How to Make Your Vagina Taste Good (And Smell Good, Too!)


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keep your vagina tasting good

So you want to know how to make your vagina taste good? You’re not alone, and many women have had similar thoughts. You may also be interested in learning how to make your vagina smell good too. What you first need to know is that your vagina’s natural taste and smell are nothing to be ashamed of, but you can discover ways to make your vagina smell good if something specific is leading to odor.

A Rose By Any Other Name

No, your vagina isn’t a rose. Your vagina isn’t outside of your body, either. If you’re looking up how to make your vagina taste good, you probably mean your vulva, which includes your labia and clitoris. This is the spot your partner will focus on when going down on you.

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However, if you’re more concerned about how to make your vagina smell good, you might actually mean your vulva (read all about female genital anatomy). Pungent aromas can emanate from inside of your vagina; however, your vulva can also be the source of unpleasant smells.

From here on out, we’ll refer mostly to the vagina and what the vagina tastes like, but we may specify the vulva.

Your Vagina Au Naturale

does cranberry juice make you taste better

Your vagina has a natural odor and taste. It’s a bit musky and can smell like sweat because of how easily sweat can collect in that area (you’ll see how you can keep fresh in a bit). Sometimes the odor will be more pungent, such as after a workout. At these times, your pussy may not taste awesome or smell fresh.

Solution: The causes and 7 treatments for vaginal odor.

Additionally, you might taste of iron during your period [2]. Certain medications and foods can also affect the way you smell and what your vagina tastes like. For example, asparagus and large quantities of garlic affect your urine and sweat, and medicines like Mucinex can do the same. Consider all of those things if you’re trying to figure out why you suddenly don’t smell great.

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But your natural musk is healthy, even if it takes some people time to get used to it. Furthermore, there are men who love a woman’s natural aroma and taste, and there exist women who love the way her man tastes after going down on her. Win-win!

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Remember that just like every vagina has its own scent, every vagina has its own appearance. By the way, this is what a normal vagina looks like.

Vaginal Smell or Symptom of Something More?

While the natural state of your vagina is normal and perfectly fine, a change in the smell, especially if it becomes unpleasant, may be a sign of something that’s not normal. We’re specifically talking about infections – bacterial, sexually-transmitted and yeast. Each of these infections alters your vagina’s ecosystem, resulting in unpleasant odors (and tastes) and other symptoms.

  • Bacterial infections, also known as bacterial vaginosis (BV), result from bacteria entering your vagina [3]. Douching, sex, and masturbation can all cause BV; although, there is a host of other reasons. BV can be the cause of a fishy odor, and you might also experience discharge and pain or discomfort, especially while peeing or during sex. You can have BV without any symptoms, however [4]. Antibiotics help to clear up this infection. Learn more about bacterial vaginosis.
  • Yeast infections are common and can result in a funky smell as well as a cottage-cheese-like discharge. Natural remedies such as yogurt can clear up yeast infections (more about the causes and symptions of yeast infections), and you shouldn’t have unprotected sex while infected because you can pass the infection back and forth. More about sex with a yeast infection.
  • A variety of sexually-transmitted infections can cause foul smells. Trichomoniasis is especially likely to be the culprit; although, it’s not the only one.

Each of these infections has different causes and requires different treatment.

For example, antibiotics won’t do anything for the overgrowth of candida in your vagina that causes a yeast infection. However, boric acid suppositories can make you taste better by helping to clear up your yeast infection.

Make sure you know what infection you’re dealing with before you seek treatment.

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How to Make Your Vagina Taste Good

how to make your vagina taste better

There’s certainly less information about tricks that will make your pussy taste good like how eating pineapple can improve the taste of a guy’s ejaculate. However, the same general principles that keep him tasty and fresh-smelling apply. Wondering how long before oral should you eat pineapple? It depends, and a single serving probably won’t make your vagina taste better. Instead, add more sweet fruit to your diet overall.

A healthy diet is important. Eating too much sugar, processed foods or meat may decrease the pleasantness of your body odor, so you should be cautios about those foods that make your vagina taste bad. So make sure to eat plenty of veggies and fruits that make you taste good. Maybe pineapple will work for you, too!

Being hydrated is crucial, too. This will decrease the intensity of your sweat, urine, and body in general and can make your pussy taste better. Plus, drinking water is good for your figure.

Certain things such as smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, or doing drugs won’t help you taste good down there. Consider cutting down or quitting entirely to make your vagina taste and smell good.

Preparing for Sex

If you’re concerned about how to make your vagina taste good or how to make your vagina smell good, then you’re probably concerned about sex, especially oral sex. You don’t want your partner to be turned off or grossed out, and you don’t want to be so concerned about your taste and smell that you can’t enjoy it.

The key is preparation. If you crawl into bed with a guy after a long day or after hitting the gym or even when you have your period, you might not feel so fresh or taste fantastic. So why not take a shower? And if your man is down, you can invite him too.

Guys are often so concerned with how they smell that they don’t think about your own odor.

Discover how to smell better.

During your shower or bath, you can rinse with a sensitive soap or non-scented soap/body wash. You definitely want to stay away from heavily scented products because of how sensitive your vagina can be to chemicals. Your vagina is self-cleaning, so you don’t need to cleanse inside, just the vulva.

Rinse thoroughly with water and really get in there, using your fingers to wash away sweat and any discharge. When you’re done cleaning, thoroughly dry the area. Moisture can become trapped, leading to some funky smells if you don’t.

One thing we don’t recommend is douching. While they are advertised for cleaning out your vagina, douches can actually contain chemicals that can upset your vagina’s pH balance. If this causes an infection, you definitely won’t taste or smell great until it clears up!

Taking a shower washes off all the sweat and grime from the day and makes you feel clean and sexy, but what about when you don’t have time for a shower? We recommend using a wet wipe for this purpose. Wet toilet paper offers a refresher, but there are products made specifically for wiping before oral sex that you can consider, too.

Stay Fresher, Longer

How to make your vagina taste good

A simple and easy way to make your vagina smell good is to wear natural fibers such as cotton and loose pants to allow your vagina to breathe. This allows sweat in the area to dry. This is important because sweat creates a nice home for bacteria that can lead to unpleasant, musty odors and even infections [5]. In fact, this might be a reason to try going commando.

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Alternatively, you can wear panty liners with your panties to keep yourself fresh. Daily liners are so thin that you won’t even notice them, and you can toss them. Plus, they protect your underwear from any discharge.

Another thing that might make you smell less than fresh? Wearing thongs. The thin strips of material can transmit bacteria and usually don’t leave you smelling all that great.

Consider the menstrual products that you’re using. Pads (sanity napkins) require blood to leave the body before it’s absorbed into the product, which means that the smell may be stronger and more unpleasant than a tampon or menstrual cup that catches blood before it leaves your body.

If you do use a menstrual cup, be sure to rinse it off after you dump it out and disinfect it in between periods.

Improve Taste & Smell During Sex

Some people have anecdotally reported that cranberry pills improve the taste of their genitals, so you can try them to make your vagina taste sweet. Some people also believe that cranberry pills can help prevent or fight UTIs, but there is no resarch that backs up that idea as of yet [6]. Because of this, cranberries or cranberry pill may not be as effective as some people claim.

Another option is to consider a scented or flavored product such as lube when your man is going down on you. Some of these products also increase sensation thanks to ingredients such as menthol. However, beware of chemicals containing glycerin, which should only be used externally as they can potentially contribute to yeast infections. And those won’t help with your smell or taste.

One thing to note is that after a guy ejaculates in you, your smell may change. Your man’s semen has a different pH than your vagina. His semen is more basic with a pH between 7 and 8 [7] while your vagina is slightly more acidic, ranging from 4-6 [8]. The combination can change your smell and is responsible for the smell of sex — read more.

So using a condom not only helps to prevent pregnancy and the transmission of STIs, but it might be one way to make your vagina smell good.

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Don’t Sweat It

how to taste good

Women seem more self-conscious about their vaginas, including the way they look, smell and taste, than men do their penises. After all, a guy is always down for a blowjob, and he seldom gives a second thought to how pleasant he smells. In fact, you may have gone down on a fellow or two in the past who could have used a shower but was blissfully ignorant of the fact.

So you might not always smell shower fresh, and that’s okay. Your natural smell or taste may not be like honey the way it’s inaccurately described in bad erotica. That’s okay, too. You don’t need to know how to make your vagina taste good if there’s nothing wrong with your natural taste, to begin with. If you have a pussy, you have good pussy.

Go ahead and sit on his face, anyway! Discover how in this post.

What’s not okay is if a guy is refusing to go down on you or making you feel bad about your body. In these situations, it’s totally your option to dump him and find a partner who’s more giving and reasonable. After all, sex is sometimes messy and weird and awkward, and if he’s not mature enough to handle that, you don’t need to be having sex with him!

As long as you’re healthy and have good hygiene, your natural musk is nothing to worry about. Don’t spend too much time wondering how to taste good and smell good unless it’s something out of the ordinary. Any partner who is worth your time will understand that, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

what fruits make your vag taste good

FAQ #1 – What does vagina taste like?

It both depends on who you ask and who they’re tasting. Some people would tell you that all vaginas taste a bit similar, while others might say each one is unique. Words that are commonly used to describe the taste range from salty to bitter to savory to acidic to sweet to sour. Scientific research has even described the smell as “cheesy” [1]. More than one person has described the taste of vagina as similar to pennies or metallic.

Read More: What Does Vagina Taste Like?

There isn’t an easy way to describe what vagina tastes like without tasting it yourself! You can taste yourself on your partner’s penis or fingers or even taste another woman to understand what vagina tastes like.

FAQ #2 – Why has my vagina’s taste changed?

Taste can vary throughout your menstrual cycle. Pregnancy or menopause could also affect the taste. A change in diet, health (such as an infection), and medication could also be at play. A different laundry or bath soap may also play a role. Consider all the things that have changed since you noticed the change in taste or smell, even if they seem unrelated.


This article on Vice discusses how what you eat changes how your vagina tastes.

Check out The Vagina Bible, a book by Dr. Jen Gunter that discusses all the ins and outs of having a vagina.

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