Body massage to MNC Lady : Part-1


Hello Readers, this is Raju from Bangalore. I have been reading sex stories for the past 4 years and I would like to share my story with readers which happened 9 months back. This is lengthy story to read but you ll enjoy it. Kindly ignore me for typing mistakes.

Let me introduce myself, I am Raju, 31 years old and I am self-employed with tax consultancy services in Bangalore. Before coming into tax consultancy service, I worked as assistant to well experienced massage therapist and learned about body massage therapies in Bangalore. I have been searching for client in chatzozo dating website and messaged in chat forum like : “Anybody wants body massage let me know”. I have been tried this message for more than 1 year but not connected with genuine women who needs of it.

One day, I got “hi” message from unknown person in my chatzozo box. With my experience, I thought this also fake enquiry and without hopes replied with “Hi, How would I help you?”.

After 2 minutes, she replied that her name is Priya (Name Changed for security reasons). She also said that she saw my message in chat forum about body massage and would like to enquire about the same. Then I replied and shared the details of massage therapy and informed her that you can contact me google chat for quick reply. After that, I did not receive any message in chat box or in my google chat as well for that day. As usual, I ignored it as fake enquiry.

Next day night, around 9.15 PM I got message in Google chat as “Hi, I am Priya and I had text you yesterday to enquire about body massage therapy.” Then I replied to her and asked about any clarifications or doubts she will know about my service. She said that she has some back pain from past 1 year and I have been consulted doctor but pain was not reduced. She asked about how my service will be helpful for her. Then I asked her all personal questions like her work as well as personal activities cause her back pain.

She summarized as “ I am Priya, 29 years old and got married 3 years back. Presently working in MNC company, Bangalore and does not have children yet. “I have given my views about the causes of her back pain. She accepted my cause and started to believe in my work. This went on for 15 days to know about me and my services to trust her. In between I have asked about her sexual life with her husband and how often they get intimate with each other and all other details. Then I got to know that she is not satisfied with her husband in bed since he is very wild and quick to complete his sessions in less than 3 minutes. In the same situation, she enquired about my personal details. I explained to her that “I broke up with my girlfriend 2 years back and lost hope in relationships since then not married and trying to avoid relationships.” Finally, after a couple of days of discussion, she asked about my fees and which places are better to take body massage. I replied to her that “My standard fees are so & so and you can give me money once you are satisfied with my service. I suggested you take my service at your home or any other convenient place as per your wish based on your safety.”

After 2 days, she messaged that “I would like to take your service at specified date and please book nice resort for 1 day accommodation. I will pay for that resort and your services.” Still, I have doubt on her but I have booked one resort room and sent her link to pay money in advance for that resort room booking. She immediately agreed and paid. Still there are 3 more days left for the meeting date and she messaged me in google chat and asking general things and suddenly asked in chat

Priya: I have fantasy of body massage with sex session.
Me: I did not get you, whether you want me to do the same in coming body massage meeting? Am I understood correctly?
Priya: Yes, please raju accept this. Now a days I am becoming mad for sex. I have a very long gap with my husband since I know that he will not satisfy me. I could not be able to control my sex feelings. Please accept this.
Me: See Priya, body massage can be done to any person without feelings since that was my profession, but sex is not like that. We should feel each other to do sex and should know each other’s interests in sex.
Priya: Ok tell me raju, I will share the details which you ask for.
Me: See Priya, you are hungry for sex and after seeing my photo you may not feel the same hunger and after seeing you, I may not get the sex feeling. First will share photos and sex interests each other and if still like it will proceed otherwise will end up here itself this matter.

Priya: Yeah, nice concept. First you share your photo and details then I will share mine.
Then we shared each other’s photos and interests. We did sex chat for 2 days and got connect each other for sex feelings. We promised each other that this meeting only for body massage and sex and no more relationships to be continued further.
I would like to explain Priya. Priya height is 5’4” round face and has glow in face. Her body measurements are 34-30-36 which I got to know later.

The final day arrived, and I told her that I would be there by 10.00 AM in resort and complete formalities and arrangements for body massage. I told her to be there by 10.30 AM. I have arranged all the things for body massage and covered the bed with non-woven disposable bed sheet. Then I spread rose petals all over the bed and lit scented candles to change the room atmosphere into romantic mood. She reached resort on time and updated her room no. She entered the room with Punjabi Dress and saw the bed with my arrangements for body massage and seen mesmerized expression on her face. I greeted her with shaking hands and told her to feel comfortable and use the rest room if you needed. We had small chit chat for 10 minutes and asked her to change the dress into bra & panty and lie down on bed with face downside. Once you are ready call me before then I will be in rest room to change my clothes to have a massage. She called me after 10 minutes.

When I came out from the rest room, saw that Priya covered her upper body and lower body with hotel towels. She tied her hair in Bun and faced downside to bed in relaxing mode. I was in my T shirt & shorts and asked her that you want to start with a head massage or only body massage is enough. She replied that only body massage. First, I removed towel from her upper body and she wore black color bra. Then I cleaned her body with towel and applied massage oil to my hands and started to massage on her hands and shoulders. Then I pour some oil back bone area and massaged for 5 minutes.

Then I asked her “Can I remove your Bra otherwise it will wet with oil .“ She removed bra herself and set aside and told me to continue. I applied oil on her back and slowly moved hands from neck to waist and back to neck. While massaging back, slowly touching her boobs from the back side and observed her face. She was biting her lower lip to control her emotion. Then I asked her to turn around. She did it. I could see her boobs are in very firm shape and nipples were hard and brown. I took additional oil into my hands and applied it from neck to novel and massaged slowly. To tease her, I intentionally ignored boobs and touching all other place in her body for 5 minutes. Priya said “Raju, boobs also part of my body, and it included in body massage. Please stop teasing me and do your job perfectly”. I smiled at her and then started to massage boobs circling my hands by clockwise and anti-clockwise without pressing boobs & nipples. Meanwhile Priya said “Raju, please press boobs and nipples very hard. I could not be able to control it please”. Then I started to press her boobs with oil hands and that makes sounds as romantic and Priya moaning loudly with my name. I was doing in full rhythm and adding extra oil to maintain same sound to feel her romantic for 10 minutes but Priya keep on moaning and telling me to press very hard. Priya said “I am going to cum now but I don’t want it now. Please wait for 5 minutes then you can start.” As she said I stopped pressing her boobs and asked her to lie down on stomach and remove panty to massage her lower body. She nodded and did the same.

Now I started applying oil from toe to till waist including her butt. I intentionally touching her inner thighs from back side and she was trying to adjust accordingly and make sure that I can easily touch her pussy lips from backside. I did massage and pressed her buttocks for 10 minutes and she was enjoying and relaxing her body. I separated her butts and applied oil on ass hole and inserted my index figure to her asshole, but it went very tight. She replied in moaning tone that my asshole is virgin and please handle with care. I said ok and take an advantage of finger fuck for 5 minutes. She enjoyed and requested to please massage to pussy hole as well. I told her to turn around for view of pussy.

When she turned, I can see cleanly shaved pussy with filled liquid pre cum. I applied oil from thighs to toes in front side and cleaned pussy pre cum with wet cloth. Now I started massaging her thighs, knees and foot area. Then I massaged pussy lips with extra oil and doing massage like moving her lips from up & down and left to right. She was biting her lips and raju do it fast and moaning heavily. Then I moved to clitoris and applied massage for 5 minutes and Priya loudly said that I going to cum now and released liquid juices heavily. Priya said “Raju, this is my first ever orgasm without any insertion/penetration into my pussy and will be memorable in my life.”

Hi readers, this is end of Body Massage to MNC Lady – Part-1. You can write your review to my mail id [email protected] and it will help me to write next part.

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