Cheating girlfriend was forced to fuck by three friends


Cheating girlfriend was forced to fuck by three friends

Friend my name is Roni my age is twenty years my girlfriend is same age my girlfriend name is Debashree.

For some time I got news that Devashree is cheating me, many of my friends warned me before but I didn’t listen that much.

Finally, it is known that she is really in love with a boy named Ankar, so my head is hot, so my three friends decided to torture her to the extreme.

Figure price milk size 36 butt size 34 about five feet tall looks very sexy. Suddenly seeing someone, you will feel that you will be thrown on the bed. Nangto sent me some of his photos and videos during the year.

I – and I got a chance to blackmail him. I went out to our work with my two friends Animesh. We were chatting in Arpan’s room and

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I sent those videos to Debashree and said, “Are you doing a good job with her? Look at some of your videos and I was shocked to see them.”

Devashree – Please delete these.

I will show your parents.

Devashree – No please then it will be destroyed.

I – Magi has destroyed me. Cheating girlfriend was forced to fuck by three friends

Animesh – Call the Magi quickly today.

Me: I will delete it on one condition.

Debashree – what conditions?

Me – Come to the chat room next to Arpan’s house in an hour today.

Devashree – why what will you do?

i am Magi Aito will show you then.

My friends are already struggling and saying that it is not being controlled, when is it coming?

I said this will come soon

Our long wait was over and Devashree came to Arpan’s meeting room. As soon as Devashree entered the house, I locked the door and closed all the doors and windows.

I understand that today I want to enjoy you to my heart’s content. Which I never got a chance to do.

While talking, Arpan and Animesh came out from behind the bed and said, “Kire Magi is ready?” Today you have to eat three chodons.

I said that you understand today’s plan and said that I hugged Devshri and said what are you doing but let me go.

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Join me my friends. They came and started beating his two mothers. I was thinking that the day will come when three men will fuck me together.

I cleverly fixed a small camera on the wall.

All of us took off our pants. All three of our dhons were almost the same size. Suddenly all three of us started pounding on her mouth and I was the first one before Devashree could say anything.

I filled it, the friends gave their dhons to Devashree’s hand and I held Debashree’s head from behind, he was able to speak and started humming.

Wasn’t feeling sexy while sucking really felt like my dream was going to come true today then the three of us threw Devshree on the bed and

I lied down and asked Devashree to sit on top of me. Devashree sat down.

I filled both of Devashree’s hanging milks in my mouth and started thrusting with full force and shaking both milks vigorously.

In between, another friend of mine, Arpan, inserted his dhon into the back hole of Devashree.

And Vishal started shouting, “Hey, to stop the shouting, Animesh brought his money to Devashree’s face and dropped the whole money on Devashree’s face.” Cheating girlfriend was forced to fuck by three friends

And I started to press hard and said how does it feel to eat chodon with three people

What did God really do to make you so sexy? Your father got such a sexy girl because he fucked your mother. It is not understood.

And she screamed and said it’s hurting so much please leave it then Animesh pressed the whole dhon in his mouth I said now let’s change the position then I asked Devashree and

On Devashree’s demand, Arpan filled his full 8 inch dhon and I filled my big khamba dhon in Devashree’s mouth and said, Magi Chosh, today I will fulfill my many long dreams.

In the meantime, Animesh asked Arpan to move away and set his big cock on Devashree’s cunt.

Devashree started to fuck hard from behind. And kept pulling her back by the fistful of hair and continued to fuck Devashree’s mouth had Arpan and Animesh’s two dhons together.

We don’t even let God’s life go out. Then take it in front of the mirror. Where there was a big mirror and asked Devashree to keep one leg on the dressing table of that mirror.

And I set the cock down on her pussy and continued to fuck her. And Devashree started making noises and this sound was mesmerizing me so after some time they sat on the floor and everyone began to draw their money near Devashree’s face.

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Ask me to suck my dick and fill her mouth in one game when she agrees but I don’t listen to her she keeps saying mouth or mouth no please even I force my dick in her mouth.

And throw all my stuff in mouth. And my two friends put it on her face and then asked her to suck it again and after sucking it for a while released Devashree. Didn’t it look good on her milk as the balls were coming out of her mouth

Until today, wait for the next episode. I will come again next episode. There is no story like throwing away sexy material in which the material will fall on your bed.

Bye bye for today. See you again on another day. If you want to message me, you can do it through my email. Better take care of yourself. Cheating girlfriend was forced to fuck by three friends

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