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Hello all,

This is Angel (name changed). This incident happened during 2023 Christmas party. I got married in 2018 with my husband. After giving birth to first child my husband and myself had sex very rarely and it was reduced during covid days. Times gone to 2023 where we moved to different city from Chennai to Banglore. Since i put on a weight i decided to hit the gym. My husband encouraged me to join and he also joined the Gym.

About my Husband David- he is 32 years old while i am 28. He has good sexual appetite but recently he lost the touch. He is 5.8 ft tall while i am 5.2ft. we both are white colored.
15 days in the Gym we met his school friend Akram Wasim. Wasim was 6ft tall well built and dark in color. I have seen Akram staring me lot of times. During November my husband moved to night shift and i had to hit the gym lonely since i had morning shift.

Once while working out Akram decided to help me and he touched me inappropriately. Few items this happened and i started to enjoy his touch. One day he touched more passionate and we were about to kiss. I had sex some 8 weeks back and was waiting for a man’s touch. We kissed for few seconds inside his car when he offered to drop me.

I cursed myself for doing it. When i went home i immediately had shower. When i came out of shower my husband removed my towel and put me in bed to have sex. He licked me and kissed me everywhere where I suddenly remebered akram’s touch and kiss that happened in last one month. I had a bigger orgasm with my husband licking and he immediately fucked me. Even though he fucked me good i thought its not good enough.

My husband decided to host christmas party days before Christmas eve. We invited our friends and also Akram.

In party we offered food and booze. Ofcourse akram being a muslim doesn’t drink but he helped me in cooking few things as he came early. After all preparations i went to have a shower and came out in just towel. That time my husband was getting ready for the party. Since there is a party we put our son in my in laws house. We were having booze and food. Around 11pm people started leaving and at the end we thought everyone left. I was wearing a Violet saree with Black sleeveless and semi backless blouse. My husband started kissing me and lifted me. He was in a mood. Normally when we drink he fucks me with passion but forgets the happenings next day. He lifted me to the master bedroom situated in upstairs and started disrobing me. He removed my pallu and Blouse. I said to be slowly but he was rough.

He lifted my petticoat and removed my panty. He got himself nude. I was in bra and Petticoat. My hubby pushed my bra up and sucked the boobs. Few minutes later he sucked my pussy and i had a orgasm. He said he wants to be down. I started riding my husband and that is where i noticed in the mirror someone is watching. It was Akram. He slowly moved inside. We had dim lights on in the room while i was riding my naked husband. Slowly Akram came inside and removed his dress. I said him to go. My husband was in full mood and he was high as he didn’t notice akram coming in.

After some 10 strokes my husband grabbed me and said he loves me. I said to my hubby that Akram is here and is watching us. He ignored and asked me ride. By that time Akram came inside and removed everything. His dick was rock hard and bigger than my Husband’s. He came backside and started fingering my Anal.

I came to know what this bastard gonna do. I said Akram leave me. Akram said my husband is not gonna wake up right. I was surprised and he suddenly inserted his penis in Anal. He started anal fucking me while i was riding my husband’s penis. In few minutes my husband came inside the condom. Offcourse he wore the condom as i was not in safe period. My husband dossed off. Akram took this a signal and removed his penis. He kissed my lips and put me in bed. He started kissing my boobs by removing my bra and petticoat. He kissed like there is no tommorow and licked my pussy. I had my second orgasm. He inserted the penis inside my mouth.

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