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I woke up and heard from my mother that Doeldi will come. Doeldi is my aunt’s daughter. Three years older than me. Just got married.

Anyway, I felt better after hearing it. And came. Stayed two days. In words aunty’s little girl means my chhordi came up. She used to work as a nurse posting in Baharampur. Haven’t talked to her for a long time.

I took the phone number from Doeldi. I called but did not introduce myself. I saw a very provocative message. Good to hear.

Then introduced. You can talk to someone even if you don’t have a girlfriend. No sister. I will say it in words. Thus the conversation began.

I went to my aunt’s house during the summer vacation. Two days later didi came. We had a lot of fun together for 2-3 days. Then her vacation was over.

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It’s time for me to open school. Aunt said ‘he goes alone every time. Which you bring this time. Then come and join the school.’ I accepted the offer to have the company of beautiful sister.

I booked a night bus ticket from Siliguri. Both journeyed and appeared in Baharampur as usual. The next day he joined duty. I went along too.

Didi Bhai is already beautiful. On top of that, his uniform made him even more hot to see. I kept watching. Didi Bhai started to do duty with my mother.

In the evening both of them came back home. Then he was on duty for two days. Returned in the evening. We used to go for a walk together. I used to watch movies and started spending time like this.

At night, both of us used to sleep in the same bed as he was staying there for rent. I really wanted to hug and caress the oak. But what to do. It’s a thousand sister. It was time for me to return. Right, his night shift from the next day. I will return the same day.

I took the car back the next day. Overnight journey. At 2 am he called to know where I am. Vyas started talking. I don’t want to.

I said ok, I will see you back home tomorrow, there is a surprise for you. I bought a teddy for her and put it on her bed. Along with a letter in which I wrote some words for my own caution asking him to be well.

He is very happy to see. Called and said ‘You care about me so much. I will take care if I am your girlfriend.’ This is how the conversation continued.

The next day was the night shift. At night I called at 2 o’clock. I started talking in a very sexy tone. And I just started saying that I miss the time you spent there.

And I was missing a lot. After about an hour of talking like this, my mother said, ‘Brother, I have fallen in love with you very much these days. Please come again.’ Who else do I get?

I immediately told Oak ‘love you two’. Then the two talked about love on the phone and had a sweaty phone sex.

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On the phone, he sucked my dick in such a way that I couldn’t stay any longer. Sucked on the phone and gave out the goods.

The next day I went to school and asked the teacher for two days off. I went out to Baharampur on the pretext of my mother’s house as a friend’s house.

I did not introduce myself here. My name is Sayak. Sayak Roy. Age 23. Height 5’8”. Looks average. Didi Bhai used to say that she likes me if I have a light beard on my face. Anyway, those are not going to be appreciated. If anyone wants, eat it. You will understand by yourself.

Sister’s name is Koel. 9 months older than me. Figure 32-28-34. Anyway, I arrived at dawn the next day. After entering the house and closing the door, I fell on him. I hugged Oak and laid him on the bed, saying ‘I love you very much, brother.

Then I climbed on top of her and started sucking her lower lip. Quail went crazy with happiness and bit my lip.

He started sucking and stroking my hair. Head, back began to catch. He pressed his head and started pushing it in his mouth.

I started sucking her upper lip and lower lip in turn. Then I started kissing and licking her cheeks, forehead, two eyes, eyebrow, nose everywhere. The quail was happily frolicking like a slaughtered lamb and mouthing ‘ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Wow… where have you been all this time?

I was waiting for the bite of these lips… Preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Everything of your cousin is yours today. I will marry you if you want.

We will be different from everyone. I will fill you only with affection and affection and love’ and his lips became violent. I hugged and threw down and started sucking my lips like crazy.

My whole face, throat began to bite. I didn’t sit down either. I also started to counter. The whole room was filled with the sound of happiness.

Where did the bed sheets go? I did not realize when I opened whose dress. When the biting, sucking and licking is over, the two of us are lying naked in each other’s arms.

I was surprised to see her naked body in the morning light. So beautiful my sweetheart. I slowly started pressing her breast. He began to cool again. I also slowly started to increase the tide.

Sitting on her lap, I started pressing my breasts like crazy with both hands. Quail began to quiver. Like an actress in a blue film with both hands, she began to caress her own hair. paribarik panu kahini now crack my pussy baba

I started pressing the right mite. I am touching the whole breast and wiping the drop of the milk and started sucking the left milk in my mouth.

Then I started pressing the left breast again and started sucking the right breast vigorously. Like crazy. In a violent way. I saw with my hand in the vagina that it was completely wet. He blurted out ‘went out twice. What are you doing?’

In the midst of it, everyone in the house got up. We also had to remain unfinished. Quail got up, bathed, cooked and went to duty. I slept after the whole day because the night would be in the world.

In the evening, he returned to cook, I sat down and saw his appearance. Sometimes I started to pull and kiss. He brought Unwanted-72 from the hospital. After dinner we both went to sleep.

This time I didn’t let the oak dress read. Lying down and hugging again, the entire separation is covered. The unfinished morning biting and sucking my tape started.

Once again I violently pressed my breasts and finished biting. Her fair breast turned red. Then I licked her navel and made the oak hotter.

After navel sucking I went to her pussy. Pink color virgin meaning virgin pussy is doing wet jab. Constantly leaking water.

I put my hand on the cunt and it trembled. After baking the body, the water started to leave again. My hand held her pussy. Without delay, I inserted a finger and started fingering very fast.

After a while I inserted two fingers and started to fuck very loudly. Didi Bhai went crazy with happiness and pain. And her pussy is leaking water.

Quail stretched out his hand and pressed my cock, began to convulse. I got mad too. Unable to stay, I lay on him. I set the cock in Guder’s mouth.

Grandmother winced in pain. Still clenching her teeth, Amai gestured to push harder. When I gave another push, half of the camel went inside. banglachoti.uk couldn’t take me anymore. I started trying to remove the oil. But I have found heaven.

I started kissing her neck like crazy. She was exhausted happily and I took this opportunity to give another thrust and inserted the whole cock and started sucking her lips and fixed the cock.

After a while, when her pain subsided, she began to move her pussy on her own. My boy also woke up after eating the floor. I also started to hit at high speed from above.

Just the sound of thuds all over the room. Didi Bhai got mad again and started saying the opposite. Being stubborn with happiness, he just keeps saying ‘Chod Chod Bhai am.

Where have you been for so long? More more more fuck. Chude Chude tor this chinal magi didita’s pussy crack today.’ So the water was released again. ‘All my girlfriends have fucked.

I have been a disgraced nurse whose pussy was still a virgin. I could not take the bad name of being a virgin anymore, brother.

Today, you have given me bad name, brother. You have torn the vagina, now tear the vagina. Louder and louder fuck me.

Don’t make my pussy more loose than all the girlfriends, brother. Fuck louder.’ Hearing this, I got hotter and more violently, I continued to fuck her lovely pussy.

I couldn’t handle it and said, ‘Didi Bhai, you are such a bitch, if I had known you earlier, I would have cracked this pussy a week ago. Ne ne ar to kaoke pasni magi. Eat chickens.

Do not manage how many girlfriends you have. I want to fuck everyone.’ Quail said ‘I will give, I will get the tie of the one I want. Deb to my girlfriend. I will give you another magi Didi Doel.

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But brother, you are now fucking my pussy.’ I lifted the oak from the bed and pushed it against the wall and started to fuck the pussy.

After 20 minutes of fucking like this, I took out the goods. And together they left the water again. The sexual juice of the two made the floor solid.

I hugged the quail and lay down on the bed. I started telling many love stories while hugging and kissing. I don’t remember when I slept like this.

When he woke up it was 3 o’clock. Seeing her swollen breasts, my body became hot again. I couldn’t help but kiss the oak again.

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