Chudachudi’s chatty story is the story of family pod mara


Chudachudi’s chatty story is the story of family pod mara

My name is Rakesh. I am now 25 years old and preparing for government job after passing MA. The story that I will tell today is the story of cheating on my cousin.

Currently I live with my uncle. My parents and whole family live in Siliguri. I live in Medinipur for my studies.

I and my aunt live in the same house. Our rooms are next to each other. My uncle got married 4 months ago and uncle moved to Mumbai soon after marriage. Since I lived with my uncle, he used to do all the work of my uncle. Chudachudi chatty story

One morning when I woke up, I saw my aunt cleaning the house leaning over. I saw Kakima’s fair breasts rubbing and moving from inside her blouse. Her milk seemed very hot. I wanted to go and TP as I wanted. I just stared at those two beautiful faces.

Kakima saw me swallowing her heart’s nourishing milk with her eyes and asked – what do you see? I hesitated and said – something aunty. I came away scared. Chudachudi chatty story

After fucking my cousin, I fucked my co-worker

The next day aunt said to me – Rakesh you will go to the market with me once today, I have to bring some goods. I asked – Kakima, what will you bring from the market… I will bring it. He said – No, I will bring it.

I told him again – hey you leave it, I will bring everything. You just give a fard of what to bring to the market. Kakima gave me the list and said, I have to bring all these.

The list also included some household items and a sanitary pad. I asked – Kakima, is it useful? He didn’t say anything, just smiled. Chudachudi chatty story

When I asked again, Kakima said – I will tell you everything later. Out of my mouth came – after I mean when…? Do not say now! Kakima smiled again and said – go and bring the goods. I nodded and smiled and went to the market. After a while I brought all the things to Kakima.

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The next morning, my aunt again told me – Rakesh, come with me, today I have to go to the field. I said – Yes, let’s go.

Because he has to bring hay for the cows. After a while the aunt left the field herself, after a while the aunt called me to come quickly… come quickly Rakesh.

As I rushed inside the farm, my aunt was jumping because some insects had got into her clothes.

Kakima said – Hey Rakesh, what do you see, take it out quickly, some insects have entered my clothes. I said – how can aunty understand where the insects are.

The clothes to be removed to remove the insects. Kakima once smiled and said – you just take out the insects quickly.

I said – how can I understand where an insect has entered? Chudachudi chatty story

Kakima said – let’s take off my clothes. But you don’t tell anyone that I took off my clothes in front of you.

I said – ok.

Kakima first took off her saree and then her blouse. Then I saw kakeema wearing a small bra and looking desperately for half of kakeema’s milk to come out.

I just stared at Kakima. Taking the desi porn scene forward, Kakima raised her hands in the air and waved them in front of my eyes and said – What are you watching now…?

Fucked by the robber, my stomach burst

Get out quickly… the insects are biting and tearing my whole body. Chudachudi chatty story

I saw a red ant running on Kakima’s nipple. Kakima’s milk also needs to be kneaded when I pinch it with my hands.

But….then I crushed the ant with my hand. This time, when I touch my aunt, my penis gets erect by the touch of aunt.

Then I couldn’t control myself because I know Kakima’s youth is also hungry for cock. Then the aunt asked me to look at the ants for a while with her hand on her dudu.

On this pretext I caressed both of aunt’s nipples. I started making a lot of fuss with the milk. I understood that the aunt was also enjoying it very much.

After some time I said – Kakima, all the insects are dead, still there will be a little pain and itching will also remain. Let’s go home, put something there and the itching will go away.

Kakima said while reading the blouse – what kind of thing, if I put it on, my itching will go away? I understood what Kakima was trying to say but I remained silent. Then we both returned home. Chudachudi chatty story

Kakima and I had dinner at night and went to sleep. After a while, around 10 pm, a voice started coming from the aunt’s room, ‘Ahhhhhhh’.

I went and peeped through the window and saw that the old lady was eating the bhoda with a carrot in her stomach. She was fucking her own pussy with that fat carrot.

Seeing such a desi porn scene and Kakima’s pussy in front of my eyes made me stand up. I knocked on the door, but Kakima didn’t open. Knocking on the door opened it because there was no lock on the door.

I went to Bindas Kaki. He did not realize my arrival when I came very close to him. Because she was busy fucking her pussy.

I said – aunt, can I help you? Kakima turned her face and said ‘no’ when she saw me and covered her face with a blanket and lay down on the bed.

I said – what happened aunt? Are you angry with me?

Kakima said – you are of no use to me. I understood that Kakima wanted a cow and she couldn’t say it with her mouth.

I sat near him and started talking to him – whatever problem you have, whatever you are doing you can talk to me.

I will also help you in everything, but it should be between us only. Saying this, I started pressing one of Kaki’s breasts from the blanket.

Kakima immediately agreed to my words. I took him in my arms. Kakima also hugged me and started kissing me very wildly.

The son of Italy took his father-in-law’s grandmother to the hotel

Kakima told me – from now on we will do this work every night, morning and evening and whenever we get time.

I have been very thirsty for a long time… because your uncle’s penis is 5 inches and he could not even satisfy my hunger. So he left me and went to Mumbai on the pretext of work. Chudachudi chatty story

Now I slept with my cousin and we both talked about sex for some time. Now I said – Kakima, can we stop talking now? Wouldn’t it be better to stop talking and focus on practical work? Kakima also grabbed my cock and said yes with a smile.

Then when I put my hand inside the blanket and started caressing her whole body. She was completely naked. As soon as my hand touched her pussy she grabbed my hand and started rubbing her pussy. Chudachudi chatty story

After some time I inserted a finger in her pussy and slowly started moving the finger in the clitoris of the pussy. After some time I inserted two fingers into her pussy and started fucking her pussy by moving both fingers back and forth.

When kakima started to get restless I started sucking her nipples. After some time aunty started making sensual noises- ah… wee….. mom….. ah…. Cude cude fill my belly baby… ahh.

After a while I removed the blanket from her and looked at her. I didn’t stop fingering Kakima’s pussy.

She opened her legs and said – Ah Rakesh… move your fingers harder… faster. After a while, Kakima broke down. I understand that Kakima is drinking water. Chudachudi chatty story

After that I lifted her legs to clean Kakima’s pussy and started licking her pussy.

After I licked my pussy for a while she said – Rakesh my hot pussy is crazy for fucking now, I can’t stay like this anymore. I said – Kakima say something? Kakima said – say yes.

I said – aunty, I like you very much and you fulfill my one wish.

Aunty said- I also like you a lot Rakesh… Ever since I came to my in-laws house, I have been thinking of having sex with you. You tell me what you want from me? Chudachudi chatty story

I said – Kakima, I want to suck my cock with you. After hearing this, Kakima said in surprise – Yes, take out your cock, since when I want to suck it myself.

Then I got out of bed. Kakima touched my cow and said-Kakima saw my cow and her eyes became tearful.

Because Kakima himself had never seen such a tall buffalo from the front. She took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it. I began to enjoy a strange thrill.

I grabbed my cousin’s hair and started fucking her face. Kakima too was taking the camel up to his neck. It was clear from her cock-sucking style that aunty was a dasa chodane maal and uncle’s small cock didn’t fit in the full groove of her pussy.

I continued to fuck Kakima’s face for about ten minutes and cum on her face. Kakima also ate all the food of my camel without any hesitation.

After licking the cock and cleaning it, aunt said – Rakesh no more patience… quickly put your cock in my pussy. I said – ok, now hurry up and be a bitch.

I applied my oil and inserted the cock into her pussy. Suddenly the ram went all the way inside the vagina, then Kakima’s loud voice came out – Oooo mommy I’m dead… ah, ah. Chudachudi chatty story

With the shock of my cock, blood came out from the cunt of Kakima. I paused for a moment and took out the ram again, shook it and put it back. In a while Kakima bear the pain and took the bull.

Now Kakima said- Ah….. Rakesh…. Don’t stop now, keep fucking. I continued to push harder and gave more pleasure to Kakima.

Then sitting her on top I lay down and started to fuck from below. The whole house started to make a loud noise.

For a long time I spanked Kakima’s pussy and I released all my cum in her thirsty pussy. After that I came and cleaned my bed with water.

Kakima said – you have done your mind, now do mine. What did I say? Kakima said now do it in my pot. I said it is very difficult work.

Kakima didn’t care. Said that Punjabi wives have sex with their husbands, brothers-in-law or other boys.

After listening to the nachordbanda kakeema, I heated the kakeema again and this time I inserted my fat cock in the aunt’s ass.

When my cock entered her ass with one thrust, she screamed – ah died… I ripped my ass, son of khanki… sala bejnma, kaki choda boy…

Ah slowly fuck me hard, fuck my ass. I didn’t listen to aunty and continued to fuck my whole cock in her ass. Chudachudi chatty story

There is no rush this time as the goods are falling twice before. After hitting my aunt for half an hour continuously, I kissed my aunt and she said – I can’t anymore.

I said – Yes, this is a little more. He said – Put the material inside my butt…… Then my butt will be bigger and you will love to caress it.

baba meye choti two children one is my father’s and the other is my husband’s

I said – nothing will happen at once, Kaki. If you have to beat him every day, then he will grow up. I started pounding hard and within a few minutes I calmed down by putting my thick stuff on her ass.

Then we both went to the bathroom together and got clean. After that we both got tired and went to bed. An hour later the mood changed again.

I started fucking my aunt again. That night I fucked my cousin like this 4 times. Now we both live together and enjoy sex everyday.

Our love affair is still going on. Now my pussy has grown a lot. Also, our beautiful aunt has become possessor of a sexier figure. Chudachudi chatty story

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