I am not discriminating about the sex, I satisfied the anger of Bhoda by giving the driver


I am not discriminating about the sex, I satisfied the anger of Bhoda by giving the driver

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I am Neelima. Age 28 years. Emergency medical officer of a big hospital in Dhaka. Being a doctor, sometimes I have to visit patients in my own area.

I have always been quite easy and open when it comes to sex. I didn’t judge the choice as much. Medical A

Since studying, I have had sex with different people at different times. After marriage, however, I settled down with my husband.

My colleague Niloy told me one day that he has to visit a patient at his home in Comilla one day instead of him. He has urgent work.

I agreed to win in his place after much insistence. He said everything from car to food rest has been arranged.

I told my husband at home. He agreed.

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Niloy’s driver appeared in front of my house at 7 am on the day of departure. Niloy asked me to give him my number and called me saying his name is Raju. Niloy’s driver. I told him I will come in 5 minutes.

I went down and saw a very good AC car. Noah’s car, the rear has been modified. It looks like you can sleep comfortably. Raju took my bag and put it on the front seat. I stepped back.

Raju looks quite black, it is understood that there are people in the village. Big body, strong build. Raju started the car and turned on the AC, “It will take a few hours to go Memsub,

You can lie down if you want, the sheets are provided.” I said “I can recline on the seat. I will sleep later if I need more.”

He said that there is a TV set in the car, I can watch movies if I want. I asked him to give me an English movie.

The car started moving and we went to watch the movie. I am very sociable, I got very attached to the driver in no time.

I started talking openly. As the English movie is X rated, there were several sex scenes in the movie. During the sex scene, the driver started talking about sex.

I was a little annoyed but did not understand. I continued the story.

Raju took courage and started talking openly. He said, “Memsab, if you are not angry, may I ask you something?”

I could guess what he wanted to ask. He reduced the speed of the car very much. He looked at me in the rear view mirror. “Don’t be angry, do it,” I said.

He said, “Memsab, you talked very openly about having sex with me. I think Chudachudi Niya Apne is a very generous person.”

I said, “That’s right, what do you understand?” He said, “And it seems that you are not very picky about sex.” I said, “You understand other people very well. So what happened?”

Raju said, “Memsab, if you don’t complain about this one, then I will say the next one.” I said, “Well, I won’t.”

He said, “Memsab, can I fuck you once?”

Hearing his words, my blood rose in anger. What does a little driver say?

I said, “The bigger your face, the bigger your words, your courage is not less.”

He was afraid, but did not give up. He said, “Memsab, don’t complain if you speak.” I got angry. I said “Okay.” After a while I said, “

Don’t you have a wife and children?” He said, “He comes, he stays in Geram.” I don’t go to Geram for 6 months, so I can’t keep my head straight. I said, “You don’t have the habit of hanging out with any bad girls do you?” He said, “No memsab.”

After a while he said again, “Memsab, I asked you openly about sex.”

I said, “Understood.” I also took it for granted now. The poor man has been in this condition of not being able to go to his wife for a long time. I am not discriminating about the sex, I satisfied the anger of Bhoda by giving the driver

He said, “Memsab, you can give me a chance, I will not disappoint you.”

After a while he stopped the car at a deserted place. I realized that watching sex in movies also turned me on. He got down from the front and came back.

Locked the car and sat at my feet. He said, “Memsab, you didn’t say anything?”

I could see the intense desire in her eyes. I understand that he is crazy to get me and for this he is willing to do anything.

No one will come to save me on the lonely road. I realized I had no choice. I have one in mind

Word got around that it was better to let things end naturally than to force them. And since there is no way to avoid it, what’s wrong with enjoying it?

I said, “Okay, you can fuck me if you want.” But if someone on the street sees it, there will be a lot of problems.”

Raju’s eyes lit up when he got the chance to fuck me. He said, “This road is always completely empty, and nothing can be seen outside the glass.

I can no longer memsab.” So he came to me and placed his cheek on my chest and began to sway and press.

He took off his shirt and spread the sheet on the floor of the car. He said to me, “Memsab, wear Isa on the sheet below, it will be convenient.”

I laughed at her and thought to myself that men are always ready for sex. I said, “Raju,

I think you are ready, how many girls have you fucked so far?” He said, “Memsab, I’m only fucking my wife, and it’s been 6 months.”

After saying this, he grabbed my legs and slowly pulled me down. I came to the middle of the sheet and lay down. Raju

One hand on my jeans and the other hand on my breast started swaying. Then started licking my lips with his tongue.

After that he unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and put his hand inside my panty and began to hover over my boda.

After that he took off my shirt and bra. My big milk jumped out. Seeing my milk, Raju’s mouth watered and he said, “

Her cock swelled as soon as she saw my erect milk

Wow, what wonderful tits, can I suck them?” Before I could say anything one of my drops entered her hot mouth and she started sucking it hard.

After a while she stopped sucking and removed her pant and underwear. “Oh my god” came out of my mouth when I saw his cock.

He said, “Memsab, have you not seen a camel like this till now?”

His cock was 7.5” long and very thick when aroused with a slight upward curve. After removing his pants he also removed my pants.

I was lying naked in front of a little driver and he was about to fuck me, a thrill played in my mind as I remembered this.

Raju came on me, spread my legs and looked at my Bhoda and said, “I have never seen such a Bhoda in my life.

I have never thought that I would do this for the sake of sex.” She leaned down and fingered my bhoda and licked it with her tongue. My eyes closed and my mouth started to let out a light “aahhhh uuhhh” sound.

I held her head with my hand and pressed it on the bhoda. Oh fingered Bhoda and started licking inside Bhoda.

Then she straightened up and started licking my navel, came up and started sucking my nipples. He started sucking my whole body.

Then he placed his knees on either side of my stomach and started rubbing his cock on my breasts. His cock was inches away from my mouth. I could not control myself after seeing his cock and grabbed his cock.

As soon as he caught it, Raju’s mouth let out loud noises and he said, “Ahhh memsab, suck suck, suck harder.”

Saying this he came forward through his knees and his cock touched my lips. Immediately I opened my lips and took the head of his cock in my mouth and pressed it.

Raju said, “Ahhhh, what a hot face you have, suck more and more.” So he pushed the cock and half of the cock went into my mouth. I started sucking his cock lightly.

Raju got excited and said, “You can suck cock very well. I want to empty my cock in your face first.

Then your bhoda chudum.” After saying this, he sat on the seat and said, “Memsab, you suck the cock between my two legs.”

I sat between her legs and took it in my mouth. Raju held my head with his hand and started kissing my face.

His cock was going to my throat. After about 10 minutes the mouth puckered and he inserted his cock up to my throat and released the hot material.

As I opened my mouth to breathe, a lot of stuff went into my stomach. I coughed loudly and the rest of the material got stuck in his bag.

I sat down and took deep breaths. The salty taste of the stuff was swirling in my mouth. I saw that his bull was still standing and had a load on his head.

Raju rubbed his cock on my breast and cleaned it and came forward and started sucking my tit. After about 10 minutes he said, “

Now I kiss you like a dog.” I quickly said, “No, no, don’t fuck today, fuck as much as you want.” If you want to beat your hips, beat it some other day. Hey, I will stay here for 3 days.”

Raju was happy and said, “You are right, wait 3 days and I will be able to fuck you.” I said, “Hey dad, I will stay here for 3 days.

I’ll tell you when I get time, you can fuck comfortably.” Then Raju said, “Memsab, please give me a chance to fuck you every day.”

So I told her, “I have to see patients here all day, I will be very tired at the end of the day, then you come to my hotel room and massage my body. Fuck, spank and spank me instead.

Raju went crazy with happiness and said, “Memsab, I did not listen to your words, my mind was filled with happiness, let’s go and kiss your bhoda.”

He said he came between my legs and the head of his cock touched my cock. My mouth was dripping with juice. He rubbed his cock on my bum and pushed.

Flickr ……. “Ahhh ahhh oooo”

His thick cock entered my cock, after half of the cock was inserted, he pulled it out a little bit and pushed it again.

The ram again entered the Bhoda. “Aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah” sounds just came out of my mouth.

His cock was about 6” deep. Then he took the help of the seat with his hand behind my head and started to insert and remove the cock inside my vagina.

Slowly his speed started to increase. Then he started beating Ram loudly. Chudte chudte chudte chudte and Jhu began to suck my milk drops.

Her eyes were closed in pleasure and my chest was wet with saliva from her mouth. Seeing him I felt like a starving dog with its tongue sticking out.

Juice was coming out of my bhoda and I felt so relaxed. The cock was completely soaked in my bhodar water and was going in and out very easily.

She fucked me in that position for about 10 minutes. Then he took out his bed and told me to lie on my left side. He lifted my right leg up and took my left leg between his own legs and inserted the cock inside Bhoda again.

She put her right leg on my shoulder and started to fuck me again. His cock was going deeper now.

If the money for sex is one, even if it is the doorman, it will work

“Uhhh, uuuhhhh uummmm aaahh” sounds started coming out of my mouth. He fucked me in that position for about 10 minutes.

But there was no sign of his goods coming out. My pussy was aching a bit from his hard pounding but more than that it was relaxing. I am not discriminating about the sex, I satisfied the anger of Bhoda by giving the driver

Then he asked me to lie on my right side and again put his cock inside my vagina and started fucking.

Gradually her breathing became faster and her pace slowed down a bit. After a while a loud “Aahhh” sound came out of her mouth and with a very hard thrust she pushed the whole cock inside my vagina.

His cock grew thicker and quivered inside my pussy. I could feel my vagina filling up with his hot stuff.

Then he took my left leg off his shoulder and lay on me. His cock was still embedded in my pussy.

I collapsed under him. But I felt very good even after pressing down on him. After a while he raised his head and with the help of his hand straightened it a little.

He licked my lips and said, “You have a wonderful thing Memsab, you are very expert in fucking.

I’ve had the most fun fucking myself so far. Your face is like a heroine, Chuida Prana went to Jura.

I said, “If you don’t tell me, you’re only fucking your wife, not anyone else!!!”

He said, “I am talking about convincing you, Memsab. It seems that if you hear Magi Chudchi, you will not agree even in life, if you don’t, there will be an opportunity for you to agree.” Aren’t you angry?”

I thought to myself, “He has already fucked me, now what will happen if he gets angry.”

(Though not using a condom didn’t occur to me then. I still don’t understand how I made such a big mistake as a medical doctor.)

I said “No, I didn’t.”

Raju said, “Memsab, you did not forget your promise, but let me beat your hips.”

i smiled I said, “Okay father, okay. As I promised, I will give you as many hips as you want. Then I gave her a kiss on the lips.

I said, “Raju, I also found you very comfortable.”

Hearing this, Raju kissed my lips. The whole time his cock was inside my pussy. Then he pulled his cock out of my pussy.

If he is old, will Khanki’s son have too much power

I saw that his cock was glistening with Bhoda juice. As soon as I got out of bed, I saw him taking off his clothes from inside my bed. We both laughed out loud at this scene.

I got out of the car. It was noon, I took water from Raju and went to the nearby bush to clean my pussy and face.

Then I came back and took my clothes. I saw that Raju had also taken off his clothes and was sitting on the driver’s seat. I went and sat with her on the front seat. Raju came forward kissed me and started the car. I am not discriminating about the sex, I satisfied the anger of Bhoda by giving the driver

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