Called The Sexy Spa Girl To My Room And Fucked Her


In our today’s English Sex Story titled “Called The Sexy Spa Girl To My Room And Fucked Her” I assure you that after reading this story you will not be able to stop shaking your cock. Let’s start today’s desi Sex Story.

Hello friends! I am Sahil from Mumbai. By the way, this is my changed name. Because I am going to tell you my true story. It has been a long time since I read Antarvasna stories. Many times this thought came to my mind that I should also tell my story to the readers.

But I was not able to find time. Then I took out time and started writing stories to convey my story to the readers.

I have brought the same story to you people. Since this is my first story, it is possible that I may make some mistakes while writing this story or I may not be able to present to you the incident that happened to me correctly like other writers, so I first I just want to tell you that if you find any mistake in the story, please ignore it.

Now let me tell the incident that happened to me from the beginning. But before that, you should know a little more about me because it will be easier for you to understand the story well.

So, friends, I am a 24-year-old young man and am very handsome in appearance. I am not praising myself because I want to impress some girl through this story. In fact, many girls have told me that I look very smart.

Sometimes even my friends call me handsome. My penis is not very big. Its size is only five inches. I am just a little sad that the creator has given me a good shape but if he could have made my penis a little bigger, it would have been icing on the cake. (The Sexy Spa Girl)

But I have no problem with the size of my penis. Anyway, to please girls, an art other than cock is needed. I think that art is within me, that is why I become successful in impressing girls quickly.

I have fucked many girls as soon as I came into my youth, but this story of my life is a little different, so I wanted to share this story on Antarvasna also. The rest of the stories are just normal sex stories that happened to me. Perhaps you will enjoy reading this story.

I have a habit for which I am always ready. I love getting massage from foreign girls. I go for massage at least two or three times a month. My body doesn’t get any rest without getting a massage.

Or it can be said that unless the soft hands of a girl caress my body from top to bottom, I feel incomplete. For this reason, I go for massage at least twice a month. I am addicted to getting massages like this.

Now whenever there is talk of massage, there is also talk of sex. You may also know that in many places people have hired girls doing business under the guise of massage. There the thirst of the body can also be quenched in the name of massage.

I often go to such massage centers where the massages have happy endings. You must have understood the meaning. Along with massage, one also gets the pleasure of getting the penis wanked. In many places one can get pussy by paying a little more money.

I like both jobs. Where I can’t find a pussy, I manage by getting my dick to work. But my effort remains that when money is being given then why not the cock should also get the pleasure of pussy.

Similarly, once I went to a place to get a massage. It was a nice spa. Outside, only spa service was being promised but when they talked about work, they were ready to provide other services also. A friend of mine had told me the address of that spa.

One special thing about that spa was that smooth girls were available there. Therefore it became very important for me to go there. (The Sexy Spa Girl)

I like fair girls with smooth bodies. There could not have been a better place for this work than a spa. Therefore, no matter how much money I had to pay, I wanted peace of mind.

So friends, in the spa where I went, there was a girl from Assam side. You must have understood what the girls of Assam are like. Very fair and smooth. I don’t know how the girls there are so smooth. Therefore, mostly girls from the same side are kept in the spa.

As soon as I saw that smooth youth, my penis started to swell right there. I tried to control my penis by holding it but it would become erect again.

I selected the same girl for massage. Apart from her, there were two-three other good girls there, but in my eyes she was the first one. That’s why now I didn’t like anyone else except her.

Reached inside and after going inside she gave me disposable panty and asked me to take off my clothes. I started taking off my clothes. I was only in disposable panties. The penis was already bouncing.

I lay down straight and as soon as I lay down, my penis became erect. He had made a tent in his underwear. Well, all this is normal for those girls. Because of this, she did not give any reaction after seeing my tent. She remained engaged in her work.

The bulge of my penis was clearly visible. In fact, the penis was jumping and giving jerks again and again. Firstly, I was lying without clothes and on top of that, that smooth jasmine was in front of me, hence the penis was in bad condition.

When she touched my body the condition started getting worse. The penis was starting to go crazy. She had put a towel over my underwear but my penis was repeatedly throwing the towel up.

She remained busy with her massage work. (The Sexy Spa Girl)

When I couldn’t stop myself, I offered her to have sex but she refused. She kept massaging. Then I removed my towel so that I could warm her and she could at least hold my penis and shake it and I could get some peace. She looked at my erect penis in my underwear but did not react.

When she was massaging my thighs, I tried to hold her hand and place it on my penis, but she did not agree and went away angrily because her time was over. I and my penis remained thirsty.

The penis had released water after jumping, so it was necessary to calm the penis. I got up and went to the bathroom and came back after masturbating. Then I wore my clothes and after making the remaining payment I came back to my home.

But the thoughts of that smooth thing were not coming out of my mind. I masturbated in her name for many days. I thought that I would have to fuck her pussy. I will not get any peace like this.

Then one day I went to the same spa again and selected the same smoothie. Friends, what can I tell you about her, she was absolutely amazing. She had a figure of 36. Just looking at the fair complexion and her big balls could have made anyone’s penis slip.

As soon as I left, she also recognized me. She was looking a little normal that day. I went inside and took out the clothes. She started massaging me.

I was wearing only underwear. I tried to talk to her while massaging but she was not giving any specific answer because she was prohibited from talking to clients like this in private.

While she was massaging me, my penis became erect again. But this time I had made a good plan. I already had two thousand rupees buried in my underwear. (The Sexy Spa Girl)

Avoiding her sight, I secretly took out four 500 rupee notes from my underwear and pressed them into the elastic of my underwear. When she saw the notes, she started smiling.

She extended her hand to take out the note from my underwear and I caught hold of her hand. I placed her hand directly on my penis and as soon as it touched her soft hand, my penis gave a strong jerk.

When she started releasing her hand, I took out the notes and passed them towards her. Then she placed her hand on the penis and started pressing it. But after pressing once or twice she removed her hand again.

When I took her phone number and promised to pay her more money, she agreed after some thinking. I became very happy that day. The fish got stuck in my net.

Then after coming home I called her. She didn’t pick up the phone so I thought maybe she was in the spa. When I called again at night, she spoke on the phone and I asked to meet her.

She also agreed.

Then on the day we were to meet, I had already prepared beer for that day. I wanted to have full fun with that smoothie.

I took the car and went to pick her up. I had kept the beer in my car. Then I called her and made her sit with me in the car and we went towards a highway. On the way, I opened a bottle of beer and gave it to her. She started drinking beer.

I told her – give me a drink too.
She knew that if she did what I told her, she would get money, so she was doing as I told her.

But that day my luck was also bad. When we were going on the highway, we got police checking and my challan was issued. There was beer and there was also a girl. With great difficulty I paid the money and got rid of the policemen.

Now I did not want to take any risk on the road, so I went towards my office. I got along well with the guard. I had told her everything before reaching there. He had already kept the door open and had also made arrangements for both of us on the terrace. (The Sexy Spa Girl)

I sat with that smoothie and started drinking beer. After some time she felt like peeing so I told her to go to the side and pee. She got up really quickly and left. After five minutes she came back. She was slightly intoxicated and I too was intoxicated.

As soon as I came back, I started kissing her. At first, she refused but then started supporting me. My penis had become erect as soon as I touched it.

I started sucking her lips and she also started sucking my lips. My penis went crazy and I started pressing her breasts hard. Ahhh…she had very nice breasts. Now I could no longer control myself and wanted to fuck her pussy. But that bitch was not going to take my penis without a condom.

So I went down and went into the bag and checked the condom. I quickly came back to the terrace with the condom.

I took out my penis and held it in her hand. She took the penis in her hand and started shaking it. I again started pressing her breasts while sucking her lips and started opening her skirt.

When I opened her skirt and pulled it down, her pussy was bulging through her panty and I pressed it with my hand. Then I kissed her and made her lie down on the floor, removed her panty and started licking her pussy. She started moaning.

Then I enjoyed licking her pussy for some time and then started getting ready to fuck her. When I removed my pants, she also got up.

She put a condom on my penis and I lay down on her. I placed my penis on her pussy with one hand and inserted my penis into that smooth pussy. The penis entered her pussy easily. (The Sexy Spa Girl)

That bitch had been fucked before too. That’s why the penis went in very smoothly. I started pushing into her pussy.

She also started enjoying the fucking ‘Ummh… Ahhh… Hay… Yah…’

I had lifted her top and I was also sucking her milky white breasts. My penis was going completely inside her pussy making gach-gach sounds. Sister was very nice. Very smooth and just like butter.

I was having a lot of fun sucking her smooth body. I increased my speed and started trampling her pussy faster. She also kept enjoying the sex comfortably. Kept supporting me.

Then I lifted her legs, held them in my hands, placed them on my shoulders and again inserted my penis into her pink pussy. Now I started pushing into her pussy again.

I was having so much fun fucking her pussy that I am not able to describe that pleasure here. Yes, if she was ready to get fucked without a condom then it would have been a different matter. But even with the condom, I could feel the heat of her pussy separately on my penis.

With every thrust of mine, when the penis was entering her pussy, she used to slide back. I wanted to tear her pussy apart while fucking her. She was also enjoying my cock completely.

I rubbed her pussy for ten minutes and then I ejaculated. I took out the condom, tied it in a knot and threw it aside. She pulled up her skirt and I also wore my clothes.

Then we came down and sat in the car and I gave her the money. She became happy and I left her at her place.

In this way, I called that chick to my room many times and fucked her. I fucked her several times until I was satisfied.

So friends, how did you like this story of mine, do tell.

If you like this The Sexy Spa Girl then do let us know in the comment box.

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