Chatty story of mother son sex


Chatty story of mother son sex

Sujan’s mother Lopamudra Lahiri is turning 39 at such a sexy age now.

One day Sujan returns home and sees Lopa cooking. Lopa was sweating because there was no fan in the kitchen and her sweaty blouse was completely stuck to her body.

Lopa’s breasts were swaying as she worked in the kitchen so that Sujan had no trouble understanding that her mother might not be wearing a bra under the blouse.

Seeing Sujan, Lopa smiled and said, “You have come, father, how hot is it today?” Don’t look how sweaty I am, bring a fan to blow some air.

Sujan ran and brought a fan and started blowing it loudly. As soon as Lopa raised her hands to fix her messy hair, Sujan’s eyes were fixed on her mother’s sweaty armpits.

Seeing her mother’s wet armpits filled with black hair, Sujan’s cock jumped quickly. After seeing her mother like this for some time, Sujan could not stay any longer, saying, “Mother, I am taking a bath” so she went to the bathroom and threw a pile of things.

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Lopa was drying her wet hair in her room. Meanwhile, after taking a bath, Sujan wore only a pair of shorts and went to her mother’s room.

Sujan’s breath caught after seeing her mother’s dress. Because Lopar wears only a sleeveless thin nightie with nothing underneath.

So the whole body is clearly visible from the back. Seeing Ma’s huge ass from inside the nightie, Sujan’s cock jumped quickly.

Lopa was standing in front of the dressing table in her mind, applying vermilion on her forehead, so she did not see Sujan entering the room.

Sujan slowly went and sat on the bed. But with no panties under the pants, he was having a lot of trouble handling his growing penis. Chatty story of mother son sex

He sat quietly and watched his mother. Lopa was surprised to see her son in the mirror and turned back and said “Oma, when did you come, I didn’t feel anything” Sujan looked at her mother’s body without saying a word. Because through the nightie, her mother’s fair breasts, pink boots and hair on her pussy. Fast ahead now.

Lopa was shy and hid the milk with her hand and said, what are you looking at this paji boy? I thought I was a little open in this hot weather and you are embarrassing me by looking like this? Does anyone look at my mother like this?

Sujan said, in fact, mother has never seen you like this.

Lopa said, you know this maxi your father brought from America last Puja. Ene told me that there was no rule to wear anything under it, but I saw that there was no difference between wearing it and wearing a thong.

That’s why I couldn’t wear shame for so long. Today I thought what’s the point of leaving it, such an expensive thing will be lost and I felt shame in front of my own belly. Honestly, how do I look?

tell the truth?

Yes, honey, how do I feel?

You look impossibly sexy.

Lopa was surprised to hear this from his son. But he quickly took control of himself and pressed Sujan’s cheek and said, what did you say, boy, if you press your nose, milk still comes out, what do you understand?

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Sujan smiled and said, Mom, I am not as young as you think, I understand and know everything now.
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I remember holding your little baby and making him giggle. You were very stiff, I held your neck and shook it until you didn’t hiss. And today you are saying that you have grown up!!

Sujan looked into Ma’s eyes and said, all small things are not always small. Lopa was surprised to hear the son’s eloquent speech and said, when did you learn to talk like this.

Sujan smiled and said, “Mom, I have learned more than just words.” Close your eyes and say, that’s why I see. It seems that the result of what you have matured at this age will not be good. Time will show how much you have grown.

At that time the current went out. Both mother and son are restless with sweat. Lopa said, bring the hand fan.

Sujan brought a fan and saw that mother was lying on the bed with her arms and legs spread. While Sujan was licking her mother’s body with her eyes, Lopa said, since that morning, I have seen what you were thinking and how you were looking at me, what would you tell me. Chatty story of mother son sex

Mom you look so beautiful today.

Very good but you are not looking at my face then understand how I look beautiful today?

Sujan remained silent after being caught. Lopa said again, it is not good to look at mother like this.

What should I do mom after seeing you like this I can’t hold myself back anymore.

I love you so much mom. Saying this, Sujan hugged her mother and started pretending. Lopa clapped his hands on the boy’s head and said, “Hey stupid boy, what’s there to cry about?”

Have I missed any of your hobbies? Listen, dad, there is a time for everything, you are too young now, so even if you want to, you can’t do it.

Sujan said softly mother please once.

Uff, I couldn’t deal with you anymore. You are still stubborn like a child.

Lopa sat up and took Sujan’s head on her lap with utmost compassion. Then patted his son’s head and said

Sujan, do you remember what you were doing while drinking my milk?

No mother how will I remember. Don’t tell me what I would do? Bangla chatty story of mother and son love relationship

And don’t tell me, I would have had to go through a lot of trouble to feed you.

why mom

Why again, I used to read saree blouses at home. I will quickly unhook the blouse and take out some milk and burn it on your face. What was the chance?

Because your habit was to close your eyes and suck one of my milk and squeeze the other milk with your small hands. If it is different, the house will be raised. Mama Bhagni chatty story

So how to feed me?

At home, I gave up wearing the bra inside the blouse. Because first opening the blouse and then hooking the bra again is very risky. Oh, your tears again over him

You could not tolerate a little delay. So I practiced reading blouses with short sleeves with two hooks. So that it can be removed quickly. And if only your father was at home, I would not have studied anything.

Sujan was so engrossed in listening to her mother, she was shocked to hear this and said, “What did mother say, you should be in front of your father?”

Lopa said with a shy smile, both of them were young then. So I used to do a lot of dirty things.

Do not tell me what to do, mother? Chatty story of mother son sex

Shit, I can’t tell you that, I’d be so ashamed.

Sujan then said in Abdar’s tone, please don’t tell mom, please please.

Lopa said, Uff a fire!! I see no way to talk to you openly.

Wow, if you didn’t say “what shame in front of your own son”, then why are you feeling shame now?

And Lopa could not think that this time he will avoid the subject by reasoning. So decided to say.

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Your father used to do some strange things with me. I think I learned these things from abroad.

What did father do with you?

He said one night that we will act now, I will call him by one name and he will call me by another name.

I mean I didn’t really understand.

That’s why I said you are too young to understand these things and yet you are insisting unnecessarily.

Mother, if you don’t tell me the whole thing, how can I understand? Chatty story of mother son sex

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