two weeks. Why did it come this way?

Rita said, “Sahabuddin brought it.

I said, “You don’t have money problems. Trapped must have?

Rita shook her head and said, “I was invited to her birthday party. I went to Savita. I went and saw the party going on with 8 truck drivers.

Nine of them fucked me and Savita for 3 days. And he blackmailed the video of that fucking and brought it here. bd choti 69 Four girls rape a man overnight

But now everything has become a habit. Savita became my gf after that incident. We decided not to marry any man. We will be together.

Rita took a breath after saying the words in one breath. I said, “This Sahabuddin must be taught a lesson.

After being fucked by four foreigners, I slept that night with my head on their chest. The next morning we went out together and sat at Dhanmondi Lake for planning. Bangla chatty story

How to arrest Sahabuddin. Finally I decided to rape Sahabuddin’s younger brother. So first we four rented a flat.

We started searching. Sahabuddin’s younger brother Kamaluddin. Nickname Kamal. Student of City College. Every morning at 6 o’clock he goes to study by Uber.

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I decided to pick him up immediately. We rented a car. Then I dressed Rita as a driver and made her a driver.

Kamal came to the road and took out his phone and called for a ride. Rita went in front of him with the car and said, “Kamaluddin? sit inside

When the boy sat in the car, I and Neetu got into the car from both sides and closed the door. Before Kamal could understand anything, I held a knife to his throat and said, “Shut up!”

Then I tied his hands, blindfolded and covered his face with cloth. Then brought us to the flat. Bangla chatty story

I brought her to the flat and untied her handcuffs. I stuck the other end of the handcuff to a corner of the bed. Then I opened the blindfold.

Kamal asked, “Who are you? What do you want from me?

I said, “Your brother is raping me. i want change The four of us will rape you.

The boy laughed. I thought to myself, “Don’t laugh, I’ll see what you can do with the four Magi.

First the boy was nengto. After that first Savita took her nipple inside her pussy and began to rub it. I became naked and pressed my pussy in her mouth. bd choti 69 Four girls rape a man overnight

The boy must have been annoyed. I gave a full slap. I said, “Chosh! I will kill Nile!”

The boy was scared and started sucking. My freshly shaved pussy was pounded and pounded in his mouth. I wanted to rub more and more.

Neetu and Rita were sitting watching and having fun. I said, “Your tongue is in your pussy.” The boy put his tongue inside the vagina and started sucking it. In the meantime, he dropped the goods. Savita said, “Dur chai, this is a gandu, he throws the goods in 5 minutes!”

He came forward clutching the pussy. Said, “Didi, you make his nunuta erect, I pour his material in his mouth.” Bangla chatty story

As soon as I moved away, Savita grabbed Kamal’s mouth with a full pussy, grabbed his hair and pressed the pussy on his face. Then started rubbing all over the face.

The boy’s face was smeared with cum and semen. I took her nipple in my mouth and started sucking it. In no time it was upright again.

Now I put salt in the vagina and started pounding. I and Sabita fucked her for a few hours. In between, he dropped the goods three times. Now Rita and Neetu stood up. Kamal was scared.

Kakuti started pleading, “I can’t do it anymore, please give me some rest. Please.” Rita said, “Nine of your brothers are fucking me all night.

And I will do you a favor!” With this, Nunu jumped up and started to dance. After walking like this for four hours, he was given food. Then rest time is given. Bangla chatty story

Four of us started again at night. This time, Neetu started sucking Kamal’s nipple and Rita pushed her pussy in her mouth. bd choti 69 Four girls rape a man overnight

Nunu was sore in the morning. So Kamal began humming along with Neetu’s leap. After Neetu’s orgasm, Savita rubbed salt in her pussy and gave her another orgasm.

Meanwhile, Rita held the pussy in her mouth and began to lick it. Rita held his mouth between the two legs in such a way that the boy had no choice but to swallow all the saliva.

After the mouthful I poured some whiskey into his mouth. On the other hand, Savita increased the speed of the jump. As a result, the boy ejaculated.

Savita got annoyed and said, “I don’t understand whether it is throwing goods or killing something. The material pours as soon as the fuck starts, gandu shala!” He went up.

I started sucking Kamal’s salt now. But Nunu was not getting ready. Seeing this, Rita brought a pair of scissors and said, “If it doesn’t stand up, I’ll cut it off!” Bangla chatty story

Hearing this, Kamal got angry. After many attempts, Nunuta was made upright again. This time I took Nunuta in my pussy and started ram jumping from the beginning.

Kamal could not bear Nunu’s pain and screamed. Rita put a ballgag on her face. I left her in Rita’s hands after 30 minutes and went up.

After Rita finished fucking, I decided the next plan to have coffee. Now we will fuck him in the hips. So all four of us put on panty dildos.

Then Kamal was lifted up and laid down. Sabita’s anger is more than Sahabuddin’s. So before that, Kamal’s hip went to crack.

Taking the bottle of olive oil, the mouth of the bottle was pushed into the boy’s hips. As a result, the hips were covered in oil. Now Savita set the dildo on her hips with a big thump. The blacksmith hummed. Bangla chatty story

He started shaking while his hands and feet were tied. Savita was amused. It started to run at a high speed. Kamal became listless slowly.

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I removed the ballgag from her mouth and put my dildo in her mouth and started ramming. Poor Kahil became a victim of such torture from both sides. After going like this for a while, Rita and Neetu cracked her ass in the same way.

Kamal was forced to fuck again after dinner. Her little sister could not take so much pressure. As a result, the blood started flowing with salt.

The four of us absorbed all the boy’s energy. He was lying on the bed, lethargic. Four of us picked him up and dropped him on the bank of Dhanmondi lake. And I took the picture and messaged Sahabuddin from an unknown number. Bangla chatty story

The next day I looked for news in the newspaper, but I did not find any news. It means that the Sahabuddin issue has been suppressed. And he had no other choice. Otherwise snakes would come out to dig up earthworms. bd choti 69 Four girls rape a man overnight

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