Drunken wife left her husband and came to me to have sex


Drunken wife left her husband and came to me to have sex

My first job in life. I work in database in a company. Office from 7 am to 2 pm.

I am happy to have a woman colleague who is my senior. It is his responsibility to see or teach the details of my work.

I did not tell the woman’s real name, her nickname is Runa. Age 26 years. married Later I came to know that she is the wife of a drunkard.

Anyway, I liked Runa by joining the office. I began to dream of fucking Runa in my mind. The reason for such thinking was that women are very sensual type.

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His face says it all. 38-34-36 size body. Height 5 feet two inches. Skin color form. Smile is nice. The fire of desire in his eyes.

Her husband is 30 years old. Hangla-thin. A boy, studying in class five. A woman gets married at the age of 15 and a boy is born at the age of 16.

I work at the computer as well as in the office. I ask that. Sometimes I saw the woman’s eyes were swollen. It felt like he hadn’t slept all night.

Sometimes come to the office to cry alone. Seeing Runa’s condition made me very interested to know about her personal life.

One day I dared to ask, why are you crying?
What is the benefit of listening to them?

If you don’t say something else. But it pains me to see you in this condition (Speaking to please him.) He was pleased to hear me.

He said, that rascal did not let me sleep all night.
I understand that he is talking about his husband.

Why kill understand?



What will you hear?

Say no!

That rascal drinks.


He who comes home drinking at night does not let me sleep at night.
I did not understand Runa.

I am single man. I have yet to know or understand many things in life. I said, why beat?

But why?

No, it doesn’t beat.


The night he comes drunk he has sex with me all night. Well tell me how many times can be done? I don’t drink alcohol and have sex with her all night.

I couldn’t think of what to answer to Runa’s words. I looked at him. Suddenly looking at her chest, how the chest was raised.

I imagined her night in my mind – her husband naked and sucking her milk, inserting the bhodar dhon and screaming and demanding not to have sex without her.

Can you forcefully remove the OS?

He does not want to name once on the chest. Playing with my body all night, my mind doesn’t understand. Tell me what to do?

I got to know more about him like this. One day I said, one day I will go to your house.
Come on days when he is not at home. See how I am.

I said ok.

Suddenly, Runa did not come to the office for a few days. How is my mind doing? I really want to know how he is.

How many things I tell you, personal, family. Another thing to mention is that Runa complains about her husband’s drinking.

I am also addicted to alcohol sometimes by consuming ganja, charas and sleeping tablets if I don’t get them. How long have I been talking intimately with Runa after consuming ganja,

Runa does not know that I have seen her milk, her lips, if she had known, she would not have told me in her life. So I pressed them to him.

One day I decided to go to his house on a public holiday. Her husband has gone to the country house for a few days.

Runai gave me this news. So one morning after breakfast I took six sleeping pills and went to Runa’s house. One room house.

A kitchen with her. He was very happy when I went. How long did I talk? To ask about his son, he said that he had gone to his grandfather’s house. It will be late.

I said, sit and talk.
He said to me, you wait a little. I am finishing the kitchen work.

When Runa went to the kitchen, I lay on her bed and fell asleep thinking about everything. I don’t remember how long I was like this.

But during this time I had a small dream about Runa.
Suddenly he woke up with the call of Runa. I looked at her with wide eyes. And I started thinking how

I saw such a dream.
Runa said, what happened to you. Why are you looking like that? (I looked at Runa’s chest).

I said, I had a dream.

In the meantime?


What is that dream?

about you

He smiled and said, what did you dream about me? Tell me what you dreamed.

I said, don’t you be angry?

Hey Dur, can be angry with you?

I thought that I am such that he can not be angry with me! I said, will I say?

No, I will not be angry. tell me

I said I dreamed I was kissing you.

Runa’s eyes instantly turned red. Then he came towards me and said, let’s kiss. I hesitated and at one point kissed her cheek gently.

Runa suddenly closed the door of the room and pulled me to the bed. I was confused when she asked me to put on the skirt of her dress.

She pulled the chain of my pant and I went to put it on her bum. I didn’t know where the bhodar leak was.

But then I was 25 years old. Runa said, the fool does not know where to put! Well, I’ll show you.

Saying this, Bhoda mocked and said, enter here. When I went to enter, my goods were out. I was very ashamed that day. I bowed my head and came out of the room.

I was very uncomfortable to enter the office the next day. However, I could not talk to him after entering the office and sitting at work.

Runa spoke to me carefully. Suddenly the power went out. Our room is a computer room. Air-conditioned.

All doors and windows are closed for this. When the power goes out, the room becomes completely dark. Runa raised my hand in the dark.

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I felt the touch of his hand. He opened the chain of my pant and held the gold and moved it.

Once the power went out, he said in his ear, he will come to the office by half past six tomorrow morning.

Runa started to smile as she said she would later.
The next day I ran to the office early in the morning. When he reached the office at 6:20, the peon came and opened the lock and left.

A little later I saw Runa come. He came and put the vanity bag on the table and went to the expeage room with me. He went and pulled my hand over his chest and said, press.

I felt shy but pressed on. Said what day. I did that too. After that, Runa lay down on the floor and raised Saya with both fingers and inserted it here.

I untied the pant chain and set gold on her bum. He said, push now. As soon as I did that, Bhoda Dhon entered the room. Oh what a peace.

This is the first time in the life of a woman that Dhona has entered her vagina. He said, this has happened. Within two minutes my goods were out.

Runa said, don’t worry, time will increase slowly. I will take you home one night. When the drunk is not there.

In the meantime we have moved on to you. I said, but your son will stay.
You don’t have to worry about that.

One day after coming to the office Runa said come to our house today. I will be standing at the door at ten o’clock. don’t be afraid Come on.

That moment has come. The day was in the month of Shravana. It has been raining since evening. I went in front of Runa’s house from 9:30 pm and stood behind.

Smoking cigarette after cigarette. When Runa came to the gate around ten o’clock at night, I quickly went to the gate and was taken inside.

The door was open. But inside the room is dark. He said quietly that the baby is sleeping. come slowly Putu is the name of his 10 year old son.

I entered the room, closed the door and turned on the light. Two room house. This room seems empty. One side has a bed and a reading table.

Runa said that. Sheets on the bed. I was getting hot just by looking at the bed. Runa surprised me and took off her saree.

Then one by one he took off my shirt, pant and underwear, took off my blouse, bra and saiya and started sucking the money in his mouth. Drunken wife left her husband and came to me to have sex

Then he pushed me on the bed and said, you will fuck me all night. What can you do? Or will fuse in the middle?

I didn’t speak. I was afraid. Runa overcomes my fear and says, just because you were fused that day, it is not right that it will be today.

You can’t have sex with fear. You were afraid that day, besides I am a new partner. So it happened. Today is nothing like that.

So you fuck with your heart. The first time might be sooner. But second and third time you can beat me. I heard Runa’s words.

I hugged him. Then I lied down and started sucking the milk. Runa got on me 69 ways and started sucking my gold in her mouth.

I touched her face. This is the first time in my life that I have given my face to any Bhoda. Runai taught me that. Runa let out an ooh-ah as I thrust my tongue into Bhoda’s mouth.

And took my cock in his mouth and started sucking hard. After that, Runa made me lie down and sat on top of me.

I felt hot in the stomach. Then on the second step the whole gold went in and the runa cooled down- uh-ah-ooo… dying.

Chodo Khanki Magire, Chodo well. I also said, oh hold me Runa, I will never forget the happiness you have given me in my life. Runa said, if you will be my husband-ah-o o o.

I pushed Runa down and slept with a scream. Then I knelt down near her bhoda and lifted her legs on my lap.

Now the inside of Bhoda was seen. Runa got cold as he put the rice inside. started crying

I said what pain? He said, “Hey, don’t be stupid, do it loudly.” Oh and oh
I fucked Runa four times throughout the night. I fell asleep hugging him in the morning.

The next day while sitting in the office, Runa asked me to be close to her husband. Said, if I can achieve closeness,

Then one day or sometimes I can spend the night at their house and then I will know how her husband has sex with her.

Listening to Runa I became very interested and was able to get close to Runa’s husband very easily.

Many people probably don’t know how to handle a drunk better than I do
One day I said to Khalid (Runa’s husband), brother, I want to have a drink one day. you me

can help
The gentleman looked at me in surprise and said, do you drink?

not regularly sometimes

So let’s go this evening.

In the evening we went to a bar in town and drank until ten at night. I was very cautious so after finishing a couple of pegs I pretended to be drunk and said I can’t take it anymore.

Khalid Sahib got drunk and said, Let’s go to our house, we, Khalid Sahib, his wife Runa and I will talk all night long. That’s what I wanted.

Runa was happy when she went home. The story is no more. I fell asleep around twelve. Because Mr. Khalid is too restless to lie down.

I slept in the next room. Khalid Sahib, Runa and son sleep in the same bed in one room. I woke up after hearing Runa’s urge to sleep less than ten minutes.

Runa says, there are guests in the house today, leave me today.
Khalid Sahib said, “This Khan is Magi, Mehman is your town.” Do you fuck with him? I’m in love

What’s wrong?

Shih Shih will hear that!
Pak Come on, make a fool of me.

no can’t I will not give you anything.

But I heard a crash between them. Then the sad voice uh…. Then two or three minutes of silence. Then I heard Runa Shitkar.

Oh – if you kill me, I can’t anymore, your clothes are so thick, the bastard’s son goes to your mother. o-o-o I died. Along with this, the sound of the bed is rotten.

I slowly got up and stood in front of the door to see their condition. Then he got upset after seeing them having sex.

I became very sexy. I started imagining Runa in my mind.
Leave this khanki’s puppet now, I’m done. Runa’s voice.

What will happen to you, I did not.
Mr. Khalid began to fuck harder. Calmed down after about half an hour of fucking.

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Then after five minutes I heard the sound of Khalid Sahib’s snoring. Then suddenly Runa came and hugged me lying on my bed.

He made me lie down and put money in his vagina and started fucking himself.
I’m having fun too.

Once I threw him down and started myself. After about 20 minutes I fucked him. Then I asked when the goods were out.

You don’t want to fuck with a drunk, but why with me? Besides, you have gone out with her a while ago, how can you fuck with me?

He laughed and said, “I never have it with him, not even today.” It’s acting, otherwise he wouldn’t have released me so soon.

After that I used to fuck Runa almost every day. Drunkard’s wife left her husband and came to me for sex

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