big boobs boudi choda


big boobs boudi choda

Chudar Bengali chatty story about wife after coming to our house, I had my eyes on her. Dasa Mal is one house of wife. She looks like that. She wanted to press if she saw the milk of wife.

Sometimes I touched my hands 2-1 times on purpose. Boudi didn’t say anything. Maybe she didn’t understand that I did it on purpose. When Boudi went to bath, I often saw Boudi bathing through the gap of the door and threw things.

Boudi used to clean the vagina regularly. I could understand it by seeing the altar of clean vagina. Grandpa is busy all day with babs. Again around 11-12 o’clock in the night. Grandpa has trouble with Boudi about this. Let’s come to the real thing.

About the day before yesterday. Grandpa left home by 8 in the morning as usual. I didn’t want to go, so I went to Tiffin in the morning to talk with Boudi. Chudar bangla chatty story of wife

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That day, there was no one at home except my wife. I entered the house and could not see her talking. After calling 2 times, she went to the bed room and saw her crying.

I sat next to Boudi. I asked –

What happened to Boudi? Are you crying?


don’t tell me

I said nothing happened, you will not understand.

I would have understood if you explained, I will not force you when you don’t want to say. I was going to come up with this.

Hot wife got up and held my hand and said don’t sit where are you going?

You don’t want to tell me anything, so who should I do from here?

Kan would not cry? Your grandfather went out this morning and came back that night and came back to eat and sleep.

By saying this, Boudi became silent. I understood where the pain of Boudi is. Boudi’s age is 22-23, it is normal for the body to be hungry at this age. Grandfather does not fulfill it. big boobs boudi choda

I saw today as an opportunity. The wish of so long can be fulfilled today. I pretended not to understand anything.

So what happened? Grandfather worked so hard for your good.

You see, this is why I said it. You will not understand.

Hey, are you getting angry? Even if you say it clearly, there is no one here except me who will listen to you. Chudar bangla chatty story of wife

Your grandfather doesn’t have time for me, he doesn’t understand my pain. After that wedding night, I thought I would get a lot of love from the groom. But where? Now nothing happens between us except one day a week.

I said everything thinking that you are my own. Please don’t say anything. Boudi started crying again.

I went to Boudi and hugged her head to my chest and asked her to pat her head, Boudi, will I say something?

tell me

I like you very much. You look very sweet.

I fucked two Magi together now I will eat another one

Religion is uncivilized. Boudi hit my chest gently.

Boudi’s head was in my chest. There is no sign of removing it. I saw that I got an opportunity. I lifted Boudi’s head and started to lightly kiss Boudi’s forehead and cheek.

So Boudi didn’t say anything, I got courage. I hugged Boudi, Boudi’s breasts were crushed on my chest.

Boudi also started sucking my lips. As soon as the saree area was thrown from Boudi’s shoulder, Boudi’s big breasts started to swell up over the pair of blouse. Boudi tried to cover it with both hands in shame.

They are not correct. Chudar bangla chatty story of wife

Any? Who is the problem?

No, I’m afraid. If someone finds out, I won’t have anything to do except my ego.

Who will know? You will not go to tell someone, and I will not tell anyone, now there is no one at home. Then how will someone know?

I’m afraid

There is no fear, come to me. I hugged Boudik and started kissing her and started moving Boudik’s breasts.

Boudi left the whole puri to me.

I opened her blouse to kiss her neck and neck like crazy. I started kissing her breasts on top of her bra.

Boudi opened my shirt while kissing Mock. I took off Boudi’s petticoat. Boudi also helped. Then Boudi opened my pant with her hands.

Baudi’s fair white body looked so gorgeous in black bra and panty that it is beyond words.
Boudi looked at me and licked her lips sensually with her tongue.

Then he lowered the left side of the bra with one hand
The nipple showed. Chudar bangla chatty story of wife

I could not hold myself anymore. Boudi came a little closer
I quickly pressed my lips over Boudi’s nipples.

And then she ummm mmmm aaaah while kissing the squeaky nipples.
Boudi’s nipples became very hard.

I took a drop in my mouth and began to suck it and began to rub it with my hand. And Boudi began humming – ahhh uhhhh ah’ah uh’uh come on,

Omago… ao ao. After some time Boudi took off her bra and panty and came completely naked beside me and lay down. Boudi now started humming with the pleasure of Kamsukh – Wow! Ah, woof! And Mago! die

I went! Ah ah come! And started rubbing my cock with another hand. After some time the mother-in-law put her milk in my mouth

removed from Then he laid down and beckoned me to fuck.

So what are they?

I can’t anymore. I haven’t eaten for a long time. Fuck me now.

Suck my cock first.

Boudi sat up and took my cock in her hand and started shaking it. After licking the tip with her tongue, she started sucking the whole cock like a lollipop.

Fuck now. Your dick is hot. Cool it down. Bangla chatty story for wife.
I jumped madly on Boudi’s dabka body. My dream has been unfulfilled for so long.

Holding the wife and crawling, I held the cock with my hand and brought it to the head of the wife’s pussy, then slowly, first once, then twice, then three times, then with a loud sound, I pushed the cock into the wife’s pussy.

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And that’s when I realized that there is no happiness like that. And meanwhile Boudi was also humming like crazy with the pleasure of Kamsukh – oh, what happiness. Uhhh ahhh ahhh, ummmmm

Oooooo ooooooo, oh mago

My cock was traveling inside Boudi’s pussy.

Fuck me honey. Fuck your daughter-in-law. Your grandfather probably won’t have that time. You fuck me.

I want to be a mother. My honey, uhhhh, ahhh, harder honey, enter harder. Ahhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhh…Boudiki now lay on the bed and lifted her legs on my shoulder and started to ram.

I am going to pat my wife’s dasa mai with both hands. Boudi also began to help me by patting her.

In the meantime, Boudi drank water 1 time. After about 20 minutes, she felt that she could not hold it. She needed to take some rest.

After putting it in Boudi’s pussy, I started to kiss Boudi on top of Boudi and took both breasts. Chudar bangla chatty story of wife

Do you stop?? It’s like today after a long time, the network of the pussy has disappeared a little. Your grandfather fucks one day a week and somehow falls asleep. You have given me a lot of happiness today. I am yours. Fuck my pussy.

Boudi’s mouth was filled with these things again.

Boudi. So far I hit your pussy. Will you let me hit your ass?

It will hurt a lot.

Oh no no. First it will take a little then you will see how much you like it.

All right enjoy it.

A lot of juice came out as soon as I removed the penis from the vagina of the lady. I took some juice with my finger and applied it to the vagina of the lady.

Aaaah. I died too. Said Boudi and went to remove the ass. Holding it, I could not move it. vabi sex story Bhabhi was moaning about sex

Please come in. I like it very much. This is my first time in this direction.

And I tried again by inserting a juice into the hole. I hit hard and put half of it into the vagina. Boudi cried out in pain Omagoooooo ummmmm ahhh essss

Once the last cock hit the bottom of Boudi’s hips.

After a while Boudi also started to lift her hips. Chudar bangla chatty story of wife

Uffff ummm ahhh push harder ahhhhhh isssss

After applying for 5 minutes, I felt like I was seeing darkness in my eyes.

The current played inside the body. After making a strong tap, I inserted the last cock in the opening of Boudi’s hips and took out the material. Then I hugged Boudi and slept for some time.

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What is the city of my juice? Dadar Bauke is tired of sex or not?

I smiled shyly after listening to Boudi.

Iss! Now pretending to be ashamed again. Where did the shame go when fucking? The way you squeezed my milk

then? Hee hee hee

Boudi you are not angry?

Not at all. I have never had the happiness you gave me today. If you ever want to fuck, come to me. Chudar bangla chatty story of wife

Saying this, Boudi hugged me and kissed me. I played with Boudi’s tits for a while and came home fresh. Now I am waiting. When will I get another chance to fuck Boudi. big boobs boudi choda

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