Experience with the bike ride lady


Hi all I am Ali ( name changed).this is the original incident which was happened in Hyderabad in month of April 2024.so let’s come to the story.
Basically I am a software Engineer and I daily used to go to office and I used to stay in the PG and for the part ime job I used to do UBER/Rapido / OLA .

So I got a ride from the Gachibowli to Chandrayan Gutta so I have accepted the ride, and the conversation went like this.

She : is this job is part time / full time.
Me : I am working as a software Engineer and this is my part-time job.
She : oh ok.

Me : and you

She : I am also a software engineer
She : you look decent and do you go to gym regularly.
Me : yes.
She : oh nice and do you have a girlfriend?.
Me : yes , but it was past.
She : oh great, and do you have any interest stuff with her
Me : yes
She : like what.
Me:till now we had 2 times sex.

She : oh great, then how big is you’re .
Me : its 6 inches
She : oh wow.
Me : do you have boyfriend
She : yes, and he doesn’t show much interest on me.
Me: ok while having a bit conversation like this , her hand were on my right thigh.and slightly her hand was moving to my private part
She: so how was the experience.
Me: it’s really fabulous .

She : oh great and she started to touch my penis upper part.and she she told that you muslims have very good hygiene on those parts and I like that.

Me : I an completely lost my senses when she was touching my private part.
And finally we had reached our destination region .And intentionally I asked can I get some water.

She: ok come to my room.
Me : ok, while I was walking beside her, she has seen a bulge over my pants and was laughing slightly.

She : I think you are missing you’re gf
me : yeah , but we had a breakup due to some personal reasons.
She : don’t worry, you look handsome and have a good structure, and have good rod ( with a kinky smile)
Me : i quiet felt blushing.
She : here , have some water.
Me: while driving , she kept her hand near my stomach and was caressing,
Me : due to her things .some water fell on my stomach and pants
She : oh sorry, here take my towel and please help you’re self.
Me : ok
She : I’m really sorry for what I have done and I will help to clean you.
Me: while she was cleaning , she was intentionally touching my bulge and cleaning.i was watching her expressions.She was bitting her lips and making some sounds.
She : see how big is yours and she started to remove my pants and un-button my zip.
Me : she was removing the pant zip with her lips ( that was the tempting move by her)
She: please show me your cock and I would like to lick you’re lollipop and I would like to enjoy it.
Me : I was enjoying the movements which was making by her.
She : instantly removed by pant and shirt and makes me naked.
Me : finally I was naked in front of her and I told her now I will make you fell “this was the best experience ever “.
She : ok my dear.
Me : firstly I hugged her and kissed her on her forehead and then on her left and right eyebrows and kissed on her lips.
She : she was making sounds like hmmmmm etc.
Me: I was tasting her lips and exchanging our Saliva…….. It went like that for 10 min and I breaker the kiss.
She : please start the main action.
Me : I told you already , I will make you this session as the best ever sex session.
She : ok my dear Ali bhai.
Me : then i slowly kept my hands under her Tshirt and felt her soft boobs and pressing then softly, till then she was playing with my dick and jerking off.
She : ohhh hmm.
Me : finally I have opened her Tshirt and removed her bra.
And I turned towards the ass side of her and started to press her boobes from back side and I was kissing her lips from back side and she was moaning heavily.
She : and you’re dick is very nice & started to suck it like a lolipop.
Me : trust me guys it was really fantastic and she was pro in it .And she sucked it for 10 min .
She : Ali please suck my pussy very hard
Me : and I have started to rub her pussy very -very smoothly and firstly I started to feel it and then firstly gave gentle kiss on her glorious pussy and started to lick it .and this process went till 10 to 15 min nd started to eat her pussy .And she was moaning very loudly.

And started to take my dick and kept on her pussy and teased for for few min and started to insert her pussy very slowly. Actually I wanted to feel the movements of inserting her pussy.and she was moaning very hardly and biting her lips very crazily.And finally I have increased my speed and fucking her crazily. And for 15 to 20 min this process went on like this .

And we went again 69 position and enjoyed each other company and enjoyed for 10 min .And again we stated in anal position and finally i have cummed on her tummy.and I have hugged her tightly and she was telling that she never had this kind of experience before and yours d**k is very nice and she again started to stroke it gently and I was pressing her boobs and playing with her nipples.and finally I left her room .

This was my beautiful experience and hope you like it and any ladies/aunties need any help, please feel free to mail me in this mail id “[email protected]”.

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