I lost my virginity to my best friend in college (Real Incident) – First time


!! “This is exactly what happened in real life,no twisted ,no spices added in this story” !!

My name is Shubham and this Happened during my college days in my early 20’s , I am kind of a Shy guy who is afraid and shy to talk with girls ,in my first year I barely have any female interactions, meanwhile my friends have started dating and got breakup and again started dating ,in a span of 1 year they have dated multiple girls ,and one thing I can say is those guys who have dated more than 3 girls are much more uglier than me and they are nearly 5.6 -5.9 feet.I don’t know how this shorty guys end up having girl friends . Before moving forward let me give you a rough Idea of how I look like , I am 6.3 feet tall and a muscular body, brown skin , small eyes , perfectly parabolic teeths ,brown eyes, small ears and my member size is 8 and 1/2 inches (measured during my teenage days when I used to watch porn a little bit ).

After my first year when I become sophomore I also started get a little bit obsessed with girls (I can blame the surroundings and my hormones) , I also want a girl friend but when I looked into mirror I never find out myself attractive (why would a girl choose me among those good looking guys ,even though a girl choose me what if ?if she found a guy whi is more attractive than me ,she will throw me into the trash),these thoughts never let myself to try on someone and I am kind of guy who is not interested to date a girl who is carrying her past baggage (had sex with her Ex or in a relationship before). Well it’s time around before my end semester we got Lab practicals in computer Lab , our professor divided us randomly in sub groups and there I met her for the fifirst time , during our first meet up we talked a lot like we are chit chatting like regular friends ,she told me her name is Deepti and as of my observation she will be probably 5.7 and she is really beautiful,on that day we didn’t exchange our numbers but I think we become good friends in our first meet up .

Next day I got little bit late to go college and when I reached classroom I have to sit on the second last bench , after 5 minutes she arrived class even late than me ,she sat right behind my bench and asked while laughing “how long is been since professor has come to the class ” I replied while Laughing “You are asking the wrong guy , I arrived just 5 minutes before you she laughed and handshake with me”.

After the period she asked “How many classes we have left for today I said probably 3 more ” she said “Can You please put proxy for me “, on that moment I got angry but didn’t show (finally girls show their standards of using guys to do their work and then they will threw it into the trash ), and then I said “Why don’t you want to do the remaining classes”, she said “The lecturers are boring and since we are studying on a private college we should more focus on our skills rather than academics “,I said “Yeah that’s True but we should can’t bunk classes just to focus on skills , I am moderate at machine learning and neural networks also I am 4 star at codechef and candidate master in codeforces but still I am doing the classes”, she amazed and said ” wow that’s a lot of achievement as a sophomore, can you please teach me all of these things), I said ” yes why not ” , the she asks me for my phone number and we exchanged phone numbers .

Form that day she use to daily call me in the night and ask her doubts in programming and academics , time passes and we slowly became best friends. One day we are in the market place which is situated behind the college ,our college students to take breaks and eat, we are taking tea and we are sitting on the chairs we saw two couples drinking tea in a literally hilarious way , the girl take a sip of tea and kissed her boy friend in front of everyone and splashed the sip of tea in her boyfriends mouth and kissed , Deepti and I both got ashamed by seeing this and we looked at each other and kneel our head down (feeling ashamed by seeing the couple behaving like this in public and those two couple are of our college itself)and in the road Deepti suddenly started laugung and after hearing her laugh I also started to laugh and said ” This is not good we shouldn’t destroy our culture like this by seeing western culture in social media” and started to laugh again , she said ” then why are you laughing “, I started to laugh again . In our way back to college I said to Deepti ” Deepti always remember this your dad will be very happy after having a real good son -in- law , but they will really happy and be proud if there own daughter, You will touch the heights of success and your mother will be really happy too about you because she never got the chance to go so far in the society “, she smiled and said ” You always motivates my and stand right beside me whenever I am in trouble ,that’s why I can proudly say you are the best person I ever met in my life, and for the boy friend I have never dated someone and never will until my marriage ” I said “that’s what sounds like a real women of culture “.

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