Get Caught while Masterbating (Neighbor)


My name is Ronak. I live in a very small house of two floors in Mumbai. I am a quit horny boy and very much additive towards sex. I always try to masturbate when I am alone at house. My neighbor and my family have a very good relationship. In my neighborhood there live a very beautiful girl name Kriti, not much talkative. I used to have crush on her but she use to always ignore me. Due to which I never able to appoush her, I thought that she dislike me. We are neighbor of about 7 years. Therefore we know each other and each other’s family very well.

One day everyone, my family and my neighbor decided to have a one day trip to Alibaug. Everyone got ready to visit Alibaug except me as I have a work. I want to complete my office assignment and submit it tomorrow. Therefore I decided to be at home. There arrive for Alibaug near 10’o clock. Everytime when my family lock the house they use to give keys to our neighbor and the same neighbor does, they give keys to us. So, my house is not lock because I am in. But my neighbor house is lock and I have there keys. Everyone were gone to trip except me. I went up. I left the door open because no one visit to our house except neighbor and my family. As there were gone to trip. I started to do my assignment, about 20min later I take a look towards time in my phone and I thought to take break because I was getting frustrated due to that office assignment, so I decided to masturbate as I always does when I live alone. I started watching porn videos on my favorite website. I remove my pant a little just a space to remove my cock outside. My phone volume was little high. I just started masturbating, by giving hand job to myself. Just after two minutes of masturbating, I saw aside me at a one hand distance Kriti is standing with a shocking face.

She quickly started to go down stairs

I got scared I also quickly put my cock inside the pant and pull my pant up. I started running to the downstairs and hold the hand of Kriti and I said “Kriti please don’t tell anyone about this”. She trying to escape his hand and said ” Give me the key I want to go home”. I said “I will give you your key, first tell me will you tell anyone what you seen.” She was not answering. I quickly went towards door and closed it, so that she wouldn’t run away from the house. “Till you didn’t answer my question I won’t let you go” I said to her. Then she try to remove his phone and typing something on it. I quickly snatch her phone and keep it in my pocket. She got angry by my this act and in angar face she told me I will told your family about your dirty work which you do on a name of assignments.

Now, I gone mad I take a towel and tie her hand and legs of Kriti. While I was tieing her she try to scream but I put a loud music on my phone at full volume. After tieing her I wait almost about 10min so that the tensed environment got calm down little. She already stop screaming. I decrease a volume of my phone a little. To make the environment more light I ask her in polite voice “Why did come back?”, “Why you didn’t visit Alibaug?”. She said “First untie me then I will tell you.” I went upstairs get the key and came down and I hold the key in front of Kriti and I said “Just promise me that whatever you see today you will not tell to anyone”. “Your family is like my family if I didn’t tell them about your dirty work it will feel like I am betraying my family” she said. I said “First of all it is not a dirty work, many people masturbate. Due to this stressful life, work, etc. it is hard to be happy. Masturbating give as a happiness and satisfaction. It feels like heaven”. She said “You feel happy by playing with your own private parts. Shit! how pathetic you are. You are trying to justify your dirty work to me. If it is so good to masturbate so why are you not letting to tell about this to your parents.” I reply “My parents can’t understand this things therefore I am trying to explain you so that you can understand but I think you can’t understand this thing without practical.”

I took handkerchief from my pocket and tied the mouth of Kriti. I took my phone out and visit to my favorite porn website and turn on my favorite and most erotic porn video and keep my phone almost 1m distance from Kriti. She was trying to shout but due to my handkerchief in her mouth she couldn’t and she also trying to close her eyes but how long she could keep it close, human curiosity didn’t let happen it for long. I went up stairs to complete my assignment. I came down after 30min. Kriti was got quiet horny. I take my phone and put a loud music on it. I untie handkerchief from her mouth and ask “How it feels?”. She does not reply. I said “It is your last chance to get out of this situation”. She replied “You are doing very wrong with me, let me go I will promise I will not tell anyone about your dirty work”. No now I don’t want your promise, just take swear of your mother that you never tell the things that happen today”. Why you want swear not promise? “My trust on promise is now have gone” I replied. Just take swear of your mother and take keys and go home. She directly say no.

I got angry I again take my handkerchief and tied it on her mouth and put porn on my phone and put it in the front of Kriti and gone upstairs. I come back after my assignment got complete about after 2 hour. I already turn on the autoplay option in the website therefore one after one videos were continuously playing. Kriti was now tired, fractured and very horny. There was a need for her to masturbate. Therefore I ask her “Did you want to do dirty work”, she nodded yes. I untied her one hand and she started masturbating. There was the high possibility that she might try to untie herself and try to get free. Therefore, I have to keep an eyes on Kriti while she was masturbating. She was in a white light cotton shirt and light blue jeans. She open the button of jeans and put her hand inside her jeans and started to masturbate. She was trying to moan but she can’t as handkerchief was there in here mouth. I know that she was feeling embarrassed while I was watching her during she was masturbating but there was no other option. I was also getting horny by seeing Kriti masturbating in front of me due to which my cock got erected I also wanted to masturbate but I was feeling guilty because I have done many thing wrong today just because I got caught while masturbating. Kriti saw my erected cock in pant and I got little embarrassed so I try to hide it. She masturbate about 25min and she was about to cum I can tell that by her expression. She cum and by her expression it was comform that she get relaxed.

I turn off my phone and remove the handkerchief from her mouth. I ask here “How do you feel?” Instead of replying she said I want to use washroom. I want to pee. I think a little. I said “Yes”. I completely untied her and she went washroom. I got sacred now as it was already night and tomorrow morning my family and my neighbor will be come back from Alibaug and Kriti would be told them everything that happen today as till now I can’t convince her. I felt depressed and felt to cry. Kriti came out from the bathroom. I said in sad voice “Sorry for everything I have done”. Almost about to cry I said “Kriti I know you will tell everything to my parents tomorrow after that my life will become hell”. She replied “I decided to not tell to anyone”. I said “I know why are saying that because you want to go home as you reach home your decision will change”. She said “No, I will not do that. Oo I know what you want. You want me to take swear ok I will do that.” “I said “No, I don’t want that also now. I want a something prove that you will definitely not tell anyone about today’s incident”. “So tell what should I do” she said. I reply “I don’t know”.

She quickly remove her all clothes and become naked in front of me. I become staut. She said take out phone and take photo of mine. I didn’t react as I was staut. She continue to speak “Take my naked photo and keep it in your phone and if some day I told your parents about your masturbation so show this photos to my parents”. After listening her I remained shocked and I can’t move. She continue speaking again”I know you will not take my photo as I won’t tell anyone about your dirty work because I never lied and you know that, you have been stressed therefore you are asking for prove, you need to relax. At no time my cock get erected and it was obvious to happen as a girl was standing naked in front of me. She got a look at my erected cock and she said “You haven’t been masturbate today due to me. You need to masturbate so your mind get relax. Let me help you in your dirty work”. She come closer to me and bend. I was totally confused, how her nature change such quickly. She pull down my pant and take out my cock. I hold her hand trying to stop her to touch my cock and I said “Ok, I understand what you said I will do it by my own. I know you want to go home for that you don’t have to do this type of work, I will let you go”. She escaped her hand from my hand and started to give hand job to me. While giving me hand job she said “Please listen me. I didn’t answer your question that you have asked “Why did you came back?”. She said “I made an excuse and come back to home. I ask “But why?”. She said “I come here to propose you. I LOVE YOU. When I see you first time from that day I started to love you, I wanted to propose you from a long time but as I am an introvert can’t do that. I am such a shy girl that I can’t even talk with you because you are my crush. But when I saw you during that dirty work I thought that you are bad person with bad habits but when I do the same thing I realised that you were not wrong. I become shocked. She said again “I LOVE YOU”. As I already have crush on her. I hold her shoulder and make her stand and then I said “I LOVE YOU TOO”.

She hold my head pulling me towards her mouth and we both have a tight and a long kiss. I was feeling a pleasure on my lips by her soft lips and her tongue was licking my mouth and vice versa. Her hand move towards my pant and she pull it down. My hand was on her round naked bumpy ass. I started to press and slap her ass. We stopped kissing each other and she remove my shirt. I asked Kriti “Should we go upwards to my bed”. She nodded yes. We both went upstairs and I lay on the bed and Kriti sit on the bed on her knees and hold my cock in her mouth and started to give me blowjob. Having a blowjob with your love(girlfriend) mouth is so pleasurable that I can’t explain. She was forcusing on my tip of cock and was licking it in a circular manner. I told Kriti “I want to tell you something. You don’t stop just listen to my words. When you didn’t talk to me i.e. used to ignored me, I thought that you didn’t I like me. Sorry for that. She stopped the giving blowjob then she replied “No, I am sorry you felt like that.” She kissed me back on my lips and said “Forget about the past, let enjoy the present time”. When a hear her words I just get up and kissed her again with the all passionate. While kissing she laid on the bed and I was upon her, slowly slowly I move from the mouth to neck, l lick her neck and kiss it then boobs. I just wanted to kiss her everywhere, every parts of her body that is visible for my eyes. Her boobs was white in colour with brownish pink nipples, I hold her boobs in my hand making a cup and started to bite her boobs with my lips and lick her nipples with my tongue one by one. First left boob and then right boob. I try take a look of her face, her eyes were close and a small smile on her face make me sure that see was enjoying very much. Then I move towards the belly button of Kriti and started to lick it.His belly button was perfectly in deep round shape. From belly button I move towards her pussy and I first started to lick her clit. As I started to lick her clit she started to moan. I immediately stop licking her, she ask me “What happen is everything alright” I reply her “Wait a minute”. I went downstairs, took my phone and came up and put music on it.I quickly went towards bed and pick up from were I left. I started to lick the clit of Kriti and I was able to hear the moan of her because phone was little far from me but Kriti was in front of me. I slowly went down and lick in circular manner around her pussy lips. Then I kiss the her pussy lips and simultaneously putting my tongue inside her pussy. As I do it she started to moan softly and she put her hand on my head and push me towards her pussy giving me hint to go more deep. So I use my tongue and try to explore the deep part of the pussy. As I try go deep her moan becomes louder but at a point I understand that it not possible to explore the deepest part with my small tongue. So I get up and hold my cock and slowly penetrate it in Kriti’s pussy, she shout very loudly. I move my cock very slowly and asked Kriti “Are you ok?”. She replied “Yes, you just don’t stop”. I replied her “OK”. I keep going slowly to make her comfortable. As I speed up little she started to shout loudly. I stop and ask her “Is your pussy is hurting?”. She said “Yes, it is hurting me little”. I replied “As it is your first time of having sex, it will hurt you little”. Kritika ask me “So, what should we do? Should we continue? I think a little and said to her “Wait I got something in my mind” I went towards my cupboard and take out a bottle of coconut oil and apply it on my cock and some oil on the pussy of Kriti. Now, again I slowly penetrate my cock in her pussy and started to fuck her. Now also she was moaning but softly not harshly like before. I keep going slowly and trying everytime to go more deep. I just speed up a little to see reaction of Kriti, it was normal like before. This make me confident that I can go more faster. I slowly slowly increase my speed by little and little try to fuck her deep. After 13min of vaginal sex we change position. I make Kriti to sleep facing downward on the bed where here hip was on the cushion and I sleep upon the Kriti by same way facing downward by penetrating my cock inside her pussy slowly from back in circular manner. I directly go towards deep penetration because in dragon position deep penetration are more comfortable. As I was lying on her, my mouth was near her neck so I was fucking her simultaneously kissing her in the neck and also playing with her boobs with my hand by squeezing it hardly. She was moaning very loud, so I ask her is “It is comfortable?” She replied loudly “Yes, just don’t stop.” I fuck her like that for almost 20min and I was about to cum. I remove on cock from her vagina and I told Kriti to sit has I was about to cum. Then I put my cock in her mouth and after few seconds I started cumming. I remove my Cock from her mouth, then told her “Let’s go to washroom and there you can split for cum”. She reply “Oh no! I already drank it.” I shockly reply “You drank it all”, she said “Yes, I always want to be your’s and today I am. Your each spream should be taken by me, it should not waste in masturbution.” After her this reply I can’t hold back and I kiss her quickly on her lips and she also kiss me back, a very tight kiss on her soft lips. Now we both were exhausted and we were need rest. We both laid on the bed naked and we both don’t know when we got asleep.

My eyes open when the bell rang. I wake up and saw myself I was of course naked and also near me Kriti was sleeping naked. I got panicked “It must be my and Kriti family back from Alibaug”. I slapped hard on the ass of Kriti in panicky so to wake her. As she wake up once again the bell rang and now she was also got panicked. I told her ” Quickly, wear clothes”. I already know that we live in a small house and there is no place to hide in this house. I just told Kriti “Just be here, don’t come down, I will handle the situation. I however manage to wear clothes quickly. As I reach down there was a another bell rang. I was scared to open the door but already three times bell rang, there was no option. I have open the door with my trembling hand and I saw that it was the milkman who was ranging the bell. He asked “Why you open the door so late? I replied that I am alone at home, everyone in my home and in my neighbor home has gone out. I was working late in night that’s why I was sleeping till now. He reply ok and he gave the milk and goes away. I quickly go upstairs and give the key to the Kriti and I said “It was a milkman, don’t worry but go home as our family can reach home at anything.” She nodded yes. In our family no one know about this night expect me and Kriti.

From that day we started dating each other. After two months of dating our family members however get to know that we are dating each other, so we officially tell our parents that we are in love and we want to marry each other. As both the family has a very good relationship and my family know the Kriti very well and similarly my neighbors know me very well. Hence, the both family agreed and we get married. Now, we have one son and one daughter and we live happily with our family in a big flat.

Disclaimer:- The above is an imaginary story. All the characters are 18+ and imaginary. Hope you enjoy it.

Sorry for vocabulary and grammar this my first story

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