Hot Stripper Derek Tyson Performs for March Madness


Welcome to March Madness! I was invited to a large party over the weekend to watch the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament. But upon arriving to watch the games, the guy who threw the party, surprised us with an over the top hot, nude male stripper for our entertainment! The stripper welcomed us, totally naked, and rock hard. He was the perfect greeter, fully erect, extending the invitation for us to throw our coat over his thick 10 inch penis, as we walked inside. He even allowed me to touch and grab a jerk, as I placed my jacket on his huge rod, before he strutted off to hang the coats on a nearby rack.

As additional guests arrived, he allowed them the same pleasure, wearing nothing but a pair of work boots, and a smile. Since I am a big fan of male strippers, I knew he looked familiar, and realized within a few minutes that this was indeed Derek Tyson. He looked better than I remember him from the web. His tanned, smooth skin was lightly oiled to perfection, and his light blonde leg and arm hair were a huge turn on as it glistened. Even the small patch of perfectly trimmed pubes were light blonde! I am personally a fan of totally smooth and shaved men, but since his body hair was so minimal, his look was intoxicating! I couldn’t take my eyes off his enormous cock and smooth baseball sized sperm nuts, as he walked around and served appetizers and drinks to the more than 100 guests.

I and most of the others quickly lost track of our tournament brackets, the teams, and games. I didn’t watch anywhere near as much basketball as I had planned on. Instead, we were all focusing our attention at this luscious male stud, who resembled a Greek God! I began to get a chub, fantasizing about how his massive tool would feel stuffed into any hole I might open for him. His sheer size would be painful, yet exhilarating, if I could manage to handle both his length and girth. His body was perfectly muscular and shredded. His arms were huge, his abs were chiseled into a sculpted eight pack. His perky pecs bulged, and his tiny erect nipples were like little stones that stuck out, perfected by his nipple piercings and the rings he had in them. His powerful legs were athletic, his bulging calves were to die for, and when he turned around, his bubble butt was just perfect! Derek confidently interacted with the crowd, never offended by the continuous grabs, squeezes, strokes and hands that petted and molested every part of him. He even grabbed many of our hands and would guide them around his smooth and glassy muscular body for us to feel.

The host did inform us that Derek was totally straight, so that although he allowed interaction with anyone who wanted to play with him, there would be no fucking. Even though hearing that was somewhat disappointing, I found it extremely hot that this straight male stud allowed so many men to just caress his hunky bod. It was like those Jimmy Z videos. I don’t know how he did it, but Derek’s pecker really never went soft! Although his thick veiny prick and juicy cock head would lower at times, a quick touch, squeeze or jerk would make it rise to full attention and point north within a few seconds. I don’t know if it was the tight cock rings he was wearing, or maybe a little blue pill?

About an hour into the party, our phones were taken (we couldn’t take pics and vids anyways) and that’s when things got really exciting! Derek’s purple, rock hard cock was oozing precum and it was literally dripping down his shaft. I don’t know if it was from all the grabbing or stroking, but it was clear that Derek needed to do something about it.

The host had set up a long buffet like outside and had Derek lie down near the kitchen doors. He then brought out all sorts of sauces, spreads like jam, and whipped cream; then announced, “dinner time”! The host began to spoon out strawberry jelly and rub it on his chest, followed by honey, and then chocolate sauce on his abs, and caramel sauce on his legs. Next was whipped cream sprayed over his massive boner. The host stated no kissing above the neck and then asked, “who wants to eat first?” With a crowd of over 100 people, there were of course several who were shy, but several of us were ready for this feast! At least 15, or maybe 20 guests eagerly got around the table which looked like a smorgasbord at this point. There were no forks, knives or spoons, so it was just our tongues and fingers! Within a few seconds, the meal began! Mouths, lips, and hands, began to literally attack all parts of Derek, and again, he just laid there calmly, with a smile. Before I knew it, someone had his cream covered cock in their mouth! It was obvious that they couldn’t fit him very far down, but they were slurping his massive head and licking his shaft. Others were lapping up the sauce and jam from his firm chest, legs and washboard abs. I licked jam off his left pec, then gently bit his nipple, and I could feel Derek squirm with excitement. I got the chance to squeeze and pat his ass before slipping a finger deep inside. Then the opportunity came for me to grab his cock, so I sprayed and covered it with cream and aimed to stick it in my mouth. I could barely get my hand around him, and when his beautiful pecker was inches from my lips, I immediately got hard myself, looking at this massive piece of meat, those gorgeous blonde pubes and simply the size of his delicious dick. I struggled to get much more than his huge pecker head into my mouth, and while others were indulging in the banquet, I was stroking his nearly foot-long pepperoni sausage, and licking his enormous stallion balls. Since I couldn’t manage to handle more than a few inches, I decided to just put my tongue into his wide open piss hole, since it was so big. Again, Derek squirmed with pleasure as I worked my tongue all around his cock head, sticking my tongue as deep into his cock hole as I could, tasting both whipped cream and precum.

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