Catching my wife video chatting


2 years ago my wife and I were going through a rough patch in our marriage fights every other day it seemed as though we were a mere few fights away from divorce. We sat one day and had a conversation about things that could be done to fix the issue her solution was maybe to have an open marriage when i asked her what she meant she said maybe hook up with other people.

Before I could even reply to her suggestions she said but don’t worry I would only be with other woman not any man which sort of aroused me thinking about it so I was like I mean there’s not really any other solution I could think of so I agreed. But we never spoke of it again or talked about it 1 month goes by and we had an argument she asked me to sleep in the other room and I didn’t argue. That night I fell asleep on the couch watching TV I woke up around 3 am and I lowered the volume of the TV and headed to the bathroom when I walked past the guest bedroom I could hear moaning, I tried open the door but it was locked there is a bathroom that connects the bedroom to the hallway so I unlocked the bathroom and I walked to the door that was connected to the bedroom but I didn’t turn any lights on.

When I cracked the door open I could hear my wife moaning very clearly now but it wasn’t just her moan I could hear there was a second moan. I could see my wife on the bed with her laptop open by the edge of the bed on the bed with her she had 2 dildos and a few vibrators. I tried getting closer to get a look at the laptop good and luckily I got close enough to see the screen I could clearly see it was another woman she was gorgeous and she was doing exactly the same as my wife and pounding her pussy with a dildo. I honestly figured that maybe one day we were going to try out her suggestion of open marriage but never expected it that soon.

I stayed there just watching them for a few minutes when I decided to take out my phone and record them they went on for a good while they kept talking dirty to eachother. It was so hot I was surprised when my wife asked the woman let call her “claire” to also put it in her ass, which would seem normal since my wife loves and she did as she said and stuck it in her ass little by little I could tell it was probably her first time since she was putting it in so slow and she was getting louder.

My wife then get her headphones probably so I wouldn’t hear but she didn’t know I was already watching. They both literally came and they started laughing as if nothing had happened I couldn’t hear what Claire was saying but I heard my wife say that she couldn’t wait to see her that weekend. I took that as my que to leave and let them be. I didn’t say anything to her the next day but she was for sure in a better mood. She then told me if I wanted to go out that weekend and I was like sure would be fun knowing damn well she already planned to meet up with the woman from the night before. We went out on Saturday and we bar hopped until long and behold there at one of the bars was claire from a few nights before she was dancing with some guy.

My wife literally acted like nothing and didn’t even say hi. We frank and drank that night got pretty fucked up when the claire suddenly came and her and my wife acted like they had barely met the girl came up complimenting my wife’s outfit saying it was so cute and she sat down next to my wife the night went on and she stayed drinking with us and dancing with my wife. She then went to the bathroom and my wife was going right behind her when i grabbed her and I whispered in her ear hey I want to fuck that girl tonight you want to have a threesome with her. The shock in her face almost made me laugh but I already knew they were acting dumb like they had just met and I knew she wouldny turn down the idea. So when they both came back from the bathroom my wife just tapped me on the shoulder and said close the tab let’s go home at this point she was holding Claire’s hand and I knew it was going down.

We got home and let’s just say I fucked the living shit out of both of them we used toys and handcuffs.

There was times during the sex where i would stick my cock in my wifes ass and she would literally make claire suck my cock and then she would put it back in her ass. I never realized my wife was a dominant when it came to other woman. I also ended up fucking claire in her ass which i was glad to know i was the first guy to ever do. When they were sucking me off i was starting to cum and i said i wanted to cum in both of their asses so when i was about to cum i told them to turn around they bent over and i came inside my wifes ass first i held in as much cum as i could then took my cock out and shoved it in Claire’s ass.

I actually made them eat my cum out of their ass it was the dirtiest and sexiest experience of my life and ended up being a dream come true. we still to this day will have a random night with her butshe ended up moving so it only happens when she comes into town

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