I fucked two Magi together now I will eat another one


I fucked two Magi together now I will eat another one

My name is Raj, age 20, when I was studying in class 12, my mother died in an accident.

And my father married again, a girl named Seema, so she is my stepmother but I call her tui tui and call her by her name, bangla panu kahini.

He has a daughter named Naima, both of them come to Khanaki, dasa dasa milk, thin waist full of heaven.

My father is away on business, so I, Seema and Naima stay at home.

And me, I’m the number one playboy, bastard, sex addict, who in one word is called a fuck boy.

Of course, all this is for the sake of Naima. He is 1 year younger than me.

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One day in college my girlfriend Tia (34B-28-30) was teasing him. Then Naima made a video of us and started blackmailing me.

Because of that he has to be beaten and now due to lock down he is beaten 6 times a day. That doesn’t leave me.

But Jai Haq loves Tia and wants to make her happy. That’s why he hits him when he says it.

When I was in college, I fucked college madams, senior sisters, and then all the girls in our batch. I fucked two Magi together now I will eat another one

On the last day of college, I was hitting on my girlfriend Tia. Then Tia asked me to kiss
Tia:- ah ah ah ah mm mm we won’t meet again ah ah fuck me ahhh ahhh ummmmm ahhhh I wanna marry you ah yes ah ah ah ah

I was pressing her milk by pressing her.

Tia:- ah ah ah ah ah I’m cumming ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

Then releases her pussy juice.

Then he says why didn’t you say anything

Me:- Yes ok I will marry you but not now darling after 1 year. chuda chudi golpo
He is happy to hear that.

Tia:- I love you baby

Me:- love you too Janu will kiss you even better after marriage.

2 months after this incident

One night I was lying down thinking that

After college 2 months ago I took a job test and passed it

Now you have to skip the interview.

But who knows if I will get the job.

Can’t sleep?

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I see Naima wearing a red color panty

Langto came to my side and started talking to me

Naima:- When my dasa milks are seen, can I know why my sexy, hot, handsome, handsome grandfather is not sleeping.

I told him about Tia and the job

Naima:- Everyone wants to get your girlfriend and a figure like her, don’t worry so much, go to sleep, I will help you?… I’ll help you….

Said he took off my cock and started pulling it out, then put my cock in his mouth and started sucking it
Naima:- Mm Mm Mm Mm

I then saw her head moving, and my hand went on her hair

She was swinging randomly and she was looking very sexy and she stopped sucking before my material came out. He came to me and said. I fucked two Magi together now I will eat another one

Naima:- I will do the rest if you give a good interview tomorrow

Me:- Ok, get ready tomorrow I will kiss you fiercely.

Naima:- Good night

Next morning Naima hugged me and kissed me and said all the best before getting ready. And Seema gave me a blowjob in the bathroom after waking up.

Reached the office on time. I went there and got to know that a madam will interview us. And the madam is very angry and very sexy so I benefited

I got the job after 2 hours of teasing madam

I left the office and went to meet Tia at her house first.

As I entered her house, I saw Tia and Poppy discussing me together.

Poppy:- Are you mad or do you want to marry Raj?

Tia:- Where is the problem? I love him

Poppy:- Here is the problem, these days all girls want to put boys’ cocks in their vaginas and fuck them to their heart’s content. And you will marry him. You took his test drive

Tia: Why?

Poppy:- Hey stupid girl, if you find out after marriage that his height is 4 inches, then you will not be happy.
Poppy said again before Tia could say anything

Poppy:- Like my boyfriend’s penis is 5 inches, I fuck him everyday. So take a test drive

Tia said with a smile

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Tia:- You are overthinking Poppy, we had sex too, and his cock is six and a half inches, and he banged me hard for 45 minutes and that boy is good too. Cute, hot, handsome is more then enough for me

Poppy:- What are you talking about so big? I fucked two Magi together now I will eat another one

Tia:- I don’t want to let go when he enters, his iron rod hard cock enters my wet soft hot pussy full of kisses.

Tia:- Can’t be explained, things to experience.

Poppy:- I want to touch Raj’s cock once

I then knocked on the door of the room.

Tia:- The door is open.

Poppy eyed my cock as I walked in. Listening to both of them made me stand.

Tia: Why are you standing?

Me:- I was thinking how to fuck you today.

Tia:- I don’t like to put cock in my pussy and fuck.

Me:- Oh go on, it’s fun to fool you.

Tia: – So

Me:- Ha, when I insert my hard cock inside your soft hot wet pussy, it feels like I keep it inside all day.

Tia:- After marriage we will put bangla sex golpo all day

Me:- Tia I came to give you a news

Tia: What?

Me:- I got a job in mine for 55 thousand taka per month.

Hearing this Tia hugged me and gave me a deep kiss and said now we will finish the marriage soon.

Poppy said that I will go home from there to tell her that it is okay

Poppy:- Raj I am also going home go together Cho.

Me:- ok cho.

After going half way, Poppy Hotat grabbed my hand

Poppy said before I could say anything

Poppy:- Shut up, don’t say anything, don’t joke, even so, my figure is better than Tear, isn’t it, Raj?

Me:- No, Tia’s breasts are bigger than yours and her waist is better than yours.

Poppy heard this and said

Poppy:- Every day you press and suck Tia’s big breasts and fuck her, she will not look good. I fucked two Magi together now I will eat another one

Then after talking for a while he came to Poppy’s house.

Poppy:- Tomorrow is my birthday, both you and Tia will come in the evening
Me:- ok

Poppy entered her house and I reached home to see a samandha has come for Naima’s marriage, the boy’s name is Ranveer, her sister Jhuma, her stepmother Neera, her brother Rahul, and her brother’s wife Sneha.

As soon as I entered Naima said to talk to this is my brother Raj. I introduced them by name.

I went home and changed my dress and sat on the sofa, Hotat Jhuma looked at me and said

Jhuma:- The network is not coming here, you are not getting the net here?

Me:- Net is here

Seema said

Seema:- You take him upstairs and you will get the network there. bangla panu golpo

I took Jhuma upstairs, Jhuma asked me to speak

Jhuma:- which of your room?

Me:- Go to my room, there is no use. Very dirty room.

Jhuma then held my hand and jumped saying I will see, I will see.

I then took her to my room.

Jhuma walked in and I got goosebumps seeing her black churidar from behind, her black hair, her thin 28 inch waist and her ass.

He entered and told me to close the door and come in. I close the door of the room.

Jhuma pulled me from behind and threw me on the bed and got on top of me and started kissing me deeply and my cock was throbbing, the kiss ended after 2 minutes, then quickly unzipped my blue jeans and unzipped my blue panty. Pulling my pant open and holding my cock, he said with a smile

Jhuma:- Your penis is so big

As he said, he inserted it into his pussy, then took the first two strokes slowly and then began to take the strokes more forcefully. Holding both my hands and taking a beating

Jhuma:- ah ah ah fuckkk ah ah yeah baby ah ah Fuck me ah ah ah ah ah ah

Then I held Jhuma’s waist and gave Jhuma a slap

Jhuma:- Ahhhh fuck

I then started pounding again

Jhuma:- Ahhh ahhh ahhh ummmm ummmm ummmm fuck ah ah ah ah ah ah oh fuck ah ah ah ah crack ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh crack ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh mmm mumm mummum Mm

Then she slowly leaned towards me and started kissing me while still kissing her then she hugged Jhuma and went around sucking Jhuma’s milk drops and began to passionately thrash.

Jhuma:-(loudly) ahhh ahhh ahhhhhh notun choti golpo

As she did so, Jhuma released her pussy juice.

Then started sucking my cock in her mouth Jhuma looked sexier when she was sucking my cock and seeing that my cock came out.

Then he lay on top of me, then when the call came from below, I went down with Jhuma’s clothes.

I went downstairs and found out that Naima’s marriage was fixed for the next week. When they came out, Jhuma winked at me and said I will call you.

At night I went to my room and took off my clothes and went to sleep thinking about Jhuma’s figure, the cock stopped again.

From that Shulam pass, Naima started touching my cock and seeing my erect cock, she said thinking about me, she made her cock erect. gud mara

Me:- Naima is not feeling well

Naima:- Hey, you don’t have the guts to grow up, you’re a fool who can fuck me

Hearing this I got hot and immediately I took Naima’s hand and set her in doggy style and inserted the bara in her pussy and started pounding hard and Naima then

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Ahhhh ahhh ummmmm ahhh ahhh oh yeah baby ahhh ahhh fuck me ahhh ahhh fuck your bitch ahhh ahhh ummmmm ahhh ummmmm ahhh bus this one is out of breath bro I increased the speed in anger and my food

Naima :- Ahhhh ahhh ummmmm ummmmm ahhh ahhhhhh I am cumming ahhhhhh I am cumming ohh ha ha ha ha

The juice came out of her pussy then the juice started to flow and while my dick came out the pussy

I took out the cock and threw it on his back and I lay down and he lay on me and said many times you are the best cock. Then Tia’s phone came. Next episode will come soon please wait. I fucked two Magi together now I will eat another one

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