Chudlo husband excites his wife with his hand on the bus


Chudlo husband excites his wife with his hand on the bus

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I have been married for three years. My love life was very chaste. I also never had sex before marriage.

So I didn’t think of doing anything like that. I don’t know why, every time I saw or thought about my beloved wife, a holy feeling came in my heart.

I wanted to be better. So I didn’t think about sexsex. It took 12 days to have our first sex after marriage.

Means after 12 days we have first sex. It’s a very interesting story. Maybe I’ll tell you some other time if you want.

I can’t say. A few days ago we had our fifth wedding anniversary. I am sharing the incident of that day with you.

I am not discriminating about the sex, I satisfied the anger of Bhoda by giving the driver

I took leave from office long ago. I went out with my wife in the morning. go somewhere We boarded the bus to Manikganj.

I want to go on a long journey. I am a poor man. If I had a car, I would take my wife for a long drive.

That is not possible anymore. So you have to go by bus. When I got on the bus, I first put my hand on my wife’s shoulder. One after that

When I saw in the gap that no one was looking at us, then slowly the hand over the stomach navel

I gave it below.

I started moving on my wife’s light growing hair. The wife looked at me and rolled her eyes. I smiled softly. But I continued to work. I understand that the wife is getting hot.

I know it’s not right for me to warm my wife in this bus. But in my mind I am mischievous. After that when I went down,

I see that the wife’s vagina is wet with juice. I started massaging gently. I see the wife closed her eyes.

I inserted a finger. It’s hot inside. My wife made a sound. i am

I understand that it has become news. I have not spoken for so long. Grow up, Maharaj, when the banana tree has blossomed

I didn’t feel it. Suddenly I saw my wife holding my hand. Want to put more inside. I understand now

It’s time to get out. I put my hand out. The wife did not say anything. See eyes closed. we are

Then Dhamrai. Wife says I will back. I said, what are you talking about?

He said angrily, what are you saying? I didn’t talk anymore. Prepared to get off. I quickly boarded another bus and came to Dhaka.

As soon as I got home, my wife pushed me and threw me on the bed. Then he held my collar and said, you are mine

Why do you do this? i am silent She says again, if someone understood something. I said, I am

I gave my hand after looking around well. Wife says, don’t be ashamed of you. Say again, hands by looking around

I gave i smiled He put his whole body weight on me. I was about to speak

Tell me you will get the punishment today. That’s why I put lips on my lips. Just lip work for about ten minutes

we run I put him down now. I buried my face in his chest. I was so excited that

I pulled the blouse and tore it off. This is not new to me. I know why I like to do it. myself

Looks like a brave man. So the wife did not say anything. I kept biting her soft milk over the bra. he

Just say it slowly. And my hair started moving. i get lost I put a hand in her vagina. He interrupts.

said later After walking like this for some time, he gave me his hand. He opened the pant chain and took out the cock.

The father throws the friend’s wife’s body on the sofa and fucks her

Takes a while. I was still on her chest. Then he went up and gave me a big face. I am

Screaming happily. Today that is a little more caressing increases., sucking very softly, with tongue

was shaking I was giddy with happiness. Suddenly he got up. I was surprised. tell me what happened he

Say nothing. Then why stop? This is your punishment. The reader believes that I am a lot of Kakutiminti

I couldn’t do it that day. Of course he made up for it the next day. Chudlo husband excites his wife with his hand on the bus

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