Expect the Unexpected-8 – Sex Stories


Please read the previous part here ( Expect the Unexpected-7 ). Now let’s continue

Bunty said “relax Nina. I am only getting started”. She screamed saying “please call Rupa back immediately to share my workload otherwise I am sure you will kill me”.

Bunty laughed saying “Nina these 3 weeks are going to be only our private honeymoon time, I don’t want anyone intruding or disturbing us during this, not even Rupa”, saying this he cuddled and smooched her.

They both fell asleep hugging each other. After sufficiently resting Nina woke up fresh and sat on the bed, she saw Bunty was still sleeping but his manhood was hard again and saluting her.

She was in awe looking at how quickly he was ready to go again. She woke him up and herself headed to the bathroom to clean totally unaware that Bunty was right behind her.

When she reached the wash counter she was startled to see Bunty standing behind her from the mirror above the counter. He hugged her from behind cupping her boobs while wedging his manhood between her legs resting against her lips below.

Nina wanted to tell him to stop but he had already started dry humping her. She only managed to whisper “please stop Bunty, we will do it again when we get back”.

She was late in saying this, he was already kissing her neck and sucking her ear lobes triggering her arousal again. Before she could say anything more, Bunty dragged her under the shower and turned it on.

He resumed caressing her body under the falling droplets of water from the shower. Being under the shower with someone was another blow to Nina’s embarrassment.

While she had given countless showers to Bunty when he was a kid, she never in her wildest dreams expected to be showering together with him as his wife.

Leave alone that, she never ever expected to be showering with anyone because it was her own little private space, a space she was ashamed to share with anyone.

But since she met Bunty after a long while, he had already made her do so many things which were beyond her own faith and beliefs. Bunty’s throbbing cock massaging her pussy lips was driving Nina nuts with pleasure.

Bunty turned her around looking at her with lust filled eyes, he wanted to now go for her other sensitive spots to arouse her to the point that she would herself beg him to have her.

The moment his lips kissed her and started moving to other places of interest on her body, Nina felt her own orgasm rip thru her body making her hug Bunty for support.

When she came around she was resting her head on his shoulder. Bunty was still busy fondling her buttery soft buttocks while his cock continued his dry humping assault against her love hole.

She looked at Bunty in awe for the way he was making her orgasm again and again even before penetrating her. His dad on the other hand only rarely managed to make her orgasm with intercourse included.

Bunty smooched her and asked “do I have your permission darling”? Already swimming in oceans of pleasurable sensations all Nina was able to manage was a yes with her eyes.

Bunty kneeled between her legs once again to taste her love while Nina frantically grabbed whatever she could for support knowing very well that his mouth was magical and would drive her crazy again any moment.

Having tasted his mother’s nectar which had just erupted moments back, he got up holding her by her buttocks. Nina quickly locked her hands around his neck while raising herself on her toes.

Bunty slowly pushed his missile inside her waiting love canal and started giving her slow but hard thrusts from below. Nina too was at the peak of her arousal, so she was also matching her pelvic movements with his.

During this sexual union both kissed each other with lots of burning passion like it was the first time they were doing it. They had a very long and intense lovemaking session.

By the end when Bunty pumped his juice in her honey pot Nina was on the verge of passing out due to the many orgasms which she had experienced.

After completing their first bath together as husband and wife they came to the bedroom. Bunty teasingly asked “so Nina did you enjoy your bath”? Nina chuckled saying “yes my love, you have pampered and spoiled me, now get ready to do it every day”.

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