Forced to fuck a drunk in a nightclub


Forced to fuck a drunk in a nightclub

My name is Manik. Everyone, however, calls the condom manik. I am 27 years old. There is no misdeed that I do not commit.

Bus counters, shops, petrol pumps, I collect fees, tenders, land grabbing, kidnapping, I do all kinds of misdeeds.

And we have not only legalized witchcraft in our area, we have turned it into an industry.

About 75 percent of the women in our area have been molested by me and my gang, the rest are either children or old women. About 500,000 condoms a month are allocated to my gang at the drug store.

Anyway, let’s get down to the real deal. That day, I was drinking alcohol at the bar of a local mafia group’s nightclub. It’s late at night. It’s around 3pm.

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Because of the Diwali festival that day, no one was there until late at night. I looked up and saw only three people in the nightclub.

Two middle-aged men and a girl in a private booth. The girl is intoxicated between the man and the two men are trying to arouse her by touching her body.

As soon as I entered the booth, two men stood up and greeted me. I motioned them to sit down. My eyes were on the girl. Forced to fuck a drunk in a nightclub

After seeing the girl a little better, I went to the front seat and sat. The girl will be 32/33, height about 6 feet, face long and beautiful, figure, overall very sexy, wearing purple babycone dress. I think I have to eat this stuff at all costs or my Dhone will not forgive me.

Two security guards and a bar dealer at the nightclub. Of course, they are all known to me. Before that, how many magi did I fuck in the majlis full of ghats in the field.

Without further ado, I called the bar dealer. When he came to me, I said slowly, listen, I kissed that mortar.

The bar dealer said, “Dada, all the magicians in this area are going to fuck you, but who will fuck you?”

I took out the camera option on my mobile set and gave it to her and told her, I will turn on the lights of the nightclub and press this button to make a video.

We were speaking so softly that no one could hear us. The two sitting in such a booth left the nightclub. It’s just me and that girl in the booth now.

The bar dealer played a sexy song and turned on the lights. After giving up alcohol addiction, the girl is regaining consciousness little by little. I got up and sat next to the girl.

I saw a drug injection lying on the table. The girl opened her eyes wide as he pushed the injection behind her.

I asked him, what is your name? He has two eyes like a deer. She blinked and said, Parmita. I placed my right hand on her bare thigh.

Immediately he was surprised and said, why are you putting your hands on me? Because of this, my hand moved away and stood up.

I took her hand and put her on my lap and put both my hands inside her armpits and started pressing milk forcefully and started kissing her neck, neck and cheeks.

He began to shout, what kind of rudeness? Why are you not saying anything to this security guard? Then he saw that the security guard had closed the door of the booth from outside and the bar dealer was videoing my mobile. Forced to fuck a drunk in a nightclub

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I said, why only the security guards, even the politicians of this city will not tell me anything. He stood up with a jerk and said, I will not let anything rob me of my honor.

I said with a crooked smile, wouldn’t it be a problem to be drunk? I grabbed her babycon dress and gave it a tug. She plopped down on the seat and took off her babycon dress and handed it to me.

I threw her babycon dress towards the door. Then I pounced on her, put my hands behind her head and took her lips to mine and started sucking

Other hand holding her back and holding her chest against my chest I rocked her whole body and she was um um. After going on like this for three or four minutes, I left my lips and said, “Where will Parmita go without permission?”

Her milk was heaving from panting, I took the opportunity to grab the laces of her mini skirt and pull it tight. She took off her mini skirt and wore it down.

Wearing a red tuk-tuk panty, I took both of her hands and pulled her to my chest. I hugged her and said, oh Parmita honey you can’t go without giving permission.

Parmita was fidgeting a lot. Private booths contain some sex equipment. The bar dealer took them out and gave them to me. I took Parmita’s hands back and put leather handcuffs on them.

Then I pulled my legs and kissed the soles of my feet. Paramita was trying to kick me. I held her legs and sucked her fingers alternately. I put the leg cuffs on the soft ankles and sat straight.

I put a leather collar around his neck and attached a chain. As I pulled the chain, Paramita jumped and fell on top of me. I held her tight and started kissing all over her body.

I brought her panty down to her knees as I came to her red tuktuk panty after kissing.

He tried to resist but it was too weak a resistance for a strong man like me. So there was no problem in getting the panty down to the knee.

Then I put my lips on her pussy. Then the sucking started. He started making uh uh ah ah uh ya ya ya ah ah ish ish uh uh noises and stomping the floor.

I’m sucking her pussy and eating her sweet honey. After some time she started pushing her pussy towards me on her own. I licked her pussy and made it white.

I lifted my mouth from her pussy and kissed her lips. I licked both cheeks with my tongue and said, Look, you can’t go without Parmita, so don’t do any more drama, now let me take off my bra. She said, oh do whatever you want, I won’t stop you.

Saying this, Parmita stretched her body on the sofa and I took off my t-shirt pants and got naked. I took off the bra panty and put it on.

Her milk is medium in size but tight. I took one milk in my mouth and started sucking it and pressing the other milk. In this way I licked and pressed both the milks in turn. Forced to fuck a drunk in a nightclub

Then, without her knowledge, I attached two nipple clamps with chains to her nipples. He screamed loudly in pain.

Then a sweet smile appeared on the lips. I now stood on the sofa with my legs on both sides of him, I said, “Catch” with the dhon standing close to his face.

He took my cock in his mouth and started licking it. After licking like this for some time, I took out the mouthful and said, Parmita Sona, how do you feel? He said, when will you get rid of the burning in my vagina?

I said with a crooked smile, why do you leave without telling Parmita? She cried like a baby and said, please relieve my burning sensation.

I kissed Parmita on her lips and inserted the ballgag in her mouth. Parmita took it in her mouth without hesitation and stared at me like a slaughtered victim. I lifted her legs and set my cock in her pussy with a thap.

In one fell swoop, my 10-inch cock went in, drenched in his juices. He groaned.

I pulled the chain of her nipple clamp and said, look this time Parmita, do you know how much happiness you missed by not giving?

That’s why I started thrusting, while fucking, the power of Ashur came to my body, as if the devil himself was loading me, each thrust seemed to be hundreds of kilograms, I was thrusting and thrusting and he was um um um um uh uh uh uh in his ballgag mouth. Ah um making such humming noises.

I took the cock out of her pussy and removed the ball gag from her mouth. I put my dhon in his mouth and said, chat magi chat.

She took my cock in her mouth and started licking it, took it out again and put the ball gag on again.

I stood her up and turned her back to me, kneeling her on the seat, holding her chin with my hands.

Now it’s kutta chodana position, I put a ram in bhoda’s mouth and put a ram in it, again I started smacking and as usual she is making such humming sound ah ah ah oh oh oh oh uh uh uh uh um um.

I’m stroking and stroking and saying, ne magi, fuck as much as you want, I will kill your pussy and make you pregnant. Your father will never find his daughter before the upcoming elections.

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In this way, after 20 minutes of pounding and pounding, I released the material in Parmita’s vagina. The bar dealer finished the video and returned the mobile to me.

I showed her in front of Parmita and uploaded the video to the porn site. Parmita is still sexually aroused due to sex stimulant injections.

From then on Paramita became my protector. After a year, he was sold to the mafia group for one crore rupees.

They performed lip, nose and breast augmentation surgery on Parmita to completely change her face and body shape. After that he is no longer recognized as the paramita of that night. What happened to Parmita after that is another story. Forced to fuck a drunk in a nightclub

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