chodar panu golpo apan bhoday two dhons have sex all night


chodar panu golpo apan bhoday two dhons have sex all night

Bangla chatty UK

bangla choti uk

I am Mimi, father’s only daughter. Mom died three years ago today.

I am 18 years old. Sometimes I get restless when I stand naked in front of the mirror. Looking at sexy material like me makes anyone’s penis swell.

One day my school got off early. I think father is not at home. bangla choti uk

I opened the door with the key I had, and when I heard the sound towards my father’s room, I opened the curtain a little.

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Our housemaid’s father is fucking her on her bed. As soon as father’s cock comes out of Bua’s pussy, I see an 8 inch thick penis. chodar panu golpo apan bhoday two dhons have sex all night

The sprouts are soaked in juice. Black hairs are punched before growth. Seeing my pussy juice.

Suddenly, without realizing it, the vase next to me broke with the push of my hand.

I was shocked when my father heard the sound and came running in front of me.

I saw a 43-year-old tall man standing in front of me, his father’s cock was fully erect towards me, bua’s pussy juice. bangla choti uk

There is no shame in the father’s eyes, maybe he wanted me in his heart, even if he is a thousand men, no mother, a big network of growth, what else will he do.

Father came to me and told me, don’t mind, you don’t have a mother, I didn’t get another marriage for you, so I’m fucking your work aunt.

It feels great to fuck pussy and pussy together

Hastily raised one of my hands and said, “Look, it’s full of flowers, otherwise you’ll have to fuck some magician on the street.”

I said ok dad, I understand your point. I saw that Bua left the house in shame. And father also went to take a bath. chodar panu golpo apan bhoday two dhons have sex all night

And I couldn’t stand it, came to the room, closed the door and began to have fun with a long eggplant in the pussy, and in the bathroom next door, father was taking a bath and maybe the fat cock was being pulled.

As I forgot to sprinkle the room, Dad immediately put on a towel and entered the room. I was startled and there was a long eggplant in my vagina. I said dad you go now, I don’t feel well.

Dad didn’t listen and came to the bed, took out the eggplant from the vagina, and slowly inserted the 8 inch thick cock into the vagina. I said, please leave, I am your daughter. Dad said, you are my lover from today. bangla choti uk

Dad’s big cock is not going in easily, Dad started to insert slowly, feeling very painful.

Dad immediately took out the cock and massaged the coconut oil and inserted the whole black cock into my pussy, the cock is slowly going in and out and I am floating in the pleasure of my father’s cock.

Meanwhile, the father’s two bichi bags are eating home again and again. I bit my father’s back with both hands and released the juice. My father fucked my breasts with his hands.

Bhoda got up as he fucked the big cock

I said, fuck your little girl louder and louder and my father let go of my pussy. I wiped my father’s thick black cock with my veil.

Then the two of us hugged each other and went to sleep. That night I fucked my father’s big cock twice more. chodar panu golpo apan bhoday two dhons have sex all night

After having sex like this for a few days, father said, Your Vijay Kaka wants to get close to you. I said why did you say anything to him.

Dad said, your uncle and I are very close. Sometimes two of us would rent Maggi together, one would grow in the gut and the other in the pod. bangla choti uk

How much does your mother want to fuck our two cocks? I am sitting next to dad listening and dad is moving a finger in my pussy.

Dad said how much your mother played with our two big and fat cocks. On the roof of our house, your mother is fucking your Vijay uncle.

I couldn’t stay anymore, I picked up my father’s lungi and sucked my father’s cock and pressed it with both hands. A light juice comes out through the stem of the plant and I suck harder at the salty taste.

Dad quickly stood up and pushed my penis with coconut oil and I started screaming with happiness.

People are walking on the road and who knows that on the four floors of this house, a father is covering his daughter with a thick cock. chodar panu golpo apan bhoday two dhons have sex all night

Maybe today on holidays, many people are putting cocks in and out of wife’s pussy after lunch. After a long pause, father released the material in my mouth and I swallowed all the juice of the khanki. bangla choti uk

I woke up the next day and saw that my father had opened the door before going to work and was taking a full length bath. Although his penis was 8 inches, it was 5 inches even when he was naked and he was quite fat, the size of a duck’s egg, and quite black.

Langta came in front of me and wiped his head and said today after office your Vijay Kaka will come, I will be dressed.

Today me and your uncle will caress you with two fat cocks and eat your big milk. And hearing this, my pussy got wet with excitement.

I got ready for the evening wearing only red saree without wearing anything inside and my pussy is getting wet with excitement.

In the evening my father and uncle came to fuck me. Uncle and father went to the roof of the house and I went to the roof with ice cream.

Our house was 10 floors. There are no other big buildings around. bangla choti uk

Around the dusk. Seeing me, my uncle came to me, looked at my back, hugged me and started caressing me, and my father came through the door of the roof. chodar panu golpo apan bhoday two dhons have sex all night

Father came and threw away my saree and uncle took off the whole saree and now I am in front of two men. Dad shook my milk and uncle shook my pussy.

Meanwhile, father and uncle took off their clothes and went to sleep. Father gave my hand to Kakar. I felt Kaka’s penis with my hands, quite thick and thick around, about 9 inches.

I am holding two long male cocks around the adhar and roof and the pussy is full of juice. Kaka said, eat this food with ice cream and I started to lick the ice cream.

I started eating daddy’s cock and uncle came and licked my pussy, started cutting my juice with excitement and uncle started chopping all the juices.

I am in heaven now with excitement. I yawned, dad came from behind and put his cock in my pussy and uncle stood and started making mouth and squeezing milk with one hand. bangla choti uk

After father’s teasing, uncle started to fuck me. Looking away from the roof of the house, I saw a boy looking back at a woman standing and having sex, the lights were on so everything was visible.

I gasped again in excitement. Meanwhile, father lay down on the roof, I stuffed father’s cock and uncle came from behind and inserted his cock.

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Grow fat in the vagina and abdomen. chodar panu golpo apan bhoday two dhons have sex all night

I screamed in excitement.

Two are fooling me. Dad released the material in my pussy and uncle came in front of my face and released a cup of material with his hands. I swallowed all the goods.

Meanwhile, my situation is unstable.

After making me stand, father and uncle started licking me and I couldn’t stay and started peeing on the flower tub in front of me. bangla choti uk

Seeing a long girl’s pee in front of two men with big cocks, uncle started abusing him by saying “Khanki magi”. After that, they went to the bed and took turns to cum and piss all night long. chodar panu golpo apan bhoday two dhons have sex all night

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