desi sex gud choda Govt girl choda hot story


desi sex gud choda Govt girl choda hot story

Like people, I don’t really like to spend money. As a result, the problem is that I always have to put the girl down.

That costs a lot of money. But caste is not magic. Bhoda is wet. I don’t like to apply it without wet bhoda.

None of the professional magicians, or models, or DJ girls I’ve put on are wet. Due to this grief I have given up on Maggi.

Now don’t even forget the professional magi. Whatever we put in, we put it in the system. Anyway, girls of all professions are more or less attached in different ways. But, the police were not involved.

This sadness wakes up when I see a big breasted police girl on the street. Anyway, let’s get to the real story. Suddenly I lost my National ID card.

I went to Badda police station to do GD. The duty officer is a beautiful SI. But, the usage is extremely irritating. Ambi Tambi is doing with everyone.

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I am sitting waiting for the duty officer to be free and watching her huge breasts. One time I got a call.

I forwarded the precompiled GD. GD was very upset. desi sex gud choda Govt girl choda hot story

GD asked for what. I said, National ID card is lost. I took out my wallet and gave a note of 500 rupees.

Suddenly the appearance of the duty officer changed. He said, why money? I said, how much you suffer.

I gave tea. Please don’t mind. He asked to take the money, there was no need for all this. The government has hired us to work for you.

However, GD quickly became anti. When I left, I said, are you always a duty officer? He said, I usually have duty one day after the other.

I said, if you don’t mind, can I get your number? It will work in case of danger. He gave me the number without any hesitation.

I asked how long the duty was. He said till eight o’clock at night. I called around 10pm.

After picking up the phone, I introduced myself. Today, I went to the police station to do GD I like you very much. So I called to thank you.

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He said, why thank you? On the contrary, you embarrassed me with money! After that we talked for a while. He did his Masters from Eden.

I took his Facebook ID. Straight talk did not kill the mood as much as other girls. I sent a Facebook fan request that night and got an accept message within 30 minutes.

Since then the conversation started on Facebook. After a few days I told him that I fell in love with him at first sight.

I can’t go on without him etc. Then I wanted to meet him. He asked me to come to the police station.

We used to meet each other to talk about bad things. But, could not make time to go out.

Time to get out during trade fairs. I went to the trade fair with him. I bought a lot of things. desi sex gud choda Govt girl choda hot story

I spent about 20 thousand rupees on him in one day. He was surprised to see my spending. From my Facebook ID I know that I am fairly rich and single.

own business almost go abroad There are also pictures of different countries on Facebook. But, I did not think that I will spend so much behind him. The story of police cheating on the first day

Since then I used to go out regularly. In the meantime, he told me about marriage. I said, marry my younger sister and then do it (total lie, I don’t have any younger sister).

And in my own fat I live alone and make fools of myself. My mother lives with my brother). I said, come home any day. I will introduce my mother and sister.

It is better to say here that in between I kissed her a few times and touched her chest while kissing. Anyway, he asked me when he would come.

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I said, come to my house anytime. Come see the holidays. Then I’ll stay. No need to inform me in advance.

It will be a surprise then. I told my mother and sister about you!Suddenly one Friday around 11 o’clock the bell rang.

I’m still in bed. The night before I was at a DJ party at the Radisson all night. Anyway, got up and saw what happened to the door, SI mashaya came.

I opened the door and said very surprised, today is Friday, so I was sleeping in the afternoon. come come He entered my fat and said in an impressed voice, Your fat is very beautiful. I sat him down. He said, where is the aunt?

I said, wait and see. I thought of searching in other rooms. After that I said, I must have gone to market with my younger sister.

It’s Friday. Come sit now. I will change a little. Meanwhile I made coffee. There is nothing to make this coffee.

Just mix coffee powder with hot water. It’s basically sex-waking coffee. 30 minutes after eating boys and girls whose sex is awakened.

I brought it from Malaysia last time. It has worked in many cases before.

I myself also gave him the game. He said, Wow, you are a very good boy. I said, whose wife is SI, he must know his job.

Meanwhile, I thought of calling my mother. Then I told him that my mother and my sister went to my brother’s house. desi sex gud choda Govt girl choda hot story

It will be a little late. He said, then I go. I said, whatever you are doing. He said, no, you don’t believe.

What do you do to me now alone! I was wasting time talking about 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes I went to kiss her. At first I resisted a little but not that hard. At first I just kissed on the mouth

Then the lips. After that I started sucking lips. After a while I started french kissing. He also started to respond. It lasted for at least 20 minutes, no matter what.

I was pressing the milk slowly. Now I took a push to pick up the bra. The milk that looks big from the outside, is actually very small milk. Thick bra keeps big milk.

Anyway, I picked up the bra and started sucking. There was no obstacle between them. I started going down slowly. I kissed the navel for a long time.

Then I unzipped his pajama and saw the whole clean save bhoda. Without further delay I started sucking the bhoda. There was already a little bit of shouting.

But, as soon as Bhoda started sucking, he started screaming loudly. The screams of happiness are indescribable. Then I opened the pant.

I said, I have sucked yours. Now you suck mine. He said, Shit. I said, this will not work. get started

Now he took my money in his mouth. As soon as I started sucking money, I realized that he has a very good experience of sucking money. desi sex gud choda Govt girl choda hot story

Very nice sucking. Then I took out the money from his mouth and put it in his mouth. There was no need to gain any speed to enter wet weather beforehand.

The goods do not fall due to the effect of coffee. I did it in different styles for an hour. The dog began to howl as the style began. He said, it hurts. I said, give me some time honey.

After 10 minutes in kutta style, the goods came to Sonar’s head. She also started screaming. As soon as I took out the gold, he said, it won’t happen anymore.

And don’t put stuff inside. I said, then suck it out. He said, OK. I said, then you have to eat all the goods.

Money is the result of my love for you. It cannot be thrown out and wasted. All must be eaten. Agreed after a little quibble.

Started sucking again. After a while, the goods started coming out. Even though he tried to move his mouth, I fed him the whole thing.

After taking out my gold, I ran to the bathroom. I went to the bathroom and heard her trying to get the goods out. The story of the police

However, when we came out after a while, we both went together and took a bath. Then he said, you must not claim that I am the first woman in your life.

I said, as I have fucked many girls before, as you can understand by my performance, I also understand that I am not your first.

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So don’t just be upset by these words. Then he said, “Your mother hasn’t come yet?” I pretended to call again.

Then I told him, today my mother and my sister will stay at my brother’s house. That night he stayed at my fat.

I applied it a total of 6 times throughout the day and night. From then on, I applied it almost exclusively to my fat. Meanwhile, he was transferred to another police station.

We almost started quarreling about various things. This is the first complaint that I practice witchcraft in various places.

I would have accepted and said, you also give your officers. I don’t know? In this way, the relationship broke down at one point. But, honestly, as attractive as cops look from the outside, they are not in bed. desi sex gud choda Govt girl choda chatty story

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