I Give Orgasm To My Hot Girlfriend


Hello Guys, I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “I Give Orgasm To My Hot Girlfriend – Village Girlfriend XXX“. I am sure you all will love it.

Friends, I am Dipanshu, from Panipat. I am B.A. I am a final year student and I am 21 years old. I have always wanted to have sex all the time. I only feel like having sex in the morning and evening.

Today I am going to tell you about the Village Girlfriend XXX of my life and my first sex.

This incident happened when I was nineteen years old and was studying in the 12th class. First, let me tell you about myself.

I am from a village. Right from the beginning I have studied in a boys’ school.

I have always been good at studies, so I never had to listen to anyone because of my studies. Whichever school I went to, I created a good image of myself there. (Village Girlfriend XXX)

When I went to a nearby village for further studies, the same thing happened. I soon won everyone’s trust there.

I am good-looking and I have also kept my body fit. But due to being shy, to date, I have not been able to impress any girl.

Then I gathered courage and made a girl my girlfriend. Her name was Nilam. She used to study in my class. I was her first boyfriend.

I had to work hard for 3 months to impress her, and only then she came online.

Initially, we used to talk only on the phone and nothing happened. We used to talk on the phone for hours.

Then we started meeting and talking about sex also. But never got a chance to lie down with her.

Then when we both came to 12th, sex had made a place in our love life. When our first half result of 12th came, she promised me that if she passed in Intermediate then she would meet me.

When the results came, she had passed. She came to meet me as per her promise. She wanted me to meet her somewhere near her house.

Along with arranging the place, I had given her sleeping pills… so that she could feed these pills to her family.

She mixed those pills with milk and fed them to all her family members at night. She also called me and told me that we both would meet tonight. (Village Girlfriend XXX)

I had told at home that I was going to my brother’s friend’s wedding. Because of this, I also did not face any problems in staying away from home.

I was in a mood to take her from her house to one of my friend’s rooms.

I started waiting for her call. When I did not receive any call from her even till 10.30 at night, I got angry and started drinking.

I had just placed 2 pegs when her call came at 11 o’clock. She said- I can’t come out of the house, you come to my house.

I had earlier told her that she should come out of the house and I would take care of the rest. She also agreed. (Village Girlfriend XXX)

But I don’t know what happened later… or maybe she was too scared to come out, that’s why she refused.

Now I decided to go to her house. If I had not gone, I might never have got such an opportunity again.

Two of my friends dropped me near her house at night. I had already told her over the phone to keep the door open.

As soon as I reached outside her house, she put me inside and closed the door. I reached her house at midnight. She took me to her room.

Her boobs were so big that I could not hold a single boob of hers in one hand.

Her complexion was a little dark, but because of her features, she looked very hot. Her style of walking was so cool, what can I say? She could kill anyone with just her moves.

That night she was wearing a salwar suit. She was wearing a white bra under the kurta and black panty inside, which she had told me on the phone.

As soon as I entered the room, I first checked whether anyone had seen me. When it was confirmed that no one had seen me, I grabbed her and started kissing her.

She was also supporting me. I held her in my arms and started pressing her Big Boobs. She was also moving her hands on my waist.

I put my hands on her waist and held her so tightly as if I wanted to take her inside me. In return, she also held me tightly.

Then I started pressing her ass. I liked her ass very much. Today was our first time to meet like this… but both of us knew very well what to do. (Village Girlfriend XXX)

While kissing slowly, I started removing her clothes. Her figure of 38-32-40 was very nice.

I removed her kurta. Inside she was wearing a white mesh bra. I took her boobs in my hands and started massaging them.

Till now we were standing like this. Then I asked her to come to the bed. She sat on the bed. I made her lie down and came over to her.

I had already exposed her boobs, so I climbed on top of her and started pressing one of her boobs and took the other one in my mouth and started sucking it.

She was caressing my waist with one hand and caressing my hair with the other. We kept doing this for ten minutes.

Then I took one of my hands downwards caressed her stomach and reached between her thighs. I started caressing her pussy over the salwar and now our tongues were in each other’s mouth.

She was making long moans. I was continuously caressing her pussy vigorously with one hand. At the same time, I was sucking her lips. Was moving my tongue in her mouth.

After doing this for a few minutes, I opened the knot of her salwar and placed my hand on her panty.

I slowly removed her salwar. Now I also removed my pants and shirt and remained only in underwear.

She was lying in front of me in just a little black panty. I made her lie down on me and started pressing her Big Ass hard. I kept kissing her lips.

Both of us were holding each other as if we wanted to enter each other.

Then I made her lie beneath me and climbed on top of her again.

I started sucking her boobs again and put one hand in her panty and placed it on her pussy. Her pussy had become very hot and had become wet by releasing fluid.

Then I slowly started removing her panty by lowering it. She also helped me by lifting her ass.

As soon as her panty came off, I also removed my underwear. Now both of us were naked and both had become very hot. (Village Girlfriend XXX)

Without wasting any time, I placed my penis on her pussy. My penis is 7 inches long and 3.5 inches thick.

As soon as I placed my penis on her pussy, she started raising her waist and I started sucking her lips.

Then she held my penis with her hand and placed it on the mouth of her pussy and gestured to me, then I pushed with force. In the very first stroke, my 2-inch penis entered her pussy.

She closed her eyes in pain and bit her lips between her teeth. She held my waist tightly with her hands. She was having unbearable pain.

Pausing for a moment, I gave another push. This time half of my penis went into her pussy. Her membrane was broken and tears started coming from her eyes.

She was in pain. She was clenching her teeth. But even then she did not stop me.

I gave another hard push and put my entire penis inside her pussy. I inserted my entire penis into her pussy and remained lying like that.

We were in no hurry, so we were doing everything very comfortably. Because she had given sleeping pills to her family members and there was no fear of anyone.

Then after some time, I started moving back and forth. Gradually I increased my speed and started fucking her vigorously. She was also supporting me completely from below.

After fucking her for about 15 minutes, I cum into her pussy… because I had already brought a 72-hour birth control pill. (Village Girlfriend XXX)

By the time I released my semen into her pussy, she had already cum twice. When I released my semen into her pussy, she orgasmed again and she held me tightly. She started kissing my lips.

I told her ‘I love you darling…’ and started kissing her again.

Then after a few minutes, I took out my penis from her pussy. She was still in pain. After that, I started kissing her again and started sucking her lips. Started pressing her boobs.

Friends, I can’t tell you how much fun I had that day. That was the first day in my life when I was having sex with someone.

Everyone thinks that whatever they feel like doing, they should do it today itself… but everything is not possible.

I was also thinking the same thing, whether this or that should happen. But that day we just had straight cock-pussy sex.

After this, she lay on her back on the bed and I came between her thighs and kept pushing my penis into her Tight Pussy.

That night I fucked her three times till 3.50 in the morning. Then I secretly left her house.

After that we met many times and had sex, I fucked her in different positions. I inserted my penis into her pussy in every possible way. Once I even fucked her ass.

I enjoyed fucking her the most by making her lie upside down and lying on top of her, inserting my cock into her pussy near her ass.

I fucked her in her house, in my office, in the hotel, in the field… everywhere. She also never refused me for sex. She was always ready to get fucked by me.

Later, when we were college admission, we used to come and go together. I always used to press her ass and boobs whenever I got a chance even on the bus.

With her, I never felt the lack of anything. She and I were always happy with each other and loved each other very much.

We both lived together for 4 years and enjoyed sex a lot. As long as I stayed with her, I fucked her a lot. Fucked in every way, everywhere. (Village Girlfriend XXX)

Initially, we did not lick cock and pussy… but later I started licking her pussy and also started getting her to suck my cock. She also had no problem with all these things of mine.

Her family also came to know about us and I also told her mother that I was ready to marry her. She was also ready to marry me, but for some reason, her family did not agree and we had to separate.

Now she is married and I am alone again. If you all liked this Village Girlfriend XXX of mine, then please mail me.

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