gud mara you can fuck me as you want


gud mara you can fuck me as you want

We took our bath in the morning and left around ten o’clock to explore Sajek. Sean showed us everything and explained everything himself.

By the time we got back to the resort after seeing all the sights of Sajek it was 3pm. We freshened up and had lunch.

Mita came when I was resting on the sofa after lunch. Mita wears leggings and T-shirt. Mita is understood to be wearing a bra under the T-shirt.

Mita and I sat on the sofa and talked for some time. Then we locked the room and went to bed.

I asked Mita what Shian was doing.

Mita said – Shean seems to have fallen asleep. He went to the room after having lunch and went to bed.

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I lie down with Mita in front of me. From hugging Mita, my cock was hard against her ass.

I hugged Mita and caressed her neck and armpits. Mita got hot after rubbing my face against her armpit. I licked my tongue on her armpits.

I pressed my breast over Mita’s t-shirt. Hugging her from behind, I put my hand on her bum over her leggings and rubbed her cunt with my fingers.

Mita sat up and took off her t-shirt. I unbuttoned her bra and untied her breasts. Mita is now half naked.

Holding her to my chest, I held her breasts in both hands and pressed them comfortably. I started rubbing my cock on her ass. I bit her earlobe. Bangla chatty story

Mita-Sir will you fuck me now?

I-why do you want to fuck?

Mita-Hum really wants to fuck. I go crazy with your love. As soon as your caress and your hands fall on me, I feel excited.

My butt biting has started. Biting in the pussy. Fuck me? Thapabi is a little better? My pussy is now full of juice. gud mara you can fuck me as you want

Now you don’t have to worry about putting in your ripe bamboo. Please don’t fuck me dear sir. Bangla chatty story

I bit her breast. I suck and suck milk. This time I pulled her from behind and took off her leggings and took off my trousers and became fully nude.

Realizing that both of us are now so excited that we won’t have peace if we don’t have sex once. I lifted one of his legs from behind.

I went down a little and soaked in her pussy juice and filled her pussy with my cock in two strokes. Then I started tapping.

Hit after hit. I started beating Mita. Mita is just um uh ah is what fun what fun is going on and curtsy at the same time.

Mita-mar mar zore zore ramthap thapa tor beshya magire chude ja aram goder nagar darun chudis you are perfect in all styles no matter what style you are chudis in all styles you are perfect my sir chod chod tor secretaryre chude chude hor banaye de tor amare guder maja de.

Ami-ne ne ramthap kha re khanki magi your pussy has grown big your pussy is only biting and asking me to fuck even if I go back to the office I will fuck you there is no stopping I kept saying this during our fucking episode. Bangla chatty story

Mita-Sure. No break, sir, we will continue to fuck, whatever you say.

I began to spank from behind. I fucked Mita for about ten minutes and poured the material into her pussy. I put my cock in her pussy.

After some time the cock softened a little but we both hugged each other and lay down without moving.

After my cock softened and came out of her cunt, dark brown cum rolled out of her cunt and fell onto her thong. My Thai and Mita’s ass was covered in cum. We went to sleep without going to the bathroom.

I don’t know how long I slept. Woke up to the sound of the calling bell. After releasing Mita from my embrace and wrapping a towel around my eyes, I opened the door and saw Shiyan standing in front of me.

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She is wearing only a sleeveless white tank top with no bra underneath. It is clearly seen that her breasts are erect and her legs are erect. Half of Mai is visible.

Mai’s side is clear. Two erect breasts are looking at me. And there are panties underneath. On the other hand, Mita is lying cross-legged on the bed. Xian entered the room, closed the door, jumped on my lap and kissed me. Bangla chatty story

He held his legs tightly around my waist. I caught her manchle thai ladlede pachar manchse khamche. I pinched the meat of the ass.

I started pressing the flesh of the ass. She pressed her breasts to my chest. My chest started to be crushed by her erect breasts.

He said in ear to ear – Sir, you have pampered madam a lot and I can understand by looking at your clothes, so when will you fuck me sir? Sir, when will you caress me like a madam and excite me by inserting your bamboo into my vagina?

I will sleep all night today. Today is our last night with you so it will be fun all night long. gud mara you can fuck me as you want

There will be sex all night. If you could, I would make your cuddy cuddy painful all night. My dolb, bite, suck and like that.

Xian lifted her tape up around her neck and loosened her breasts as she straddled my lap. I bit Shiyan’s breast.

I started biting her nipples. I sucked it in my mouth. Then I put her down and called Mita.

Xian said to go out so we freshened up and got ready in no time and sat in the empty space in front of the resort. Bangla chatty story

It is still late in the evening. Instead of sitting in front of the resort, we sat on the grass in the empty space and started chatting. We had coffee sitting there. Evening slowly approached the mountains.

Back in the room Mita and Shiyan went to their room. After some time I went to their room. I went to the balcony of their room and saw that they were there.

Mita is swinging on the swing. When I got there Mita stood up and got off the swing. I fell asleep rocking.

Shean pulled the rope and started swinging me. It was like that for some time. Mita was standing near me. She is wearing leggings and T-shirt.

Once Mita fell on my chest and lay down. As she lay on my chest, her breasts became even more erect and high. I raised my hands from below comfortably on both sides of her chest and started pressing Mita’s breast and started swinging. Xi’an is sitting on the pavement and waving to us. I am pressing my hand and sometimes I am shaking his hand. Bangla chatty story

Mita’s ass sways as my hardness increases. When I put my hands in her pussy, I see that the water is wet. She is not wearing any panty.

I lifted Mita a little higher and put my hand inside her leggings. My hand became wet with her hot juice. I inserted a finger into the slit. I moved the tip of my finger inside her pussy as much as possible.

Rubbing my face on Mita’s neck, I said in her ear, “Ki Mitu, honey, you have called me in your gut.” Do you really want to fuck? Fuck now not once?

Mita – I really want to put your cock inside the vagina and sit and swing. My pussy is throbbing for food at your touch.

Fucked by the robber, my stomach burst

I will go crazy for the rub that your cock penetrates to the inner uterus. It just relaxes you. No need to fuck, just insert your iron rod into my hole and swing.

Why am I so hot now? If you do not enter the vagina, peace is not? Bangla chatty story

Mita-de na a little please don’t fuck a little sir. Just allow your hot cock inside my pussy. I’m not going to screw it up, just swing it in and out.

Me-okay do what you can. You can fuck me as much as you want but now no entry. Xian will only rock us half naked.

Mita-okay right. No problem. gud mara you can fuck me as you want

Mita got down from me and removed her leggings. He is wearing only a T-shirt. I stood up a little higher and unbuttoned my trousers and spread my legs in front of me, bending over the swing.

Afraid that the swing will not fall. Still the swing seems strong enough. Mita took off her leggings and moved one leg over me.

With her back towards me, she held her cock with one hand and began to press down on her cunt opening. He began to sit on the bed. Bangla chatty story

Little by little my thick hot nail started disappearing into Miter’s cunt hole like a nail digging into wood. Mita moaned obsessively.

What comfort! Ah! Oh, what a hot iron rod going deep inside me is indescribable. Oh, shean what is that hard cock going in just going in and going in.

Xian stood a little closer to us. Mita is watching how she climbs on top of me and takes my cock in her pussy. The balcony is almost dark. As much as can be seen in the outside light. No one can see anything here from the outside.

Blocked on three sides of the balcony only open in front. And there is only a mountain slope in front, so there is no fear of seeing anything from anywhere.

Mita stood down and took my cock fully inside her pussy. Mita now started to climb on me very surrenderingly.

Keeping the cock in her pussy, she slowly raised her legs and lay on my chest with her back and breathed a sigh of utter peace.

Legs rode forward over my legs. I grabbed her waist and started chasing her. Bangla chatty story

Mita-I didn’t ask you to fuck me motherfucker I just put your hard cock inside my pussy and I want to fall asleep while swinging oh umm ah what’s the fun just put your cock inside me and press my tits oh my two cocks Don’t give me allowance.

Hearing Mita’s words, I grabbed her breasts from below. My face is swinging on his neck and pressing my breast and standing below Shiyan is swinging us.

Xian couldn’t stand listening to Mita’s whistle. Her breasts are hanging over the t-shirt. One hand is pulling the rope and swinging and the other hand is sometimes pressing the breast and sometimes the pussy is dripping over the pant.

Xian took off her pants and pulled the wrap up and sat on top of her pulling the rope of our swing with one hand squeezing her pussy. Bangla chatty story

Inserting two fingers into her pussy, she is doing it inside and out. We are both swinging and Mai is tapping. I called Shian near – is Shimu too hot for you?

Xian hummed. I slapped Xian’s Nangto ass. Shean stopped pulling the swing rope.

Mita is lying on top of me with my cock in her pussy uh ah umm. I put one of my fingers in Xi’an’s pussy as I caressed Xi’an’s Thai hand.

When you put your finger in the cunt, shean too uh ummm oh sir what are you doing I can’t stay anymore what will happen to me who called the cunt bun give me a little sir your hot iron rod oh

Madam, what is happening to me, how can I explain to you in Bhoda, oh sir, my gudmarani mother fakar a little chod tor beshya magire cool down a little cude cude. Bangla chatty story

I understand that the two sexy magi are now crazy about the whole food. Mita got hotter hearing Shiyan’s moans.

Started dancing on my cock. I am putting my fingers in and out of Shiyan’s pussy and sometimes I wet my middle in her pussy and lick it inside Mita’s mouth and feed her the juices of Shiyan’s pussy.

Sometimes I also lick the juice from my fingers oh shian what is tasty your pussy honey is great your honey nonta nonta tasty tasty. gud mara you can fuck me as you want

Mita raised her back from my chest and sat a little on the cock and began to stroke me. Her pussy is slightly higher than the penis.

I said – Mita, what is your growth? You said you would just insert the cock and swing.

Mita-Hmm sir, it’s too late. I don’t need anything anymore. The little bit of comfort has been enough. Now let’s finish dinner and then we’ll spend the night having sex all night.

Saying this Mita got down and I also got down from the swing and stood down. Xian came in front of me and grabbed my penis and began to rub her pussy – O sir, what will happen to me?

Little by little, don’t fuck sir, it’s too biting, give me a few small sweet bites that fill my heart. Bangla chatty story

I sat on the pavement. I leaned on the balcony railing and spread my legs in front of me. I took Shiyan’s hand and put him on my lap.

At one point I started pressing her breasts and Shiyan tried to rub my cock inside her slit mouth. The pussy was still wet and slippery so it went inside with little effort.

With almost full penetration, Xian leaned forward and began thrusting into me with two full elbows resting on his knees.

I started pressing her erect breast from behind over her t-shirt. It seems that I pressed my breasts and hung them. Sometimes I put my hand inside the t-shirt and pressed her breast.

Xian-Oh what fun! It’s just fun and fun, oh, just go and go and go and go and go and go and eat this dick, I’ve never known it to be so much fun, sir, you’re a fucking machine, sir.

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For about five minutes, Xian kept pushing me like this and then stopped – Sir, I can’t do it anymore. My hands and knees are sore and I can’t do it sir, it’s so much fun sir. Bangla chatty story

Xian stood up from my lap. I also stood up. My stuff hasn’t come out so it’s still standing.

I placed Shean under my cock and put my cock in her mouth and started pounding. For some time I pressed my cock inside her mouth and released my stuff in her cheeks.

Xian began to walk. He did not want to swallow, so he coughed as soon as it entered his throat.

Once he swallowed my hot ghee. We got up and asked for dinner. We had dinner sitting in Mitad’s room. gud mara you can fuck me as you want

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