bessa xx choti cut the whore’s balls to get fucked – Bangla Choti Golpo


bessa xx choti cut the whore’s hair to get fucked


I don’t feel good anymore, don’t tell me when will my thirst be quenched?

I said that my friend has gone to work and when he comes, we will give you a lot of pleasure

Why can’t you be alone?

Ruby, listen my friend he has never touched a girl let alone me, neither can I

Can you two and I alone? newchotigolpocom

Are you alone and your holes are two

You are not

Look at your two and two

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My friend Kamal, he has been married for a month and has gone out of Kolkata for a company job We have both fucked many girls bessa xx choti cut the whore’s hair to get fucked

I was not there during her marriage, so I don’t know how her property has become He said that the food is absolutely atom bomb, don’t worry, I will give you one meal too

I told him before you go home you will be with me, there is something important to say Kamal will return on Saturday evening Meanwhile, I told Ruby that you will meet in front of Raj Hotel on Saturday evening

Why is your friend coming? newchotigolpocom

Yes, I thought I would give him a surprise. Can you help me please?

Tell me what can I do

Of course, it also benefits you

Ruby arrived at the Raj Hotel late in the evening, wearing a purple saree with matching deep neck blouse.

Ruby, you look wonderful today

thank you

I went to the hotel booking room with Ruby Ruby started hugging me and kissing me

Ruby, why are you fussing, I will fulfill your wish today, let my friend come first. A prize for you, and a surprise for him

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Part 2 student teacher bangla new choti golpo

Where is your friend that I can’t stand anymore bessa xx choti cut the whore’s hair to get fucked

Get ready first, don’t have any clothes on your body

I am wearing Ruby’s saree newchotigolpocom

I don’t understand what will happen to me today

I took off my saree and saiya, took off panty, blouse and bra, my Dhan Babaji has become hard to see, my pussy is shining, Magi has saved it today to have sex.

I feel like reading it immediately I calmed my mind again, wait a little I laid Ruby on the bed and covered her with a blanket and told her to keep quiet

First see hota hai kiya After a while Kamal came, we both hugged each other

Tell me, why did you come here?

I will give you a surprise

What’s the surprise?

You are fresh newchotigolpocom

I took Kamal to the bed to get fresh Yes, I understand your surprise, I am slowly removing the moon, you see how the goods are, and if you choose, then promise to give it to your wife? I told you I will give it to you

Don’t move I started moving from the leg side, stopped till thai saw the white thigh and Sailna and me holding ruby’s leg and kissing and ruby ​​was hissing. bessa xx choti cut the whore’s hair to get fucked

Nice navel and clean pussy to move a little more Kamal saw the pussy and said, you have added a piece of shala mal. He said the pussy is licking and I put my tongue in the navel and licked it.

Now I took out two ripe ruby ​​mangoes and started sucking them Ruby removed the moon from her mouth as she uh ah

Kamal licked the pussy and after draining Ruby’s cum, looked up from the pussy and said, Ruby is my wife. You are feeding me with my wealth. Ruby sat up scared, not knowing what to say

I don’t know your wife and tell me how to know? newchotigolpocom

Kamal Ruby, are you scared, O Shala, my friend, I used to fuck you with him, come today, I will give you two such a fuck that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Kamal said and I placed eight inches of two bananas in front of Ruby’s face Take these two and give them a little suck, Ruby was feeling a little shy, Dhan is holding both hands and sucking in turn, I’m saying Kamal, you are sucking like a full-fledged Randy, did you already know or did you teach him?

Kamalna Na Maggi has already seen the blue film

I think you have seen anal sex?

I have seen rubihan but did not do it

I will teach everything today

We took turns masturbating, Ruby’s eyes popping out as the eight inch cock was fully inserted and the sound of walk walk was heard. bessa xx choti cut the whore’s hair to get fucked

Both of us poured the material into Ruby’s mouth. Ruby swallowed all the material like a ripe Randi. Started sucking again Our ram became strong again newchotigolpocom

Kamal pulled Ruby’s hair by the fist and raised it by a thong and placed the cock in Ruby’s pussy and inserted it in one blow, and Ram is fucking while standing!

And Kamal is shouting like this, I will break your butt bone today

He said to me, will you stand?

De magir khoo bai aj bai mitiye de .

Crack the Magi’s hips Ruby was fucking with one leg raised so her hips were clearly visible, and the juices were running around her hips. bangla choti golpo net

I put my hand on the hip hole and ruby ​​says please don’t put it there it will hurt Kamal says nothing will happen and there is an expert

Without listening to any words, I put the ram’s head in the gap of the hips and some kind of head came in to give a pressure, Ruby screamed, Ore Babir, I died, leave the cow.

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I gave one more thrust, it all entered Ruby’s hip hole. I felt like someone bitten the cock. Ruby died in pain.

Hearing these moans of Ruby I got excited, I started fucking in full pickup. Kamal was fucking Ruby by raising one of her legs and now she was holding another one

Now Ruby’s weight is on my bum and on me Both of us licked Ruby and started fucking nonstop Ruby is oohing and aahing with joy newchotigolpocom

After about thirty minutes of fucking, Ruby was exhausted and so were we Kamal says you can’t put things in Magi’s pussy, if you get pregnant it won’t be fun anymore.

Kamal said came to your face? Then pour it into the Magi’s mouth bessa xx choti cut the whore’s hair to get fucked

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