caca vatiji Uncle went crazy with happiness after kissing Kachi Bhoda


caca vatiji Uncle went crazy with happiness after kissing Kachi Bhoda

Uncle Nephew Cheating Story – Not a story, this is a true story. My name is Lucky. I am currently enrolled in Economics Honors in Rajsahi University. I used to live in village with my mother.

My uncle lives with his family in Rajsahi. So now I study from my uncle’s house.

i don’t have father Mother and younger brother live in the village. Uncle listens to all our meetings. Uncle has a daughter, she is 3 months old.

Everything was going well, but the cost of my studies started increasing and aunt’s behavior with me started getting worse day by day.

But uncle doesn’t let me understand anything. Chachi tried to marry me in various ways. Anyway to the main point…

One day aunt and uncle quarreled a lot and uncle got angry and raised his hands on aunt. Aunt also went to her father’s house.

It’s been three or four days, Chachi hasn’t come. So I asked uncle to bring aunty. Uncle says he doesn’t need to open the door on his own.

I do all the housework, uncle likes my cooking. Uncle stays at home on Friday. That day was Friday. Having lunch, uncle is looking at the TV in a sad mood.

I make chacha Nallam chacha tea. Uncle, don’t tell me, come and sit here, let me talk to you, I smiled and said that I am Amit. Uncle say your aunt who ended my life.

I thought uncle and aunt had quarreled for me. In fact, after hearing uncle’s words, I got to know the truth. They had a fight with a colleague of uncle’s office.

Their problem is that the uncle suspected the aunt.

Uncle tell me let’s go outside today. I could never take you anywhere. Let’s go for a walk today uncle and niece, I am very happy and got ready early.

Uncle takes me to a restaurant where we play then uncle tell me do you ever want to watch a movie in the cinema? i don’t say Uncle say let’s watch movie today.

I couldn’t say no. I also say ok, but what movie will I watch? Uncle says I will see. I went to a movie theater with my uncle.

I don’t even watch Bengali movies and I haven’t even seen the name of the movie. I do not know the heroes and heroines. My uncle and I bought our seats in a small room.

Many people are seen. Uncle says we bought expensive tickets. So we’re up.

Nayak Naika’s obscene song starts shortly after the movie starts. At one point of the song, Naika is dancing in full length and Aura is having sex in the middle of the song.

old romantic choti golpo enjoying the restless body of the beautiful daughter of the landlord

Seeing this, I remained silent in shame. Uncle doesn’t say anything. I can’t even talk to my uncle in shame, how can I tell him to leave?

I saw this for the first time in my life, that too with my uncle, I am shyly watching. After the song ends, the hero’s sister is raped by a goon.

The girl has been fucked all over this time. The girl’s dark black balola gold is fully visible.

I could not stay silent anymore, I told my uncle that I will leave. I will not watch these things. Uncle says these things are shown in the movies these days. You have grown up now. These are the movies.

Its shadow is seen more in Hindi cinema. Well let’s cheat. It was almost 9 pm to return home. I was ashamed to call my uncle after preparing food.

Uncle’s eyes were ashamed to look at it. I also called, sitting down to eat, I can’t eat, uncle, tell me, why aren’t you eating?

I didn’t say anything. Uncle, tell me that you are still forgetting about the movie. Oh crazy, this is no help now.

And you are so free with me, why are you so shy now? Saying this, uncle fed me. At night I slept in my room.

After a while I saw the sound of a girl crying coming from the uncle’s room. Ah ah uh uh I understand that uncle is fucking someone but who.

I was surprised. After some time uncle came to my door and asked me to open the door

Uncle is wearing a lungi on his bare body and there is a pile of tea money on top of the uncle’s lungi. Uncle says I have a little talk with you

I- what?

Uncle – I actually have one on my head, press it a little, mother.

What can I say, I couldn’t say no even though I didn’t want to. I said okay later in shame. Come sit down

Uncle say come to my room. I went to uncle’s room with my orna, started pressing uncle’s head. After a while, the uncle straightened up, fully understanding.

I shyly looked to the other side and after a while my uncle lifted his lungi up and uncle’s big money came out.

I wanted to get up and uncle grabbed my hand and threw me on the bed. I tried to detach myself from uncle.

Uncle held me tighter and started kissing my cheeks. With uncle’s hard cock, he started pushing my golden penis over my pajama. caca vatiji Uncle went crazy with happiness after kissing Kachi Bhoda

I tell uncle what is uncle doing I am like your daughter. Charen me, don’t harm me so much uncle at your feet.

Uncle hugs me, and uncle says you don’t think about anything, you will get a lot of relief, Lakshi girl let uncle fuck you. It’s been a long time since you left your aunt.

Lakshi girl don’t do it. Saying this, uncle tore off my clothes and made me naked.

I lay helplessly on uncle’s floor and started crying and trying to get rid of myself, he held me by my throat with one hand and with the other hand he took out a lump from his mouth.

He smeared it in gold and rubbed his big fat dick against my gold and with one push he tore my tight army and dived inside the gold and hugged me again and kissed my ear and told me gold mother.

Lets fuck my uncle well. I will buy him many things. I will give you what you want. I said I want to take it out ah ah uncle take it out ah uncle charen ah oh oh

Uncle gave me a belt and reddened my cheeks and pressed my milk as if trying to tear the milk. I am crying in pain.

Kakima’s pussy has never been penetrated by such a big cock before and played for the first time

And uncle is tearing my penis with his big money and fucking. I am crying while eating uncle’s big money.

As if the uncle became more of a beast, the uncle pressed my face and poured a piece of spit from his mouth into my mouth.

Uncle’s spit went inside my throat and as soon as I took some out, uncle smeared his spit all over my mouth with his tongue and my sonata was going to fuck me in one go.

I didn’t realize when I unknowingly started hugging my uncle while he was fucking me.

Uncle is sucking my lips and my gold is fucking endlessly.

Hugging uncle and eating uncle’s thick dick and sucking uncle’s jibba. Chami Ah Ah Ah Uncle more

Fucked harder, cud cud, hit my golden inside, I have never felt so much pleasure in fucking before.

Uncle gave me this time. Tell me to put one foot on the bed, I put one foot on the bed and take the other leg,

Uncle pulls both my ass with uncle’s hands on both sides and dips uncle’s big fat treasure inside my wet gold and pulls out.

And I am hugging uncle and eating uncle’s cock. Chacha Amale chudlo like this for a long time. Uncle took me back to bed.

And tell him to sit on top of his uncle. I sat on my uncle’s hard bed. I took uncle’s treasure with my hand and put it in my gold.

I spread my stuff on my uncle and lay on my uncle. And my uncle hugged me from behind me and put my uncle’s stuff inside my gold and lay down.

I was tired and kept uncle’s treasure inside my gold and lay on uncle for a long time.

Uncle and I talked all night. Uncle tell me the story of aunt. Uncle can’t fuck aunt for a long time Because he is uncle’s child.

After a long time, the uncle fucked as he wanted, so the uncle was very happy. Call me uncle, from now on uncle will fuck me.

It’s better if you don’t come. And the sound comes when aunt falls asleep, uncle will come to me.

Uncle tell me to kiss you one more time, I said uncle, are you going to tear my gold today? I told uncle this is the first time you did it.

Uncle tell me what you do. Uncle says will you be angry if your gold is torn apart. I laughed and said if you can’t show me.

Saying this, uncle and I both started kissing each other again. Uncle took me in his lap and put uncle’s fat money inside my gold.

I hugged uncle tightly and sat on uncle’s bed and patted him.

bandhobi chodar story I tied my girlfriend’s face with panty and fucked her

Chudte Chudte Chacha tell me you are asking more than your aunt, I say why, uncle says, I have never had so much pleasure in your aunt’s sex.

By putting uncle’s money inside my gold and taking it out, uncle is making me listen to various obscenities.

Uncle started to fuck me and tell me that your army has become a whole army of magi after my one night fuck.

It has split into two parts, I started saying like uncle. I also started to say to the kid happily, I am like a girl of Goma, you make your own mother.

Now sweep the golden web of your Magi. I will be your Magi. From now on you will fuck me every day. I can’t fuck your wife.

Uncle said your gold material four in my mouth saying uncle started sucking my gold and my gold got wet on the lips of uncle.

Uncle is eating my golden water and uncle’s tongue started diving inside my gold. I held uncle’s head in my gold and said to uncle, Kamrao my gold, uncle started to buy my gold and I

I shoved my gold inside uncle’s mouth. After that, uncle started to tear my gold out of my uncle’s hard and big treasure.

Now uncle put uncle’s money in my mouth, when he bent over and started to fuck my face.

Uncle started to bite my face and slowly pushed uncle’s material inside my mouth. I began to suck uncle’s wealth and eat uncle’s goods for fun.

And uncle, I slept the whole night and fell asleep.

The son-in-law licked the mother-in-law’s juice as soon as it came to the pot

Uncle fucked me again in the morning. Now uncle and I have sex every day. After eating uncle’s cock, my gold is getting huge now.

Ara’s eyes have grown big. Uncle fucks aunty and uncle fucks me too at night. After eating uncle’s cock, I have become uncle’s magi now. Uncle bring me expensive gifts and I will give uncle the gold to bring caca vatiji uncle went crazy with happiness after kissing little bhoda.

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