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This Erotic English Sex Story is about the exciting sex between my roommate’s sister and me. She stayed in our room, and that night I Fucked Roommate’s Hot Sister Part 1

My greetings and salutes to all the fun-loving and cock-hungry readers of English Sex Stories. I hope you all are having fun.

My name is Rishabh. I am a student and a resident of Mahipalpur, Delhi.

This is my life’s Real Sex Story. I hope that this sex story of mine will make you all excited and happy.
If there is any deficiency in writing, please forgive the first mistake and give suggestions.

Friends, this Real Fuck Story is about the exciting sex between my roommate’s sister and me.
This incident happened two years ago.

Where I live, we have rented a set of two rooms.
My room partner’s name is Vijay.
He also studies with me in the same room, and I get along very well with him.
He and his family members respect me a lot.

His house is in Ghaziabad.
He has a sister who is three years older than me and four years older than him.
She is fine-looking and light-fair.
She is about five and a half feet tall and has a fit body.

But the best thing about her is that she has 34-inch big boobs and a slim waist.
Which is 27 or 28 inches… Her innocent face is very attractive.

Her boobs are really very round because even when I met her, she was not wearing a bra inside.

Rather, she was wearing a kameez-salwar, an inner vest, and a long panty.
What she was wearing inside, my connoisseur eyes could easily guess.
Her breasts looked quite prominent.
Even then, I did not realize that the prisoner was not wearing a bra.

In fact, when I took off her clothes for the first time, I felt very strange that even in today’s era, young girls can live without modern panties and bras.

Well, I tell you how this kind of village girl got me fucked.

It happened that she had filled out some examination form, the center of which was Gurugram.

Since the center was far from home, she had come to our room the day before.
When she came, I had gone to give home tuition.

When I came back in the evening, the door was not locked.
I understood that she had come.
I already knew that she was going to come today, so I shaved.
The reason for shaving was because some people say that I look very handsome and clean-shaven.

Since I had not met her before, I wanted to make a complete impression on her today.

I went to the washroom as soon as I entered the room.
I washed my hands, took off my jeans, and put on my pants.

As soon as I looked at my table, I did not see my novel, ‘Half Girlfriend..’. I suspected that perhaps she might be studying with it.

Then I went to Vijay’s room on the pretext of asking about the novel.
She was sitting, reading a novel.
Hearing my call, she raised her head and looked at me with unfamiliar eyes.

I also pretended to be unaware and asked, Vijay is not there?

She said, No. He has gone to class.

I said, Oh, yes. I had forgotten.

I smiled… She also smiled back, but she was very shy.

Then I asked her, Are you Mahima, right?

She said yes. And you, Rishabh?

I nodded yes.

Then I asked, When did she come?

So she told me… and then, within two minutes, I studied and asked about the well-being of the house.

Then I asked, Are you reading the novel?

She smiled slightly and nodded her head.

I said, Your exam is tomorrow, and you are studying Half Girlfriend?

Saying this, I was looking at her, and I saw that her tight breasts in the saree were really enough to give an erection.

She felt shy after listening to me. She said, No.
I just wanted to study something different. That’s why…

I said, Okay, but now study for the exam; read it later.

She said, OK.

I asked, How are the preparations?

She said Everything is ready; only the math is not.

I said, Okay, I will teach you math.

She said, OK.

Then I came to my room.

But I don’t know why her red shirt, her tight breasts, and her waist could not come to mind.

After some time, I went to the terrace because I did not want anyone to have any doubts.
After some time, Vijay came back.
I also came down from the roof, and then we started preparing food together.

She said I will cook the food.

We agreed.

Now I was ignoring her in front of her brother. I was not even looking at her.

Well, then the food was cooked, and we ate. When Vijay and I were talking, she also started speaking in between, and we talked to her for a bit.

Then I said, Let’s read it; it will also be repeated.

All three of us started studying. Her brother fell asleep after an hour. Now only she and I were awake.

I would tell him the question, then start reading mine.
I was trying my best not to touch her anywhere, but I kept touching her with my hand.
Still, I appeared noble on the surface.

Similarly, when it was 12 o’clock in the night, I said, Now let’s go to sleep.

She said, You go to sleep; I will study for some more time.

I went to my room to sleep, but I was not able to sleep. Still, I was lying down.
After few minutes later, there was a sound at my gate, and I saw that she had come to return my novel.

I was completely fucked from the inside.

While returning the book, she said, Tell me one more question.

I started asking the question by sitting next to her, and then while taking the pen from her hand, she caught hold of my fingers.

I just understood that there is a mood among the prisoners.

Now that I was not a child, I had fucked my sister-in-law with home tuition.
So I understood that she was infatuated with me.

I took the pen from her, held her hand, and kissed it.

She didn’t say anything.

Then I went close to her, pulled her closer to me, and kissed her on the forehead.
She closed her eyes.
I understood that it was absolutely ready.

I kissed her cheeks and then started kissing her neck.

She started trembling slowly; her eyes and mine became very red.
I looked at her; she was very excited.
I again kissed her on the forehead, and then she immediately put her head on my chest.
For some time, I kept her close to my chest, kept playing with her hair, and caressed her cheeks.

Then I made him stand, and suddenly I remembered something.
I told her, Go and turn off the lights in your room and come.

She left, She didn’t come for ten minutes.
I kept waiting, wondering what would have happened.

Well, when I came out, I saw that the bulb in her room was switched off.
I thought she would not come now; perhaps her mood had changed.

My condition was bad, but what could I do?
At last, I touched her door softly so that there was only a noise, then came and slept on my bed.

After about 3–4 minutes, there was a knock at my door.
I understood. When I saw her, she was standing inside, near the gate.

I got down and went near her, closed my gate, held her tightly by the waist, took her in my arms, and started kissing her lips.
She soon started moaning, so I understood that she was getting hot.

I pressed her against the wall, placed my tight cock on her ass from behind, and started kissing her neck and back. But she was wearing a sari, which was causing problems.

When I tried to take it off, he held my hand.
I understood that she was feeling shy.
I turned her toward me and started biting her lips again.
She suddenly started moving and started sighing, ‘Unhhh.’ … Ahh.’

Along with sucking her lips, I also started rubbing her breasts.
On the other hand, she started getting out of control… On the other hand, my penis was dying to enter her pussy from the lower part.

When I started licking and biting her breasts from above, her pussy started getting wet.
Besides, my hands were rubbing her ass vigorously.

I put one hand inside the sari and caught hold of the nipple of one of her breasts, rotated it a little, and pressed it hard.

She jumped up suddenly. I was completely over her. She instantly became my own.

When I rubbed her nipple vigorously again, she held my hand.
She said while moaning, It is hurting.

I fell in love with her innocence.
I removed my hand from the nipples and put it in her leggings.
When I placed my hand on her pussy over her panty, I felt that her panties were completely wet.

I was enjoying it. I put my finger in her pussy along with the panty’s cloth over the panty itself, then she started moving forward and held my hand.

I took out my finger… but started caressing the cracks of her pussy over her panty.

Now she started getting intoxicated. She was not even denying me.

She got hot from sex, started shaking her ass slowly, and started clinging to me tightly.

When I placed her hand on my penis, at first she removed it.
I put it again, and then she removed it again.

Now I put my hand inside her panty and slowly started caressing both the cracks in her pussy.

She started getting more excited.

I slowly slipped her leggings down; she did not protest.
I saw that she was wearing long panties.
I swear I started laughing, but I hid my laughter.

Then I immediately wanted to take off the panty, so she caught hold of the panty.
I didn’t make any effort and kept caressing her pussy.
She also kept pressing the breasts with one hand.

Again, she hugged me tightly to himself.
I held her hand again, placed it on my penis, and kept pressing it on my penis.

Now she caught hold of my penis from the lower part itself.
Here I started inserting my finger in her pussy, then she pressed the penis further and held it.

Then I took out the finger.
Turning her towards the wall, she hugged her ass from behind.

I started pressing and rubbing her breasts very mercilessly with both my hands.
She went limp on my back.

Friends, are you having fun? In the next part of the Hot Sex Story, I will write the story of fucking my roommate’s sister Mahima in full detail.

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