Father-in-law’s estranged father-in-law forgot to fuck me with my sister


Father-in-law’s estranged father-in-law forgot to fuck me with my sister

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Human life is very different. You might be surprised to know how many different sexual experiences I have accumulated in my 25 years of life.

Still I sat down to write. Comment or mail whatever you think is good/bad

I am turning 25. This September will be 26. 5.4 inches long. Skin color is fair. Light brown hair. It’s good to see and hear too.

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The day I will tell the story is my uncle’s wedding day. Happened at my in-laws house.
My groom’s cousin’s wedding program.

It is better to say that my uncle’s condition is a little bad. On the other hand my father in law is one of the top 5 rich people in this village. So the marriage was arranged from my in-laws. Marriage house

You can understand the amount of trouble. Even after a good marriage, most of the relatives who came have left.

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Most of those who are there are in-laws’ houses. Two mother-in-laws are guests in our house. Everyone else is from this house. No one lives in this house in the village. I live in Dhaka with my husband.

My father-in-law lives in the village. He does local politics here. A man with quite a name. Mother-in-law passed away a year ago. Two people at work.

And two floors, three floors for rent. And yes, we are five sisters. My immediate elder sister is divorced again. After her divorce with her husband, my mother-in-law got her a job through a link she knew.

put in For convenience of travel, along with the child, she takes a room at my in-laws house.

My groom Jihan was supposed to make me a pair of gold bangles for the wedding. But at the last moment he didn’t give it because he didn’t have the money.

There is a mild sense of pride in our Tonatuni about this. I mean I’m angry. I clearly told him not to come and touch me.

It is the right of every wife to keep her husband in a little para.
Anyway, let’s get to the real story. About the wedding day night. I am very tired after busy all day. It is almost 12 o’clock in the night.

Everyone in the house is somehow tired. I will not sleep with my son-in-law. So I thought to go to your room and sleep. Apu is still working on packing.

He told me that my uncle gave the baby to my mother-in-law to sleep. He will come to sleep after finishing his work. I fell asleep.

So I went to his house. A side room on the fourth floor. Common bathroom next door. Fupura is probably sleeping in the other room today. Within five minutes of laying in bed, I fell asleep.

I felt someone’s touch in my sleep. No, this touch is not yours. of any male person. A caressing touch. It was not left to understand that the groom forgot all his anger because of my passion and sought me out

I am lying on one side. I realized that a restless hand was moving towards my chest. I made no attempt to move.

I did not utter a word. In fact, I was so tired that I did not have the energy to open my eyes. I felt his hand pressing one of my breasts.

Jihan came and slept next to me. His cock hit my butt. My groom took off his pants after entering the room.

In fact, it has been four days since I came home to the village. Due to so many guests, work pressure and our pride, we did not meet for 5 days. Maybe that’s why my husband is a little impatient.

Jihan made me angry. He is opening my blouse lying on my chest. Jihan took off her blouse and bared her breasts.

Meanwhile I felt pain. I tried to push him away but I couldn’t. “Jihan slowly”, just as I was about to say this, he pressed my lips with his lips. I put both my hands under his palm and started kissing him with impossible attraction.

No matter how much I hate it, I can’t go without love at night. But today I feel like Jihan’s touch in my sleep.

He is not so rough. Of course, we don’t have sex for the last few days. The groom’s crazy horse may have gone mad. By then she started playing with her nipples by sucking my tongue.

My body started getting hot. I also started responding to his tongue sucking. But, I started feeling angry. How many times have I told the bad guy not to smoke before coming to caress? I can smell cigarettes today.

I stopped even to scold. Jihan’s touch caused a storm in my body. A strange feeling of well-being spread throughout my body and mind.

Gradually I began to sink into a strange happiness. I surrendered to him completely. Let him be pleased with my youth.

Finish by twisting and twisting. I am his dowry wife. It is wrong to starve the groom for such jewelry

Jihan’s tongue gradually moved from my lips to my chin, down my throat and circled around Mai’s booty. This weird lick has always been my favourite.

I held her head on my breast and she started sucking one of my nipples in her mouth. This sucking made my insides tremble.

He started sucking on my breasts with one hand on my bare stomach. Sometimes he put his hand in the saree of the lower abdomen and began to pick out the small balls of the vagina.

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Again, he suddenly took his hand and started to poke the navel of the stomach with his fingers. After that, he again put his hand in the saree under the stomach and kneaded the pussy a little and again took the hand and began to rub it on the navel of the stomach.

This kind of rubbing made my pussy cum all over. He felt the juice of the vagina on his fingers and inserted a finger into the vagina to make sure. I got up and grabbed Jihan’s shoulder. “AH!!!!”

To try to open the saree completely, I lifted the saree with my hands and wrapped it around my waist. He now got up and knelt on the floor, leaning on his stomach.

While kissing my navel deeply, he lifted my legs up to my waist and placed his mouth on the light sand filled pussy. I shuddered.

I held her head and pressed it on her stomach. I don’t know why I think the beards are quite thick and very big. The room is completely dark. Nothing is visible. Father-in-law’s estranged father-in-law forgot to fuck me with my sister

I am holding the saree with one hand, and holding her head with the other hand. He leaned down and planted a kiss on my ass.

Then he spread the pussy leaves with both hands and ran his tongue in my pussy. I closed my eyes obsessively and suddenly felt Jihan move up and suck my lips.

After a little sucking, he went down again and started licking my pussy. After sucking the pussy for a while, Paji came up again and started sucking my lips.

Some time ago, he used to cut the balls of the pussy with his hands, and then he was thrusting his hand into the navel, just like that now the naughty sometimes sucks the pussy and the next time he goes up and sucks his lips.

This strange desire took me to heaven.

Jihan now went to open my saree. I am lying in front of him with full length. Now she started rubbing her long cock in my pussy.

My cunt filled with juice as the hard cock rubbed. I grabbed his long cock with one hand and put it on my cunt.

I was startled by holding his long cock. I understand that this is not Jihan. Because this bull is much fatter than my husband’s bull. I completely woke up with such a fat cock in my hand.

what is happening to me This is not Jihan’s growth. Even the fingers, facial beard, face and body odor are all like Jane Jihan but not exactly Jihan.

I was surprised. Not a thief. It is the village house and then again the wedding night. I am destined to become wood in fear. I got angry with the groom and finally lost everything to the thief?

How to catch me and run from here?
I wanted to get him off me with all my might. But it was too late. I am taller than him

As soon as the cock put it on my cunt mouth, he pushed half of the cucumber into my juicy cunt.

My pussy is slippery with juice but his thick long cock is very tight inside my pussy. I tried to push him up but couldn’t.

I was about to shout when suddenly I heard him whispering ‘Why are you interrupting me like this today Jenny.’

I couldn’t believe my ears. This is not my husband. There is no thief in the village. This is my father-in-law’s voice.

And Jenny is my own elder sister’s name. The sister who stayed in my father-in-law’s house after breaking up with her husband.

I got up with a shake in the head. So this is going on between my sister and my father-in-law.

I could not understand what to do in this situation. Interacting with father-in-law. Shit Again, it is not possible for me to handle the tide that he has raised in my body for so long.

Especially his growth. Ugh, I don’t know what will happen if I get the fillings that I hold in my hand. But no matter what, he is my father-in-law. my husband’s father

I said, “Dad, I am Sneha.” As soon as he heard my voice, he was shocked.

He said, ‘It’s wrong, mother,’ ‘You don’t tell anyone about this.’
I said ‘Yes.’

Then a few moments of silence. I broke the silence and said, “Dad, are you with me?” “
I could not see his face as there was no light in the room. But I understood him by his voice

How ashamed you are.
He stopped a little and said, “I did not force anything, wife. swear by your name Jenny also agreed to it.

Again a moment of silence. At this point all I could think about was how my good aunt was having sex with her father’s age-old brother-in-law night after night.

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He broke the silence and said, ‘I’m going now. Please don’t tell anyone these things, wife.

Just then a noise was heard outside. Someone entered the bathroom. And this bathroom is attached to the room we are in now.

I whispered in my father-in-law’s ear, ‘Don’t get up now, father. “Shut up or someone will find out.” He lay quietly.

His thick long cock was slightly inside my pussy mouth. I am not Jenny, his son’s wife Sneha, after knowing this, his penis seemed to swell harder.

My pussy got thicker and started shaking. My pussy is also filled with juice. Unbeknownst to me my pussy is biting his cock.

He said ‘Jai’ but did not get up from me. I felt his cock go deep into my juicy pussy.

My father in law is lying on my half naked body. Three or four minutes passed like this. I heard the sound of toilet flushing.

Then the lights went out. Genie came and left. His breath hits my nose. I suddenly became zen.
Having fun with his big fat long cock, he doesn’t want to let go.

He said again ‘I go now. Don’t tell anyone about this but’. I said ‘ok ok’. He raised his waist a little and took the cock out of the middle of the vagina.

I tightened my cunt and squeezed his cock. He didn’t bring out the whole thing. He whispered in my ear.

You are more juicy woman than your sister”, he pressed the waist down.

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His cock went all the way inside my pussy again. I screamed, ‘Ahhhh’. My body stiffened.

I raised her waist by pushing with my hand. His cock was half out again.

He said one more thing, by pressing the waist down again, he inserted the cock completely. I had a lot of fun at that time. I shuddered as I thought about what was going to happen in the next half hour. Father-in-law’s estranged father-in-law forgot to fuck me with my sister

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