Domination by sugar mummy – Part 1


Hi All, This is story were I became a slave to foreign lady. Iam joywin iam from Bangalore and working in a corporate company. Iam 28 and single. Coming to the story, i had a abroad friend her name is Sandra and she is from UK. She was in her mid 40’s and she was little bit fat but her assets were so attractive all the boy will fall for it.

I met Sandra in face book 2 year ago, at that time i was doing my graduations. Beginning we had regular conversations and she was curious to about me . I told about me then we both became good friends. Daily we uses to chat for sometimes.

After some months she ask my bank details and told me that she will gift me. At first i got surprised and also got afraid because there are some scammers. I refuse to provide her details.

Then she sent me amazon gift card with codes and told to buy some for myself. I was in surprise and asked her why she has sent me, she told buy something and then she will explain. As suggested by her I bought a dress for myself. Dress was delivered within 2 day she told ware and sent a snap of it .

Sandra told me that i am looking dashing in those attire. Now i asked her that why she has gifted me, she told that she likes me and asked me that can she will be my sugar mama. I was so confused and was not knowing what is sugar mama. I told her I didn’t understand then she explained what is sugar mama & sugar baby, she also told that i didn’t not do anything in return. I told her that i need sometime to understand it then she told me to be clam and be yourself.

From there on our conversation continued and we became very close and we use to discuss all our day activities, for every 15 day or in a month she would be sharing me a gift card.
One day she started telling about her past life and told her husband was too dominating which she didn’t like. So they broke up. After that she was alone for also 20 years. Sandra told me that i she is so arrogant and stubborn lady and like to dominate.

I laughed and told her your so soft but she replied that she is soft in nature but like to be a dominating person. Then she asked me what is my nature, i told its soft and introvert .
This continued for months we became more closer then used to tease me. We started doing video calls and started doing online romance. One she told that we can try dominating stuffs , Sandra order me to buy some items ( chastity device, dildo, lubricants) I didn’t have any idea on those items. As suggested by here i did that. Next day I informed that items has arrived, she suddenly done video call and told me show those products. And then she order me to ware chastity to my cock.

Then she told me to open the dildo and apply lubricant on it and order me to put that in my ass hole . I refuse to do that her mode got pissed off by seeing that i got afraid and did what she ordered. I was paining like hell. I cried a lot but on the other hand she was enjoying it, after some time she told me to stop that but she strictly order not remove the chastity device until her next instructions.

Chastity is like hell I couldn’t mastrubute or do urine properly .

Friend next session will be submitted in the part 2 of this story . Please provide you comments and feedback to [email protected] . So that it will help me writing next part. In next part Sandra will be visiting India .

If aunty or ladies of any age who like femdom can reach out for any query or for support.

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