hindu muslim choti golpo 2024 muslim magi hindu male poyati


hindu muslim choti golpo 2024 muslim magi hindu male poyati

My name is Ribna Shahreen. Age was 23. The rose is in full bloom then. My house is on the street of the district city. quite lonely I like it very much.

husband’s house Father-in-law lives in the village. Two storey house. His business is on the ground floor and we live on the second floor. It’s been two years since the wedding.

There are no plans to have children yet. Life was unpredictable but changed when a saloon sat across the street from my house. One day I stood from the balcony and saw the salon being decorated. Images of Hindu deities are pasted inside.

After two days.

Many mornings I stand on the porch and brush. I was doing that. Looking along the salon, I saw the salon door open and a young man staring at me. Ha means ha.

I am beautiful and very slim. Very sexy. The thought of having sex keeps in the head. You can say the queen of cum. But my face is innocent.

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You won’t think I’m so sexy. It was funny to see a handsome young man staring at me – it was funny to see me this morning.

No chest veil this morning. My high heels are floating. The nose has a sexy nose pin and my skin is fair to that level. The poor thing is overcome. I saw him looking at me with half an eye. Poor thing!

I came from the balcony to the washroom to wash my face. The small window of the wash room also faces the street. hindu muslim choti golpo 2024 muslim magi hindu male poyati

Suddenly I thought to see if I was still looking. I brought a small tool to look through this window. What I saw standing there, I laughed. That young man is shaking his cock with his hand under his lungi looking at my balcony.

I understood from this distance – huge. father father Black from top to bottom, but what a fat and cool head! With eyes on my balcony, the rooster is shaking very loudly.

I realized that the poor man’s head office was on fire because of my appearance. That’s the size. Ugh, my head got hot.

To add ghee to the fire I again went to the balcony, dry cloth in hand. I showed my high hips in the gesture of shaking clothes.

Let’s get angry more, let’s burn more. I turned around and showed my slim and soft ass. I quickly came back to the wash room and saw him again taking out the big cock from his lungi and moving, looking at the balcony. I was very happy to suddenly get such a chance to have fun and smiled.

I made the poor man angry all morning and afternoon. And I myself started drowning in his huge size and forbidden attraction.

There is such a big increase in income, and why am I hungry? He hesitated and conflicted with himself for some time. Why deny the needs of the body?

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When happiness is the main thing, what is the shame, what is the fear? If you give a little hint, an arrangement will be made. Let him be happy with my body and give me happiness too.

What more do women want from a man? No, I have to go. And anyway he dare not come to me. I have to go. Bhoda’s itching is less for me, then I have to go for the ointment.

A few days later, my mother-in-law came to visit with a relative’s little son. Mother-in-law went to see a diabetes doctor. The boy is sitting and watching TV. hindu muslim choti golpo 2024 muslim magi hindu male poyati

Meanwhile, I was having sex. At this time of the month, my body’s needs are at their peak. In the morning, I saw a rash and started to feel dizzy a little before this afternoon. Bugs are biting to get the growth spurt. What to do!

I left the boy and went to the salon with courage. He is cutting the hair of a street boy. He laughed when he saw me. I just said somehow – I have to go to my house for a haircut. little boy

He is so surprised. I said again – can you go?

He took control and said – Yes, I can. Let’s finish it.


I’m sweating when I come home. Won’t you get caught? body is sweating What the hell will be. Husband can’t have fun. What is my way?

Looking for a way how long when it is available today then where is the difficulty. All these thoughts and just then knock on the door. Chest heaved.

I opened it and saw him standing.

What is your name?

Mr. Ranjan.

Oh well Ranjan. come in

I brought it to the bedroom. I brought the boy a bowl of food. I locked the door and he is inside watching TV.

Ranjan said – whose hair will be cut?

I smiled without answering.

He is surprised.

I said – my hair. Look carefully where I need a haircut. But I smiled as I can’t use scissors, I have to use something else. He could catch some signal now.

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He said – I have nothing but scissors and a trim machine. hindu muslim choti golpo 2024 muslim magi hindu male poyati

I said – no trim machine, I think it will only be on the machine. Only that machine works in the bed room. Is it ready?

He now smiled and unbuttoned his pant and pulled down the panty and took out the big shoal fish.

The machine came to me saying ready. I sat on a corner of the bed and covered my face with both hands.

Yes honey, don’t be shy anymore, open your mouth. Love the machine. He removed his hand from my mouth and put the fish head inside my mouth. Face filled.

Ugh, what a salty taste. I took the first bite. How do you know an attraction? He then cums on my face. In anger it is as hard as iron. father father

Pulled my clothes and pulled out my waistline. What power! The left hand pressed the breast and the right breast in the mouth did not start sucking.

Ah Sukh. He began to lick his throat and armpits with his tongue. Ah, the body is burning in the fire. As soon as I put a finger on my right hand, I screamed in shock. He was eating my nose. The whole nose is sucking and fingering. I am stroking his cock with my right hand.

Unable to stay excited, I said – Ugh, I can’t, Ranjan, give me a kiss.

Ranjan took my legs apart and put his cock in my pussy and started rubbing. Ugh, what happiness, crazy state. He inserted the big cock inside the pussy by pounding it. Ahhhhhh

He placed his nose on my nose and spread his legs apart and started pounding. Happiness at every step.

Both hands are massaging my navel sometimes.

Ugh Maggi, I haven’t slept since watching on the balcony. I didn’t think I’d get a chance to fuck like this. Oh, what a tight pussy. Do not ask.

I also gave a shout – I was crazy to see your cock, Shala. Now fuck me and make me magi. Fuck loud fuck.

Just why are you asking me, if I don’t make you the mother of my young child, my name is not Ranjan.

Ek Hali ken Re Shala, I will take as much as you give, there is an ox to turn.

Ranjan and I both laughed.

Various styles of taping are going on with Zamye Khisti. Ranjan was lying on the floor and I was sitting on the bed. Oh what happiness.

Ranjan then made me a dog. I spread my legs and put my hands on the bed. Ranjan stood up and filled my pussy with a thump.

Ahhh, Magi’s son Chude my belly today.

Look at how thickly I give you seeds, today I will start the work of making babies by cracking your eggs.

Ah give me your baby in my womb. The ox will know nothing.

If the ox knows what, what is the fear of the ox being a bull?

We laughed again. My pussy squirted as the pace increased. A fountain of juice came out. Ah, there was never such happiness.

And after a few minutes, I realized that Ranjan is going to put his seed in my womb. Ah what excitement.

Ah Magi, now my seed will enter your womb.

Give gold your seed. make me mother

Ranjan took my nose in his mouth saying ah magi ne my seed. Ranjan sucked his nose and crushed me.

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The speed of the tap became lighter. Ranjan’s body is shaking. I realized that thick seeds from Ranjan’s huge penis were sneaking into my womb.

No menstruation that month. Stomach upset. Days went by and Ranjan saw the opportunity to have sex even during pregnancy. I used to go to the balcony with a bloated stomach and Ranjan used to smile with a smile.

My stomach is swollen day by day. After nine months my son came to my lap. Look at Ranjan’s carbon copy. Later we had another son and a daughter.

Choda wears vermilion during meal time and eats Choda. In the morning and afternoon I sit on the balcony with the children, the father watches his children play. And if you get a chance, you play with the mother of the children, that is, with me. hindu muslim choti golpo 2024 muslim magi hindu male poyati

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