First time with my younger sister – Incest


Hi guys this is Bishwa, I’m 24 now. This incident happened a week ago. This is my first ever sex and it was with my younger sister. Her name is Nandhini. She is 21 and she looks gorgeous in dusky look. Her size is 34-32-30. Let’s move to the story.

I regularly watch porn and reading sex stories about brother and sister. So i had different intention on my sister. I used to see her big boobs over her dress and cleavage too. I was doing like this for 2 years. I didn’t have guts to ask my sister to have sex, so i resist most of the time. I masterbate regularly by thinking her in my mind. Then one fine day came. My parents went to spiritual tour like Kasi, rameswaram, etc. Then me and my sister were alone in the house for next 10 days.

My parents were started and we had the dinner then she went to her room. Her room is close to kitchen. I stayed in hall and watch some web series. I was thirst so i went to kitchen and have some water. Then i heard some wierd sound in her room. She didn’t close the door properly i just see through the gap that she was fingering her pussy and she moaned little bit. She was in full mood.

So i entered her room even she didn’t noticed me. Her eyes were closed, then i went closer to her then only she noticed and she hide her pussy with the pillow. She is wearing white colour t shirt and dark blue colour full shirt. Then i smile and this time i had no resitation to ask her. I asked immediately i want a fuck you. She thought for minutes and she is already in mood so she said ok in few minutes. Then she ask about condoms. I said wait I’ll buy it and come.

Then i went to medical shop and buy some condoms and went back to home. Then i entered to her room she was getting ready like adjusting her skirt and put some lip stick and combing her hair properly. She is fully ready to have sex.

Then i go near to her and hugged her from backside and placed a kiss on her neck and turned her towards me and i looked her eyes and i place my lips on her lips. We kissed for around 30 minutes.

Then i put her on the bed and I sat near her and pressed her big boobs over her tshirt it was soft my dick is getting hard. Then i went down slowly lift her skirt till her sexy dusky thighs. I started to kiss and lick from her toes slowly i move towards her thighs it was little bit big and smooth then i remove her skirt she was wearing sky blue colour panty and it was wet. Then i rub her panty she started to moan. Then i lift her tshirt till her boobs and saw her hot navel. It was nice and her abs are perfect. Then i lick her navel and i took off her tshirt, she was in sky blue colour bra and panty she was looking soo hot and sexy. Then i squeezed her boobs over bra and kissed her cleavage.

Then i removed her bra straps and kissed her shoulders and i ask her to turn back she turned immediately and adjust her hair. I had the full view of her back it was amazing to see her back. Then i removed the bra hook and touched her back fully she moaned a bit. Then i removed her panty too then she become full nude in front of me. I pressed her two huge boobs. Then i removed my dress she was shocked after seeing my dick it was around 8 inch she touched my dick start to rub it. I stopped her and put the condom and insert my dick into her pussy it was little hard to insert because this is the first time for both of us. Then I pushed hardly she shouted and water comes from her eyes it gives little bit pain to her. Then i slowly start to fuck her i increase my speed and she moaned well after few minutes i took my dick and insert on her ass. I fuck her ass for 10 minutes then i try some other positions.

We fucked for around 45 minutes then i took my dick outside she ask me why did you take it then I said i was going to cum. Then i ask her to gave me a blowjob i laid on the bed she went down and remove the condom and she kissed it and started to gave me a nice blowjob like an expert. Around 10 minutes i said her that cum is going to come. She said i want to drink it then her mouth is full of cum she taste the cum. And she went to washroom and goggle her mouth and came. After that I started to suck her hot big boobs. Actually her boobs are in perfect size and easy to squeeze. I drank some milk through her nipples. Then we go to sleep without wearing any dress. Then next day morning we woke up. And i went to washroom and goes to kitchen and prepare tea for me she is still in sleep.

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