Chude mama forcefully tore my bhodar koa


Chude mama forcefully tore my bhodar koa

bangla choti uk

When my father remarried, my sister and I were young. Our stepmother came home, and the family started again. Stepmother was very beautiful.

Age about twenty one/twenty two. Father’s age is over 40, so their age is very different. She married her father only because of the greed of property. Mother’s name is Devika.

A beautiful young woman just like a goddess. Our days started to pass happily. Father is often out on business

Lived. So the new mother slept with me. Didi used to sleep in the next room. Didi was also beautiful like mother.

Didi’s breasts were quite big then. Black silk sand two armpits full of undulating hips. In one word, Didi’s body arouses desire. Didi but the stepmother could not tolerate at all.

Mama Vagni Choti

She used to be very jealous. She had to do all the housework. Still, Didi could not eat enough. Starting from washing the dishes

I even had to press my mother’s body. I was very sorry for my sister but I could not say anything because of fear.

Father was completely blind in his mother’s youth. That’s why father didn’t listen to Didi. Didi was not spared if the lime was removed from the drink.

Mother used to order work for Didi just like Maharanis. I was afraid of my mother like sister Yam, so my mother used to say yes, sister used to do that.

I often noticed that mothers are not good at night. How it used to be. When father was at home, mother would send me to sleep with didi.

The day when parents slept together, sister used to see something hidden through the hole in the fence. I didn’t understand anything.
When my father left, my mother would take me to her again.

One night, I saw my mother clutching a big pillow and stuffing it with her chest, and why is she making a sound with her mouth? Mother said with a trembling voice, “Oh honey, my chest hurts so much.”

I died, oh what pain …… a little press? Saying this, he took my hand and gave it to his milk

Dil. I was very busy and started pressing the hot milk of my mother. So that my chest pain is cured quickly.

The milk was so big that I couldn’t even hold it with both hands. The milk was swelling with my small hands. The fair milk spread all over the chest.

After tapping for some time, mother lovingly said – Sona has decreased a lot. She would suck it with her mouth, but it will decrease completely.

I started doing that as my mother told me. I don’t know why, mother repeatedly filled my mouth with two drops and started beating me. My head is like a velvet ball.

After some time mother wrapped her sari and sayat around her waist and pulled my right hand by two thick white thighs and pressed it on mother’s fat area.

And on the wet wet place is a forest of black hair. Is the place hot, how high I said in surprise, and why is there so much hair in your fat area? Mom rubbed my hand there and said,

Little gold When people grow up, there is hair for everyone. When you grow up, you will have this kind of jungle here too. Mother pushed half of my hand and pushed it into a hot juicy hole.

As my mother said, I started putting my hand in and out of that juicy hole. After a while, my whole hand became slippery with a kind of slippery juice. Then I did not understand anything at all.

When I grew up I knew what that thing was. Since then mother used to do those things with me every day. Even if I don’t understand yet, I would love to do those things.

A few days later, a distant relative of my mother’s brother came to our house. Father was not at home that day. Mother ordered Didi in a stern voice to see that my brother does not face any difficulties.

I will take good care of the service, otherwise I will kick you away from the house. What a horrible look Mago.

Like a monster, as fat as black. Beard poking all over the face. The eyes are very red. Age must be less than forty.

I have never seen such a fierce looking man before. So was afraid of fear. As soon as dinner was over, uncle was too busy to sleep.

Uncle’s sleeping arrangement is in Didi’s house. Didi had no choice but to agree. Didi made uncle’s bed with her own hands. After a while their door was closed.

Then I lay down next to my mother. Mother turned off the light in the room. Didi’s room but Al was lit. A little later, I heard the sound of a scuffle in Didi’s room. Like my mother, I kept my eyes on the fence.

I see didi standing on the floor knocking and shaking. And uncle is pulling sister’s clothes. Didi’s clothes are as if uncle is trying to take them off.

Didi’s mouth has no words, just blocking life. Didi’s eyes and face turned red. Two eyes are trickling in the water. The dress is hanging down to four fingers of the ass.

Then I saw Didi’s fair thick thighs are clearly visible. Didi’s chest is heaving with the rhythm of breathing. The dress is completely covered with his chest.

Baudi’s big ass is fucked and licked with tongue

The size of the mother’s breasts can be estimated from the clothes. It will be at least thirty-four inches. Mama is milking Didi’s breasts and ass with a glance. And Didi is standing as silent as a stone.

Mama now picked up Didi’s snout with one hand and gently kissed her red lips. Didi’s whole body trembled with that kiss.

Uncle started to lick the lips of Didi’s tutus with his ripe tongue. Didi started struggling to free herself but could not. Mama took one of Didi’s breasts in her palm and started kneading the dough.

Didi said, “I’m feeling it.” Then uncle smiled and said – “I’m feeling it now, you’re starting to sleep now.”

I will play with you all night. Saying this, Didi took off her clothes and threw them away. As soon as she opened it, Didi became very upset.

And Mago Didi’s breasts are incredibly big and full of black curly hair. Two drops of milk like peas.

Oh niece, you’re a piece of cake.

It’s a lot of luck to fuck a little magician like you. At this age, the ass is like an adult magi. I will kill all the oil in your ass today.

That’s why Didi took one of her breasts in her mouth and started pressing the other one like a madman.

I’m going to die. If I press so hard, my breasts will burst. Iss and Mama Dahaye you, leave me. I’m like your daughter.

A. Mago feels very painful – don’t give kamar like that. Blood will flow out. Mama didn’t listen to Didi. The small breasts were bitten and reddened.

Didi began to cry. Mama took off her lungi this time and said – see if you like my things, niece?

Didi was shocked to see uncle’s black penis. A. What is very thick and tall. Absolutely rocking.

The veins are tense. What’s up niece, liked, even after sleeping with two legs apart. It will be very tight. Mama leave me. Your thick thing will never enter with a little cut of mine.

I will die – you have no fear niece. I’m all arranged.

Mama knelt down in front of Didi. Navi kissed the belly button and looked at the pussy for a long time.
Gude hand bolalo tipple khamche khamche caught.

Now he took some spit in his hand and smeared it all over Didi’s pussy. Mama pushed the thick index finger of his hand and pushed it into Didi’s little pussy.

Didi bit her lip and accepted the pain. Didi’s duty was to stand now, while uncle began to rub her pussy.

Is-ah, look at Shali Chud Marani’s niece (how much juice is in her mouth) like a juice mine.

Now I will insert the elephant’s trunk into your little pussy. De-dere de-tar pussy in my mouth and suck it. It’s been a long time since I got such a small pussy.

Is magir ki gud re, what a sweet smell. Uncle grabbed the big ass of sister with both hands and began to suck the honey of sister’s virgin pussy with various tricks.

Ah – Iss – Mama spare me now. There have been many, thus my destruction. My body knows how it is doing. Chude mama forcefully tore my bhodar koa

Ore Khanki Gud Marani I will break your little pussy today.

Seeing this, the mother took off all her clothes one by one and became completely naked.

I said to ask if uncle is caressing didi, mother got upset and lifted me up on her chest. And said to suck with a filling in my mouth.

I fell asleep after sucking my mother’s plump mite.

Since then, uncle often came to our house in the absence of father. Several months passed in this way, and after a few days, uncle came again.

At night, uncle went to didi’s house as usual. He hugged Didi tightly and started kissing. Today, however, Didi didn’t stop. He gave his young body to his uncle with a smile on his face.

He said – O uncle, finish me off. Make your soul happy. I have no objection. You really gave me great pleasure by forcing me to fuck you. Look, my tits and ass have become like khankids after eating your bed tape.

I really did not know that it is so comfortable to fuck uncle. You are a moron. Ah Thaper’s emphasis, absolutely fucking master.

On the other hand, uncle has already made Didi Nangto. Didi took one of Mama’s hands and held her pussy.

He said – don’t push it. I will be very comfortable, saying this, uncle’s mature cock started shaking.

Uncle’s cock started to swell after being touched by the little hand. The red veins of the ram became tense. His sister slowly started pulling the ram in her fist.

Is – ah – did you see? What’s hot inside the pussy. Is Shali Gand Marani see how the juice is fachfach.

Ah – that, won’t it?

This is your cousin’s pussy. Your fucking food is getting hot. Come on, take me to bed.

I can’t anymore.
Ah – what a fat man. One day will take the hips.

Saying this, he put the penis in Didi’s mouth. He licked the ram’s head with his tongue a few times and happily shook his head and started sucking.

Big Mundita’s mouth was completely filled, still choked and started sucking the stone’s dead cock.

One time, sister came to bed with a smile on her uncle’s lap. After a long time, they did a great job.

Just like Didi’s words, uncle spread his legs and lay down. Didi now sat with her legs on both sides of uncle’s waist.

He held uncle’s cock in his right hand and lifted his waist up a little and put the cock in Gud’s mouth and started pressing it slowly.

Seeing that the huge cock entered the mouth of the grandmother’s pussy one after another. Didi started to sit on the uncle’s lap by dancing her hips.

banglar panu golpo uncle’s daughter’s bhoda red

The ram began to travel inside Didi’s vagina making loud noises. Both of them went crazy with fucking pleasure.

And uncle, we will have sex all night today. You just hit the floor from below and lower my stomach even more.

You are my sweet uncle, my pussy. Do as much as you like, cude cude make my pussy red.
Be the father of my child.

Where did you learn how to take cock in your pussy like this, look how my cock is coming to your pussy.

Ah tor gud cude ki fun re ah de de de jore jore thap mar. I will crack your wife’s pussy today.

Crack it, crack it, crack it, crack it all over my pussy and hips. Chude Chude you finish me. I may not be able to get out of bed tomorrow morning.

Romantic sex story with young stepmother

Oh give it louder. I will marry you, I want to have you as an aunt. Otherwise I will die.

You are my everything – at that time mother went to their house and said to uncle, “Oh my dear brother, my pussy is tingling after seeing your sex, now look at me.”

After listening to my mother, sister laughed and said – Come, mother, let me suck your pussy first. It will be more fun to beat the ass.

voda chata I’m licking my girlfriend’s voda like honey

My naughty daughter has been very shy. See how you suck pussy. Saying this, didi caught the pussy in her mouth.

As soon as Didi started sucking Ma’s pussy, Mama went and stuffed her cock in Ma’s mouth and started playing with her waist like this.

Every day, in the absence of father, uncle’s Rati happiness continued in our house with sister and mother. Chude mama forcefully tore my bhodar koa

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