Getting fucked by Professor leads to filthy sex with a beggar Fetish Sex Stories


I was failing the semester like any other whore who is too distracted to study. Most of the other topics were passable, but I was especially weak at Taxation. I desperately needed to pass by doing anything possible.

On a fine day in the evening when my 53 year old Taxation professor Bipin usually got free, I went to talk to him asking if he could help me with my grades. Since most of you horny guys have watched porn before, you know what happens next, I won’t bore you with the details. But I’ll tell my description since imagination would help you cum.

I was a 19 year old pale skinned girl with figure of 34d-28-32. On my 5 feet tall body I wore a denim shirt exposing generous amount of cleavage as I left top 2 buttons open and mini shorts that displayed my milky thighs and legs. My body was enough to entice him. Seeing me in despair was a golden opportunity. And so my horny professor came up with the obvious deal. The deal was that he pass me in taxation and in return I offer him sexual favours until the semester was over.

I bit my lower lip in hesitation, but seeing no other way around it, I slowly got on my knees in front of grinning Bipin sir, who yanked his pants down before sitting comfortably in his chair. At the sight of me on my knees, his cock hardened visibly, twitching before me as I looked up at him in distaste, pressing my hand against his body as he gestured for me to begin. I lowered my head and leveled with his cock, swallowing hard before I leaned forward and touched my plump pink lips against the head of his member.

Leaning forward, I cupped my mouth around his cock, feeling his member tense inside my mouth as I bobbed my head up and down, his cocktip basking in a pool of hot drool forming in my mouth. With an impatient grunt, he inhaled sharply as he pushed my head down on his member, forcing me to take his cock all the way down to the back of my throat, forcing out a muffled gagging sound from me. He tightened his grip around the back of my head and started to pound into my throat rapidly.

The quick jackhammer movement down my throat rubbed my gullet raw as I felt his cock twitching violently moments before his thick spunk exploded down my throat, making my eyes water. With cum splattered all over my face, dripping down my throat, and drooling down my chin. After resting for a minute I got up wiped my cum covered face with my napkin. Since he was an old man who was spent and laid on his chair with head rested and eyes closed, I thought his todays quota of sex appeal was over. And hence I was on my way out of the cabin.

That’s when he surprised me as he stepped forward, and pushed me to the ground as I yelled out with a jolt. “I haven’t ever in my life had the opportunity to have sex with a girl as beautiful and hot as you, and now I’m going to use you as much as I can” he said as he ripped all the buttons of my shirt and pawed at my breasts greedily. I screamed in agony as he continuously mauled my boobs until they got red. Finally when his dick was hard again he made me get into doggy position.

He started pressing his tip to my pussy. I unwillingly moaned out in a mix of pleasure and pain as his hard, badly-lubed cock pressed against my tight, unprepared pussy walls. He moaned in delight from the hot, tight sensation. I squealed out as he grabbed my hips and then pulled me back without warning. I cried out in pain, then gasped as his cock disappeared into my cunt, making my pussy tighten involuntarily. As he began to pound faster, the sound of his balls clapping against my cunt fill the air, and I gritted my teeth as tantalizing pleasure built up from the feeling of his shaft grinding on my clit. I gyrated unwillingly against his cock, moaning in tortured ecstasy, breasts jiggling with every thrust.

Finally, I felt his cock twitching madly as he slamed up against me, balls deep, and spanked my ass with as much force as he can muster, making me scream out in a tortured mix of pleasure and pain. I felt his hot seed spurt inside me, filling my womb as I was left to slide off his cock and collapse onto the ground, my asscheek red and raw with the imprint of his hard ass slap.

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Getting fucked by Professor leads to filthy sex with a beggar
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