best ma choda choti Muslim mother’s choda when son gets 2


best ma choda choti Muslim mother’s choda when son gets 2

Selina Begum and Shaun always eat together. Just as Selina doesn’t eat without Shawn, Shawn and Selina don’t eat without.

Shaun sat at the dining table.

How was the office today?

went well

Shaun and Selina Begum finished eating after talking about this. After eating and drinking, Shaun went to his room. Shaun was reading a book before sleeping. This is his daily work.

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Selina Begum also finished work and came and sat on Shaun’s bed. Selina Begum began to speak

Shawn, will you get married? I am getting old.

Shaun looked at Selina Begum after hearing this and said

I told you not to talk to me about this. I will not marry now. I don’t need to get married.

Shaon said this in a very rough and threatening tone. Selina Begum is somewhat similar to Shawn. Because since Shawn’s father died, Shawn has been watching Selina Begum a lot.

Shaun’s mother Selina Begum can’t even say anything to Shaun. Tried to say that too

But my father says why I’m not marrying you? Don’t I want to see you happy?

Ah: Mom, how many times will I tell you, I will tell you when it’s my time. I don’t have time to think about all this now.

But my father, aunts and uncles are all telling me to get married. best ma choda choti Muslim mother’s choda when son gets 2

Mother don’t you understand they want me to marry someone they know. They want this.

If only I had watched a little.

Mom becomes a lot. Don’t make me angry, it will be too bad. And why do you listen to those women?

I have repeatedly told them not to listen. I’m not telling you anything this time. But don’t worry, I won’t tell you anything next time.

Hearing this, Selina Begum became somewhat silent. He knows that his son rules as much as he loves him. Sometimes it seems that Selina Begum’s son or husband.

Thinking about this, he went to his room. After Selina Begum leaves, Shaun wonders how Shaun will understand that Shaun doesn’t want anyone but Selina Begum.

Thinking about all this Shaun fell asleep without realizing it. But Pani got tired of Shawon around 3 in the night and when he went to the dining room, he saw Selina Begum Tahajjud praying.

When Selina Begum prostrates, the ass like an inverted pitcher of tar is seen which is not seen at other times. Shawn stood up after seeing that scene.

Shaun thinks if she could take off her clothes right now and spank her heavy hips then she would be at peace but no this can’t be done now.

Not only does Shaun want his mother’s body but also his mind with that body. So, restraining his will, he went to his room with the standing long dress.

Then he went to the room and imagined that scene and started clapping his hands loudly and started saying.

Take my Dhon in your Bhoda, my prayerful mother. I love you, my dear mother. I will take all the juices out of your body, I am Khankimagi Namazi Ma.

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You will be my hindrance mother. When I say you will lift your veil and serve my dish with your pussy.

I will make you my Dhon’s maid my mother. I will keep you very happy my praying mother.

Saying all this, Shawn burst into tears. Shawn fell asleep again after ejaculating.

Selina Begum woke up as soon as the azan of Fajr was given in the mosque. And started getting ready to pray. best ma choda choti Muslim mother’s choda when son gets 2

He prayed. Selina Begum has not said a word to you, but she is very secretive even in the house. She also wears hijab and three piece at home.

Selina Begum is no less beautiful. The skin color is milky, the eyes are drawn like a deer, despite being so old, there is no extra flesh anywhere on the body.

Where there is flesh is then enhancing the beauty. Selina Begum can still compete with girls of rising age in terms of beauty.

Let’s come back to the story, Selina Begum went to water the flowers on the roof after praying at home. There too Selina Begum wears hijab so that no one can see her.

He likes this time of the morning very much, he feels very cheerful at this time. Keeps the mind in a good mood.

When the water was given, he came home and started preparing breakfast for his son. Because Shaun does not eat breakfast from anyone’s hand except Selina Begum’s hand.

After finishing breakfast, Selina Begum called Shaun to wake up.

Shaun needs some more sleep but then Namazi Ma calls him so sweetly that Shaun doesn’t want to stay in bed anymore.

Shaun falls in love with Selina Begum once again when he wakes up to see the chaste face of his mother.

Without delay, Shaun sat down at the dining table with breakfast, along with Selina Begum.

For some time, Shaun has been seeing that Selina Begum is reading the old hijabs. This may have happened without anyone else noticing. So don’t delay and say – mom today I will come back early from office you will be ready I will come and take you.

Selina Begum was a bit surprised to hear this and said – where will father take me.

Shaun got a little annoyed and said, “Ah, why are you asking so many questions?” You will know when you go.

Selina Begum understood that her son was getting bored listening to her. So don’t worry anymore. Shawn ate and left.

Then Selina Begum’s day went by doing little things, she prayed, read the Quran, recited dhikr and finished other little things at home. Selina Begum is doing zikr after finishing Asr prayer, at that time Shaun gave her on the phone – best ma choda choti Muslim mother’s bhoda when her son gets 2

Assalamualaikum mom.

Walaikum Mussalam.

Mom, you get ready, I am coming.” I will come down to the house and give it to the phone.


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Selina Begum said this and got ready. Selina is wearing a black burqa with a mask on the house cloth.

Selina Begum’s hands are very beautiful and anyone who sees mehndi on her hands will say that this woman is very beautiful. Covered the whole body. It is very difficult to tell who is under the burqa. However

After some time Shaun came and called.

Mom come I am standing down.

Selina Begum went down. He saw Shawn leaning on the car. White shirt with black pants and a black eye glasses.

Shaun looks nothing short of a hero. Any girl will visit at least once. Shaun gave a small smile as Selina Begum approached.

Seeing that, Selina Begum felt a sense of peace. Shawn opened the door without delay. Selina Begum sat on the front seat.

Shaun sat in the car and started driving. Shaon knows very well that Selina Begum is chanting while sitting in the car, so he did not say anything.

Shawn parked the car in front of a large mall. Selina Begum was somewhat surprised. Why did his son bring him here on this day?

After parking the car, Shaun and Selina Begum entered the mall. Went to the mall and went to a shop that sold a burqa hijab.

Selina Begum could not remain silent and said-

Why did you bring me here honey?

Then Shaun said with a smile- best ma choda choti Muslim mother’s bhoda when son gets 2

Let’s go and see.

Selina Begum started walking with her son. Selina Begum and Shaon entered the shop

Seeing them, the shopkeeper said – Come on bro, what do you want?

Shaun said – I need some new design hijab and burka.

Selina Begum then said – Ah, Shawn, I don’t need a new hijab.

I know what I need or not.

The shopkeeper showed Shawn some hijabs and burkas and said – Look, brother, these are all new, the future will look very beautiful.

After hearing this Selina Begum said to herself

Oh oh God forgive me what is this man saying he made my son my husband. repentance repentance

Selina Begum saw that Shaun was not saying anything. He wondered why his son was not saying anything. But his thoughts were interrupted by Shawn’s call

See which ones to take?

Without saying anything, Selina Begum chose a pink, light blue and a gray or tea color hijab. And Shaun said, “Show me some new style burkas, then let’s see,” Selina Begum then said

I don’t need a burka.

I know that.

The shopkeeper took out a blue burqa. As Shawn watched, he thought about how his mother would look in this burqa. Selina Begum and Burka are liked.

But before Selina Begum could say, Shawon said, “Okay, pack these.

The shopkeeper packed the hijabs and burkas and gave them to Shawn. And Selina said to Begum,
I think you will come again with your brother.

After hearing this Selina Begum turned red with shame. What are they saying they made their own son her husband. Shit best ma choda choti Muslim mother’s choda when son gets 2

Thinking all this, entered a saree shop, same situation there

Selina Begum says what do you think?

Selina Begum went mad after hearing all this. Can’t even say anything. An invisible force is stopping Selina Begum. Shawn said

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Show some Jamdani sarees.

The shopkeeper showed a very beautiful Jamdani saree as per her word. Shawn said

take any

Selina Begum chose a blue and black saree. Shaun saw all those bodies along with a red colored jamdani which the bride wears on her wedding day.

Shaun liked the saree very much so told the shopkeeper

Pack it also in a separate bag but don’t let anyone see it.

The employee did so. That saree was also packed. Then after making some more small purchases. Selina Begum and Shaon came to the house of 2 people. best ma choda choti Muslim mother’s choda when son gets 2

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