debor vabi porokia big bhai very sexy cude poyati


debor vabi porokia big bhai very sexy cude poyati

I am the head of the family son name “Rahul 26:6” married wife name “Neelima 25:8 housewife”. We are 3 brothers and 2 sisters.

Elder sister “Sumi 27 married”, elder brother “Ratan 26 businessman” married wife name “Ayesha 25 housewife”, Sage brother “Ratul 26 businessman” newly married “Adrija 24:9 housewife”, younger sister “Rumi 24 married” and father mother

Father is a clothier and mother is a hotelier. D. The marriage interval of our brothers is only 3 months. I am closely related to the husband of 2 brothers.

We have our own house, two storey ground floor Thakur house with separate bathroom and many large rooms, drawing room, bathroom, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, parents room. And all the above brothers and sisters rooms have bathroom instead. There is a garden in front of the house.

My elder brother married for love. My 2 brothers are stupid but they go out to work in the morning and come back at night they are ungodly yes their wife is very clever religious and no one talks to anyone.

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But my mother loves me very much. I am the fool and the wife is on. Mar is holding back.

In the morning, Sage Bou cooks for Tagore and Sage Bou does Tagore’s work while Bage Bou cooks, and I do business with my mother-in-law. But whoever does Tagore’s work has to wear one color saree without blouse petticoat.

Now let’s come to the main story for the last 1 year, the father is not there, all the responsibilities are put on the mother and on the elder brother and the younger brother because I actually go sometimes and do not go, so the mother does not give me work because of that fear.

So most of the time I sit at home and do the market.

We have no housekeepers and no servants. One night we brothers went to each other’s house to fuck our wives.

But many times my mother used to say that my link is the biggest and anyone will like it. Compared to all the brothers I can cuda cudi for a long time which my brothers can’t.

But my wife found it annoying. Since I can’t find my brother’s mother and my daughter-in-law in the morning, I spend time talking with my brother’s daughter-in-law. debor vabi porokia big bhai very sexy cude poyati

One day my elder brother’s daughter-in-law asked me how Nilima was with me. I pretended not to know and asked if it is possible, then why do you pretend not to understand?

What did I say?

Then Sage Bau became ashamed and left. My sister in law is black with roughly body structure 33-32-33 and elder sister is fair and has similar body structure to my sister in law. But my sage brother’s daughter-in-law is fair slim 32-31-32, sexy type saree falls one and a half finger below the navel.

When I see him, my sex increases, when he doesn’t perform puja in Tagore’s house, it takes more sex. My mother and my brother-in-law went out for 5 months on business, then my brother-in-law was alone and I gossiped day and night to keep them happy.

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But my wife’s sex lover can’t watch sex movies and she is paired with her husband Adrija. One night they had an orgasm while sitting in the dining room.

I went to drink water and saw them engaged in this work. I tried to cut out from there and saw them bathing 2 people without locking the bathroom door. I find a younger husband’s pussy more attractive than a daughter-in-law’s.

He was suddenly caught by his wife. What are you watching my mother-in-law quietly?

Then I was devastated and couldn’t think of anything else to do. Then Boudi said that you have a lot of power and the person you have sex with can’t forget you right?

There was nothing to say then. Baidi took me to her room and made me have sex but I also made a condition that I will do it with you only once and second time but not again.

Then Boudi agreed and that day Boudi fucked 5 times. That day Adrija secretly saw everything. Then in the morning I went to the market and saw how Adrija was looking at me. I did not understand anything when I looked at him and smiled.

Later Boudi told me how that day went. After 15 days, the widow went to her father’s house due to necessity and all the responsibilities fell on Adrija. From Tagore’s work to washing the dishes cooked all the work is on Adrija.

Adrija was very tired. So I planned to go for a day to relieve his tiredness. I decided to go on a long drive for more winter fun.

That day I was wearing pajama pajabi and Adrija was wearing a yellow saree blouse with nothing inside and a shawl. So that morning I went out with my own car.

I set off at 6:30 in the dense fog. As soon as I got out of the city, Adrija said, stop the car. Why did I ask? Adrija said, “I’m very tired, I said, “What’s going on?” debor vabi porokia big bhai very sexy cude poyati

He said he got urine. When I looked at him, his face turned red. He ran and sat on the corner of the tree and finished the work but did not get water. Adrija then called me to bring water.

I took it and saw that water was still pouring from the vagina. Then seeing the perfectly shaved fair pussy, my greed increased even more.

Then I said to Adrija I will pour the water?

Then Adrija bowed her head and shook her head. When I clean her pussy she becomes different. After the long drive, I came home and fell asleep.

When he entered my room with tea in the morning, he saw my penis standing and I was asleep, he came forward and touched my penis.

I looked up and saw Adrija standing with tea and handed over the list of the market and said you worked a lot yesterday, didn’t you. I said not at all but I went out to the bazaar saying that I was happy.

When I was about to enter the house after shopping, I saw that the door was open. Entering the house, I saw Adrija taking off her clothes and going to Tagore’s house naked to perform puja.

I closed the door and watched his scene. Before the puja starts, Vasur sees me and says you have come. I said where are your clothes. He said yes but will not read.

I say why?

He said he would sacrifice his youth to me. Then I thought to myself that water should not be asked for so many clouds. Then I asked Adrija that you accept me as husband, she said yes.

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Adrija said you? I said you are not Ogo and he agreed. Then I came to her and kissed her on the lips and started sucking her milk. Then I started sucking pussy.

Adrija took off my dhoti and started sucking my penis. Adrijar moaned as I inserted my penis into her pussy, and poured all the material into her pussy.

Then when he went to cook, I broke his hips. Bath time again. After 1 month passed in this way the baby came in her stomach.

Everyone knows it’s Ratul’s baby, but I and Adrija know it’s our baby. Tell me if you like the story. debor vabi porokia big bhai very sexy cude poyati

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