hindu muslim choti Lord’s wife’s ganchoda – 1


hindu muslim choti Lord’s wife’s ganchoda – 1

I am Ritesh. I live in a Hindu area of ​​Chittagong, Bangladesh. Our house is 5 floors. We are a very rich family.

My father is a big businessman. There are three of us in the family, me, father and mother. Being the only son, father fulfills all my wishes, buys me whatever I want and spends a lot of money every day.

I am a very naughty boy. I study in inter second year. I have already fucked many college girlfriends.

All girlfriends were Muslim. I find a different kind of pleasure in fucking a Muslim religious hijabi girl.

Because there were 26 percent Hindus in Bangladesh before the war, but due to the persecution of Mullah Muslims, our Hindu community was forced to leave the country.

So I am not retaliating to Muslim Bhoda Chude with my Hindu cock. And Muslim magis are very greedy. I took my pious Muslim girlfriends to expensive restaurants for a few days and gave them some gifts.

In that greed, they spread their vaginas and ate my Hindu Akata Dhon’s ram choda and took all the birajpats in their vaginas. This time I come to the real story – as I said earlier our house is five storeyed.

Dad made a small room on the roof of the fifth floor to hang out with his friends sometimes, but now he no longer hangs out with his friends, so he decided to rent that room.

So the father has installed the toolet for three thousand taka. Many people have come to take scaffolding. Among them, an imam of the mosque in the street next to us has really caught my father to rent him a house.

He is newly married and the house rent is less than 3000 taka, but he persuaded his father by giving him 2000 taka because the salary of the masjid is not enough.

Very little so they struggle to run the family so the father kindly agreed to give him a scaffolding of only two thousand rupees. hindu muslim choti Lord’s wife’s ganchoda – 1

Today is the 17th of the month, the rule is to go home on the 1st, but there is no place for Hujur’s new wife, so he took his father by the hand and came to his house before one date.

I used to go to the roof several times a day to smoke cigarettes, but after Huzur rented the room, trouble started. He requested me not to smoke cigarettes on the roof.

So I smoked cigarettes in the tea shop for a while. One afternoon it was very windy outside, so I was forced to go to the roof to smoke a cigarette

And I know that at this time there is noon prayer, so Huzur is in the mosque, that’s why I went to the roof to eat beedi.

I was totally unprepared for what I saw on the roof. I see the husband’s wife is soaking wet. I have never seen Anna before.

I will be equal in age. But it is so beautiful that you cannot imagine it and I cannot explain it to you here.

The skin color is just like actress Tamanna Bhatia and very tall, no body fat, straight nose and almost pink lips. And the ass is not too big and not too thin. Just looks like a fairy.

Anyway, seeing me, he quickly went into his room. I stayed on the roof for some more time but he didn’t come out.

At night, I am only thinking about my husband’s wife and I can’t sleep. Thinking about my husband’s wife and watching the video of Muslim magi fucking on the porn website, I fell asleep.

bd choti golpo
bd choti golpo

I decided that I had to fuck this Muslim magi no matter what. So whenever Huzur goes to pray in the mosque, I go to the roof and try to seduce Huzur’s wife for a month, but I can’t.

Does not catch anything. It doesn’t come in front of me. When he saw me, he closed the door and went to the room.

So I decided to forcefully fuck this magita and video the fuck so that she can’t tell anyone and always blackmail her later. hindu muslim choti Lord’s wife’s ganchoda – 1

If I go to fuck alone, Maggi will cry and it will be difficult to make videos, so I told my plan to my two Hindu friends and they agreed.

I now wait for Sujog when this Muslim magi gets fucked. I finally got that opportunity this year during the month of fasting.

I learned from my Muslim friends that during the month of fasting, after a prayer in the mosque, it takes two hours to perform.

I planned that on the first day of the fasting prayer, we three friends would fuck Huzur’s wife. But another Hindu friend of ours, Dulal, found out about our plan and wanted to fuck Huzur’s wife, so I took him along.

At night, we are waiting for four friends to go to prayer together. As soon as Huzur left the house for prayer, we four friends went to the roof without wasting time and locked the door of the roof so that no one else in the house could come to the roof.

I went and knocked on the door. I said I think open the door a little. He said that Huzur is not at home, he has gone to pray and now he cannot open it.

Huzur actually asked me to come. I said Huzoor is in danger and has had an accident with a rickshaw. People have taken him to the hospital. You come with me and I will take you to the hospital.

Huzurbe’s wife was disoriented and called her Sami but her Sami could not receive her phone during prayer. So he believed me and opened the door.

Immediately we four friends pounced on him. Before he could understand anything, we covered his mouth with a cloth so that he could not make a sound.

Then I told her to calm down, we four friends will fuck you for ten minutes and leave you and will not hurt you, we will kiss you lovingly.

And if you resist, I will forcefully castrate and kiss you.

You can’t stop us because you are a girl and we are four men, you can’t be with us. hindu muslim choti Lord’s wife’s ganchoda – 1

So, since you have to be Dharshan, you will have fun and we will also have fun.

Besides, we are bringing expensive cameras and we will video you with four friends.

If you tell anyone, I will supply your fucking video to everyone in the area and release it online, your dignity will be lost and your husband will divorce you.

So you will have fun and we will have fun and if you can make us happy, I will make Amana happy with money.

After that, I will tell you how I fucked Huzur’s pious Muslim wife. And we make money and income by fucking the husband’s wife with different customers.

I will tell you all those stories in the next post. Stay tuned to banglachoti.uk for updates. Thank you all. hindu muslim choti Lord’s wife’s ganchoda – 1

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